The fall of Winter before the end of Fall?

Oh what a weekend it has been! 

I have too many pictures of the snow from this weekend and I’ll apologize to those of you who are used to it, but please remember I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and the last time it snowed enough to stay on the ground back home I was in first grade!

So here you are, my weekend of snow in pictures!

The morning of my last post, it was still dark when I took pictures and wrote about it… but you should have seen the dawn! 


 The sun came out on a world of white and the clouds actually rolled back to give us a few beautiful hours of blue skies!


 Everything was so hushed… the whole village smelled of ice and wood smoke!




The fields were blanketed and looked like something out of a Christmas book.


So I took the boys out and they romped in the fresh snow for a while!


I also figured that this was the day to introduce you to an addiction of mine. 


Most of you will remember the red wool cloak I got when I first moved here… well I also have this satin lined moleskin that I LOVE!

(Psst!  See how powdery that snow is?)


 The cloak is lined with a chocolate brown satin and is unbelievably warm!  I was in a thin sweater and jeans and wasn’t even chilly!


 The dogs love to wrestle when they get excited and they were having a blast!


And then, with the sun still shining, the snow started to fall again. 


 I took a few moments to take pictures of my rose bush though.  I desperately need to cut it back but this freeze took me off guard!


 Look at the size of these rose hips! 


Blue skies and snow flakes!


Oh what a pretty wind swept snow day!


As the sky began to darken that evening (which now falls at about 4:30pm) the snowfall was mixed with wind…  


18 mile and hour winds!  It quickly became hard to see!


And the result was stunning!  The snow just blew and sparkled in the wind.  Of course it was not fun to be out in it when the dogs had to go out before bed but hey, it’s better than driving ICE like last year!


 This morning when I woke up the snow was beginning to melt but there was enough to take the boys out to play!

Oh how Gandalf loves the snow!


He also loves to eat it!


Yoda is pretty fond of it too!

(And for those of you who will ask, yes my dog has multiple hand made sweaters.  Yes I know that’s horribly stupid.  However, you have to see it to believe it, this dog LOVES his sweaters!  He hates being cold and if I don’t put him in one he’ll follow me around shivering until I figure out what he wants.  Then all I have to do is hold one up and he’ll start twirling and barking and trying to climb into it.  In fact if I hold up two he’ll pick the one he wants.  It’s quite hilarious, just ask anyone who has visited me here!)


Sorry for this slightly indecent picture but it so completely illustrates the boys’ personalities!  Yoda launches himself at Gandalf with all the confidence of a much larger dog and Gandalf awaits the attack cheerfully having just swallowed a huge bite of snow!  They are such good brothers!


There was a quick break for Yoda to prance in an untouched patch of snow…


And for Gandalf to eat it of course!


 And then it was back to playing!


As I’m sitting here writing this entry it’s already begun to snow again!  I hope that this points to a white Christmas!  I would love for Ryan and I to have one this year! 

Well, I’m off, I have much to do this week in preparation for big events!  Tomorrow I’ll begin my holiday baking and laundry.  Then Wednesday is an all day clean-a-thon and if all goes well a quick trip to the base to pick up a very important package.  If that package arrives my Thanksgiving day will be complete!

Keep warm and enjoy your holidays!

Auf Wiedersehen! 





13 thoughts on “The fall of Winter before the end of Fall?

  1. Gorgeous snow pictures!  I understand your excitement because even though we get snow all the time here, I still get excited to see it.  🙂  I love your cloak too.  It looks toasty warm.  The dogs look like they had a blast in the snow.Do you have big plans for Thanksgiving?  Are you having anyone over?

  2. ohh…love that last pic of you…and the ones with you and your cloak…its beautiful…as you are too!  Cloaks are not worn around here…is it a germany thing?  if so….you need to bring it back here to the usa and start a new thing because I love them!  It reminds me of belle from beauty and the beast…she wore those…actually when you think about it…so did sleeping beauty in some of the scenes…that must mean your a princess!  :0)

  3. @Godstimingisalwaysbest – LOL you are so funny!  Yes, it’s more of a Europe thing although still not VERY common but I’m strange that way!  I also got a love of them from the age of Jane Austin and walking cloaks!  LOL  But yes, they do wear them here.  I fully intend to use them back stateside if I live somewhere cold enough and I don’t care one bit if the neighbors think I’m weird!  🙂

  4. I’m lovin’ that last picture of you.  BEAUTIFUL!  You guys got quite a bit of snow!  It IS fun to play in.  It snowed here today as well.  Maren made her first snow angel and first snowman.  Ok…so with alot of help from mama and papa.  Yes, we did get pics… and yes I will post.  LOVE your cloak.  Really starts bringing together the whole Jane Austin thing too.    Wish we were geographically closer!  Maren would just ADORE Gandolf.  Seriously.  Yoda… probably not so much.  She isn’t too into the smaller dogs.  The bigger the better.  The other day we were at the pet store getting some food for our cat… there were 2 girls there.  One had this little dog and the other a big St. Bernard.  Maren kept waving the small dog away so she could get to the St. Bernard!  Totally not afraid.  I think a dog is in our future once our ancient cat passes away.  (seriously…she’s almost 18!!!)

  5. That last picture of you belongs in a magazine…you are so gorgeous!!! And I absolutely adore your header.  So cool!!! And the cloak makes you look like a princess!!! :o) Love ya! Send the snow this way…to Georgia!

  6. Beautiful snow, and beautiful YOU in that amazing cloak!Your dogs are like mine in the snow.  And I’m not knowing you for putting a sweater on your dog!  I put them on mine too!  We have a hoodie for Dixie, and a coat for both of them!  haha

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