*Seriously random factoid*

I LOVE green olives.

I HATE pimentos.

The only solution to my closet addiction is the buy organic WHOLE green olives… which means I have to pop the whole thing in my mouth chew off the meat and spit out the pit.

That means my teeth scrape on the pit.

I HATE that sound almost as much as the pimentos.

Why don’t they sell pitted EMPTY green olives?  Would the world end?

*End seriously random factoid*


10 thoughts on “Random

  1. Ew.  I hate olives, green or black.  I always WANT to like green olives because I love anything salty, but every time I try one, I end up swallowing it quickly or spitting it out. 

  2. yuck. I HATE green olives. BLACK ones are a completely different story. and Pimentos make me wanna puke lol.hopefully one day you find a solution to your completely random problem! LOL.

  3. I don’t like olives at all.  My parents both love black and green olives.  I think they are crazy.  Lol.  They certainly didn’t pass on their love of olives to either my sister or I.

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