Bump in the Night!


I am an avid reader.  It is one of my all time favorite past times.


One of my favorite genres is murder mystery.  I LOVE a good thriller. 

When Ryan is gone I read for a while in bed before turning in for the night because I suffer from a little insomnia when he’s not home.  So last night I went to bed super early (9:30pm) and curled into my nice warm bed with my current thriller.


I read for over an hour while the wind howled outside and pelted rain (and eventually ice) against my bedroom window. 

My window faces the fields and so when it storms the wind sweeps down those fields and beats against my widow.  One of the latching mechanisms is broken on that window and so it doesn’t seal against the wind.  It seeps through the cracks and makes a nice creepy howling noise.  Add to that the fact that this book almost instantly gripped me and sucked me into it. 


I was so wonderfully creeped out when I finally turned off the light!  Then I realized that I was going to have to fall asleep with all those goosebumps and creepy wind as my ONLY company.

Oh how wrong I was.  Did I say only company?

Nope I had Gandalf.


I fell asleep at midnight only to be forcefully awoken at 2am by my very big and very loud dog exploding into Cujo like barking.  I sat straight up to see him standing at the end of my bed staring out into the dark hallway with his hackles raised and a horribly frightening growl rumbling from his deep chest.  As I sat there panting and trying to decide what to do the motion lights in my backyard blinked on and I heard creaking and rattling over the wind. 


I, quite frankly, panicked!  Images from my book started rolling through my head…


What did I do? 

Did I jump out of bed grab the nearest heavy object and charge with my monster (and admittedly coward) of a dog by my side? 


Did I creep stealthily down the stairs to check locks and doors? 


Did I look out the window to see what had caused the lights to come on and the noise? 


What, then, did I do you may ask?  Easy! 

I pulled the covers over my head! 

I lay in my bed trembling like a little kid afraid of the bogey man with my covers over my head listening with everything in me for another noise and trusting that my dog would make another noise if someone came up the stairs.  Somehow in the middle of all of that I fell asleep.

When my alarm woke me this morning I rushed around, so much more brave in the weak light of morning, looking for the cause of the horrible noises in the night… I checked every door and window… I checked the basement… I checked the garage… I checked the gate and my car and I could find nothing!  Finally I gave it up and went to get ready for the day only to find the source of the noise!

My backscratcher had fallen off the wall in the shower in the middle of the night.  Apparently between the wind and the noise it spooked poor Gandalf and he decided to share his distress!

I guess I’m in very good company after all, seeing as we’re both big babies!


And with my head hung in shame I’ll say Auf Wiedersehen!




21 thoughts on “Bump in the Night!

  1. Great pictures and cute story! Isn’t it funny how we can be so easily scared by silly things? lol Hope you have a great day. I have started a couple of really good books but something-or-other always sidetracks me from them and I lose my place and end up never finishing the book. Some day I will have time to sit and read….or craft….or do those fun things I once did! lol Love you!

  2. All that reading has made you a remarkable story teller! :o) You hadme gripped all the way through.  You really should become a writer.  Ihad something like that happen to me one afternoon!Yes…afternoon…not even night time and it scared me to death.  Ethanand I were home alone and I heard a loud noise and just KNEW someonemust be in the house.  I snatched up Ethan and ran outside with my cellphone…I was very close to calling 911.  I waited until David got homeand we checked out the house and never found anything.  The next day mybrother told me about how his shampoo bottle sits in this little thingthat suctions to the side of the shower and it had fallen down into thetub.  A FULL bottle of shampoo falling against a tub is quite loud.  Ifelt silly…but at the time…it was terrifying!

  3. The best part of the story? You own a backscratcher!! *jealous!* My grandma used to have one that I used to play with. I don’t know how I live without one!! And more importantly, where does one find one!!?Glad you are safe and well! I am the biggest scaredy-cat ever when it comes to anything involving nighttime/darkness/ & unfamiliar noises. I would have overreacted & had the police barging in there! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I know what thats like. Last weekend my husband was in the hospital. Now I love a good scary book or show and try to saty completely away from such material if he is not going to be at home. Problem is my mind does not forget and works overtime in thinking of scary scenarios. So last weekend, I took Torie and my two dogs my purse with keys and literally barracaded myself in my room with our coffee table and a cedar chest. Figuring if someone tries to get in we will go out the window and run to the car. I can usually keep it together, but if my dogs start their mean hair standing on end growl I could just about have a heart attack.  Amy

  5. I love to read too! What are you reading now?Oh and the same thing happened to me last week when Randy was gone. Every time we’re alone and Lucy barks I freak out. She doesn’t normally bark alot, so it’s usually when she hears something/someone. Scary!

  6. i love the fact that you took pictures of your self reading..hehe I am a huge scardy cat, so getting up to check would have been scary, but staying under the covers would have scared me as well.  Im glad it only ended up to be a back scratcher =)

  7. Great story and pictures!  I would have been terrified too!  I love to read, but not mystery or thrillers!  I am too much of a scaredy cat for those!  I had one night like that when I was baby-sitting in an old, dark house.  Their dog started barking, I heard noises, and my mind went into over-drive.  Nothing happened, but I was sure scared!

  8. Ah, poor Courtney. You should be careful what you read before you go to bed. ;)I received a gorgeous blanket in the mail yesterday. Actually, Teddy received a gorgeous blanket. I wrapped him up in it and told him it was from Ms. Courtney who made it with special prayers for him. It smelled very good!! πŸ™‚  Teddy thanks you very much for it. I had been wrapping him in one of Lucy’s  because they are so soft. She was none to happy about sharing. ~Gia:)

  9. LOVE the pictures.  Makes for such a thrilling story.  Have to say though… although I’m such a fan of B&W, I can’t help but wnat to see a couple of those in color so I can get a view of the colors of that quilt you have.  It looks suspicously like the one on my bed right now.    (which I think is just kind of funny)I too have a hard time sleeping when Mark isn’t here and read in bed before I go to sleep.  I got through The Fountainhead my last trimester of pregnancy that way.

  10. Oh so funny MiLady!  That sounds like EXACTLY what  I would do!  I read thrillers myself, only of the Dean Koontz/Stephen King genre’.  I don’t get easily spooked.  I had a though a bit ago that really opened my eyes….  I asked myself how I might respond to some kind of real life situation that one wouldn’t think would happen to them (robbery, carjacking…etc) honestly, if something like a shooting happened whilst I was somewhere, I’d probably wet my pants!  I’ve decided that I am a chicken deep down!  But I sure like my books!  The thrills and chills without the actual confrontations!  Great entry!  I miss you!!!  When are you coming back to the blogring?~Kween

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