Holy Snowflakes Batman!

Ryan and I moved to Germany in the summer of 2006.

Our very first snow?  March 19, 2007.  We were shocked as we had expected a white Christmas and all the tales of this winter wonderland to be true but alas we arrived at the cusp of their warmest winter on record!

Until this past winter that is…

Our first snow of the very next winter?

March 21st!!!!  I was so excited that I posted pictures of it!

In all our two Christmas seasons here in The Land of Fairy Tales have been less than fairy tale perfect.  Instead of having snowball fights and making snow angles it’s been, ‘get up early to salt the driveway and slag through the ice and sleet everywhere you go.’

I just got in from taking the boys out for a potty break to discover….


Not a lot… barely a dusting… nothing to get excited about… except for the fact that…


We have snow forecast all week long…  That’s right folks… for two years the first snow hasn’t fallen until we should be well on our way to spring and this year it happened BEFORE THANKSGIVING!!!!

Okay back to my quiet evening….



7 thoughts on “Holy Snowflakes Batman!

  1. So odd that you didn’t have a white Christmas before.  Our first winter in Germany we went to The Black Forest at some point… and it was FEET deep.  So beautiful … like something out of Narnia.  I can see how an Arizona gal would be getting all jazzed about snow.  I do love a white Christmas… but I have circulation problems in my feet… so cold weather and I are not friends.

  2. @babybooties33 – Nope nothing for the past two years so I’m stoked!!!   Oh I’m with you on the cold… I HATE being cold!!!  But the last two years of no snow haven’t meant anything at all on that score.  We are routinly treated to temps of 33 and 34 with driving sleet.  I just figured if it was snow at least it would be different and not quite so wet.  If one has to deal with constant ice why not a little white!  🙂 

  3. My trip over to Germany in 2006…(I think lol!)….we were in the bavarian region and there was SO much snow. It really is a winter wonderland when it snows there. So happy your able to have such an awsome experience of living there. *hugs*

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