A Pretty Fall Day

 So my few days turned into the rest of the week…  Oh what a LAZY week I’ve had!!! 

I’ve done my chores and gone to get the mail and all the other things I NEED to do but basically anything else has fallen by the wayside…  It’s been gloomy and grey with plenty of misty rain and even a bit of ice.  In fact we have snow forecast for most of this week!  That would be lovely because though still cold and wet, snow is NOT rain!  In any case, the gloomy grey days have given me the perfect excuse to get some reading in.  So I’ve basically been holed up in my house reading, drinking tea, and listening to the wind howl in it’s frustration that I’m warm and cozy!  It’s been lovely and much needed because this next week is going to be BUSY!!!

I have some fun fall pictures to share with you today.  The sad thing is that in the week I’ve procrastinated sharing them with you they have come to do nothing but hold the memories of beautiful sunny days and glorious foliage!  That is to say that the wind and rain has knocked every colorful leaf to the ground in this past week.  So I’m enjoying these pictures as much as you are today!


This is the tree in my front yard.  I would truly love to have one of these no matter where I live for the rest of my life.  It blooms with yellow flowers and blood red leaves in the spring.  Then it slowly darkens to eggplant purple in the summer months and then this in the fall!  Just gorgeous!


When I went out to take pictures this day I took along my trusty tripod.  I can’t believe so many of you were surprised that I use one!  It’s the most invaluable piece of camera equipment when your husband is gone half the year! 


 My neighbors bush that bloomed so pretty and white this spring is simply covered in these lavender berries! 



 The fields are beginning to green over again with our winter moss.  For those of you who have been reading me for a while you’ll remember that our ‘grass’ does not die.


 My snapdragons are blooming still too!


 So while I had my tripod up I decided to show you my new coat!  This thing has the most amazing skirt on it!!!  I’m in love!


That of course is how I got this picture with the skirt rippling around me, that I have as my banner on my site.  Yes, I was twirling, and no, it was not a great idea to twirl in high heeled boots on a very steep incline!  I nearly died! 


 The tree in my front yard that booms white in the spring blooms deep pink in the fall…  It’s the most unusual tree! 


 Just a few more weeks and I’ll be out taking cuttings from this tree.  The cuttings make the best garlands around Christmas time. 


 Isn’t this just the oddest bush? 


 I saw it on one of my walks and couldn’t resist getting a few shots of it. 


When I got home from taking pictures I let the boys out.  It was such a pretty afternoon.


 Pretty blue skies!


 And a lovely sunset…


 I also took the time to run down to the base to take pictures of our static display.  We’ve never made the time to do that and I figured it was about time!


 Pretty cool huh?


 There are five planes in all…


 It’s a very cool display…


 This is my favorite plane… the F-15







 It was a pretty day for it!


 Well that’s it for me today… back to my book and my Earl Grey tea!


Auf Wiedersehen!



14 thoughts on “A Pretty Fall Day

  1. YEAH!  LOVE the coat and seriously want to hop on a plane and steal your boots.    I have been looking for an awesome pair of boots for YEARS… have yet to get any.  Love them.I have a tripod as well… but I have to be honest, I don’t photograph well, and I always feel self-conscious in front of the camera…which is why I”m always behind it.  I totally love that you take pictures of yourself all the time.  They are always so great!Thanks for sharing your pics.  Awesome… as usual.

  2. I love pictures of fall.  So beautiful!!!  And the pic of you twirling is so beautiful, even if you almost died.    I’m glad you didn’t.  Hehe.  Die that is.  We’d miss you!  ((Hugs))

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