The last of my travels…

Good Morning! 

These are the last pictures from my trip and sadly enough only four of them are actually from the states!

On the morning I left mom, dad, and I woke early to get to the airport on time.

I got to watch my last sunrise in Phoenix, and there is nothing quite like an Arizona Sunrise…


 Especially since here in Germany you don’t actually ever get to see the sunrise!  Ah palm trees and traffic control towers…


My flights home were uneventful… in fact I truly believe I was granted traveling grace after my last trip!!!  My travels were smooth, everyone was polite, and the flights went quickly!  Heck, even the food was good, and there were no nuns!  Who could ask for more…

I landed in Germany bright and early the next morning and was met at the airport by Ryan…  We set out on the two and a half hour drive home.


I was so pleased and delighted to come home to a bright, clear, sunny, fall day.


 The colors of fall had just popped in the five weeks I was stateside.


And then….  about an hour from home we drove right into the fog…


It kept going and going and going…


 Even when we were right at our doorstep it was as thick as thieves…


 The next day Ryan and I ran down to Ramstein to do a little shopping and to try to keep me awake! 

It was another beautiful day! 


 We had a fun day together!  We haven’t had many of those this year… (the together part not the fun part 🙂


The next day we headed out to take some fall pictures together and maybe get one for our Christmas card!

We parked in a pull out…


Set up the tripod…


And got a few shots!


 This was the one that won out for our Christmas cards! 


 Shortly after that Ryan was off for the middle east.  He’s now been gone for over two weeks and I can’t wait to have him back home again!

I’ll be back in a day or two with some fall pictures from the last few weeks! 

Auf Wiedersehen!




13 thoughts on “The last of my travels…

  1. What a great blog header picture, Courtney!I am sure glad you got to spend some quality time with Ryan…he sure has been gone alot.  I bet you two are looking forward to things settling down a bit (and I hope they do, soon!).  I’m curious as to why you can’t see the sunrise in Germany?

  2. @NightCometh – You can’t see the sunrise because it’s cloudy about 300 days a year and the few days of the year it’s not cloudy it’s almost always foggy.  So I’ve seen about a months worth of sunrises here in over two years!  As far as spending time with Ryan I hope so too…  We don’t have very long until I leave for the states with the dogs so we’re hoping for a few months at least of some peace and quiet!

  3. You always post the most beautiful pictures.  Maybe Chad & I need to invest in a tripod.  It would be nice to just set it up and get family pictures, rather than pay for someone to.  Hmmm

  4. @BrieanneVanessa – I highly recommend a tripod!  This one that I have fits most cameras and only cost about 20 dollars!  It was worth three times that much in just the pictures we’ve got so far.  It folds down into a bag about 18 inches long so it mostly just stays in the car so it’s always on hand.  I also have a remote for my camera which is awesome because I can just snap off 10 or 15 shots without running back and forth and that only cost me 15 bucks!  Also thanks for the compliment about my header I think it may be my favorite I’ve ever done!  🙂

  5. Gorgeous fall pictures!  I must agree that there is nothing like an Arizona sunrise.  We had the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets while we were there.I love the picture you are going to use for your Christmas cards!

  6. Oh Germany is so beautiful.. you always capture the best pictures! Your Christmas cards are going to be very pretty and I also love your header!!  Glad to hear you are doing good! Except for missing Ryan, I know that has to be tough! I look forwards to seeing the other fall pics you have!

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