The Land of Fog & Ice

 Guten Tag everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I wrote to say that I was sick.  I was completely down and out until mid morning on Friday and then Friday night I had the annual Squadron Christmas party to attend.  We had a good time and, yes Mom, I even wore the dress! 


I was afraid that I would get sick again because the party was in a castle but by Saturday morning I felt almost completely normal again so Ryan and I were able to enjoy a normal weekend together.

I know this is a bit out of order but earlier in the week, when I was basically bed ridden, we had another few days of snow.  We ended up with about three or four inches of powder.  I never went outside while it was on the ground and on Friday it rained all day and melted all the snow away.


One afternoon, when Ryan walked the dogs, I glanced out the bedroom window and ran (read shuffled) to grab my camera!  How cute is my husband? 


 The boys were running around playing like normal so I snapped a few shots and all I can think when I look at this picture is, “How in the world can he stand to be out there without socks on!!!?”


So, as I said, all the snow is gone now and the skies are clear.  We have more snow in the forecast for later this week but for today my home is veiled in mists…


 You can’t see farther than a house or two…


 And the back fields are iced over and obscured in swirling fog.


 I, being a newly recovered invalid, intelligently grabbed my camera to document some of this winter day and ran out the door in my t-shirt and jeans.

Oh well, it was worth it…  my whole world is covered in a layer of hoarfrost today…

Even the spider webs!  Have you ever seen anything like this?


The trees are sparkling with the frost… 



Even a few ice cicles are to be found…



And where there were blooms only days ago there are now shriveled patches of color among the ice.


 My pretty summer bumblebee is now still and frozen… 


 And my rosebush is shrouded in ice.  (I meant to trim it back for winter and completely forgot… and then got sick.  I have to do that soon!) 


 It is strange how the frost can make some little bud of promise look like a far off piece of the spring isn’t it?


 It even makes the fruits of fall look like a long ago memory.


It makes the colors of fall so bright.


And it turns an unremarkable plant into diamonds in a moment.


 Even now at 2pm the frost has not melted away and the fog has not burned off.

In other news I have much to share with all of you but it will be a few days until I have the time.  I am allowed to talk about where Ryan was on this TDY now but obviously I can’t tell you details of why.

Ryan was at Nevatim Israeli Air Force Base and while there he was able to see a great deal of Israel.  I sent him with one of my cameras and have hundreds of pictures to sort through and edit.  I’ve also been getting stories and impressions from him so that I can share his time there with you but being sick has really put a damper on getting it done!  So, as soon as I have it all put together I’ll be sharing some of his time in Israel, I’m not going to lie, I’m JEALOUS!

Well, I’m off to catch up with everything and everyone. 

Auf Wiedersehen!





11 thoughts on “The Land of Fog & Ice

  1. Yay! I was just thinking about you this weekend – you looked gorgeous for the Christmas party!!  I’m glad Ryan is home – I can’t wait to see pictures from Israel!  By the way, what your husband wrote for you in the snow is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen! :O)

  2. GREAT photos!!! Love them!  And what a sweetie hubby you have !!!  That was absolutely precious.So glad you’re feeling better.  I’ve missed you!I’m anxious to see Ryans pics from Isreal!  How wonderful.  I know I haven’t updated much …. I’m getting to it… eventually.Take care.  Be warm!

  3. You look SO beautiful & your dress is so pretty 🙂 Did you enjoy the Christmas party?? It sounds so romantic being in a castle :)I think I say this EVERY time you post pics, but I LOVE them!!! The scenery there in Germany is SO beautiful & sometimes I’m jealous that you live there & I live here haha :)OOH!!! I SO want to go to Israel some day!!! I bet Ryan’s pictures are amazing. I SO can’t wait to see them & hear his stories.

  4. Girl, your boobs look amazing in that dress!  You both look so nice!  I’m glad you got out after being so sick in bed.Ryan is super cute to write I love you in the snow.  What a man!I am so looking forward to hearing about Israel and seeing the pictures.Beautiful foggy/icy pictures!  Our folliage is covered in ice like that a lot over the course of winter.  I always love it and take pictures!Happy Monday to you!

  5. Incredible pictures!  So romantic!  How does he think of such things?!  You have a great catch.  🙂  I’m looking forward to hearing the stories of his trip!

  6. I always enjoy your posts so much!  Those pics are beautiful as always!  Sorry you’ve been sick. 😦  I’m glad you’re better now.  How sweet of Ryan to write “I love you” in the snow!  Love it!

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