Still Snowing!

And so the ‘dusting’ has become a couple of inches and there looks to be no end in sight! 


I awoke at 0630 to find the quiet hush of a dark winter morning.  The only sound, the falling snow.


What a gift for our last winter in Germany!

Well I’m off to enjoy the snow and the fact that I’m snuggled down in my warm and cozy home.   I’ve already done all my Thanksgiving shopping and picked up my mail so I don’t even have to leave the house until next week!  So come on snow!!!!

I just hope we continue to get snow so that Ryan and I have a chance to go and play when he gets home!

You can bet there will be pictures later!



11 thoughts on “Still Snowing!

  1. you know…that IS such a beautiful time.  Early morning.. quiet and peaceful… white blanket.  yeah!!!  enjoy!!I have to say though… you WILLINING wake up at 6:30 ????  I get up that early because I have to… if my daughter didn’t wake up then, I would not be up. 

  2. I love your website and the classical music you play in the background.  Only I don’t know what composer or piece it is.  Just know that I have heard it before.  Love Classical music.

  3. Now about that snow…..ENJOY!!!!  Takes me back to my childhood in Pennsylvania.  Looks like you may get a White Christmas afterall.  I can hear Bing Crosby’s White Christmas playing in the background now!  I’m wondering what your dogs’ reactions to the snow will be?  That should be fun.

  4. Your pics are great.  Hubby sent me some of the snow they got yesterday in Kosovo.  Your snow falling was a lot clearer than his.  It has been nice today here in Northern MO.  But our time is coming I am sure of that.

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