Social Butterfly!

During my trip to Arizona I had so many social engagements.  It felt like every day I had two or three things planned!  Dinners, get togethers, breakfasts, lunches, an afternoon or morning meeting for coffee, ect. 

As much as I always have my camera with me, there are times when I simply am so caught up in enjoying my time that I forget to take it out of the bag! 

So I have pictures of a few engagements but by no means all… (or even a quarter!)



Only a few days after I arrived in Phoenix I went to a softball game.  All the guys we grew up with like to play and it was their final game of the season.

There I saw my cousin’s wife and one of my very closest friends, Debbie!


 Along with her husband Matt of course!


 My Brother-in-law, Zach is on the team as well!


 After the game we all went to Applebee’s (Yuuuuum!) for dinner.

Here’s a clear one of Matt all worn out after the game… 



This next outing requires a bit of background…

Here in Germany, Ryan and I have a deal.  We don’t go see movies.  We only have access to one theater an it is, um… how to say… not exactly the best environment to enjoy a movie for the first time.  (Read; stinks of body odor, six month old popcorn, and baby vomit, the sound system stinks almost as bad as the theater, it has one screen and plays three movies a week.)  Being that we love movies we wait until they come out on DVD, buy them and enjoy them on our 65 inch big screen TV.  I can get most new releases for 15 dollars on and let’s face it, that’s less than the price of two tickets these days.  With the big screen TV and the ability to pause a movie to go pee so you don’t miss anything there’s just nothing bad about the deal except that we are behind… but after those initial six months we have as many new movies (to us) as you do so the hardest part is hearing everyone talk about a movie we know we won’t see for six months. 

The Deal bleeds over into trips away from home as well.  When he’s deployed he doesn’t go see movies without me and when I go home neither do I.

Just a few short weeks before I left for Phoenix he broke the deal.  He went to see The Dark Knight without me in Doha.

So when I went home I broke the deal too and did him one in the eye.

I also went to see The Dark Knightbut I saw it in air conditioning and on an IMAX!  Ha!  Take that deal breaker!

I went to see the movie with my two sisters and their husbands.  It was a blast (and incidentally a great movie!)

Here are Zach and Charly

(For those that don’t remember this is my sister and Ryan’s brother! 

And TODAY is their one year anniversary!

Happy Anniversary you two!) 


Me with Charly


Becky and Ty (Who, since everybody keeps asking, lost a lot of weight and looks amazing!  GO TY!)


Me and Becky  


The boys waiting anxiously for the movie to start!


My sisters and their guys! 



One afternoon Charly invited Becky and I over for brunch.  She prepared sandwiches and pastries, tea and coffee, and we had a great time just visiting with each other.

It’s rare for the three of us to get together alone anymore so it was so much fun to girl talk with my sisters!


Charly and Zach had a special house pet all summer long.  On the way into the house I saw him and couldn’t resist the opportunity to catch him on film.

Meet Bob


 Bob likes long walks on the stucco wall, the moths that flutter around his light, and threatening Zach when he comes home from work.


 Bob also likes to speak through Zach with a hilarious accent that sounds suspiciously like Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.


Once I had taken the pictures it was back inside to enjoy the company of ‘the girls’.  We look freakishly alike huh?



One morning I met my friend Lynne for a cup of coffee and some chit chat!  (This is the high school buddy who came to visit me here in Germany back in March.)  It was a blast to see her again!



One evening my mother-in-law and father-in-law came to pick me up and we drove down to the restaurant that Ryan’s other brother, Andy, works at.  (Incidentally, that would be the Olive Garden! So yummy!)  We had a lovely dinner and business was slow enough that we got some time to visit as well.


 Isn’t he so handsome?  Love you and miss you oh brother of mine!



 On one of my last days in Phoenix I got all dudded up and we had a family dinner!


My Aunt Susan and Uncle Robert and their son Lucas, my grandma and grandpa, both sisters and their husbands, Savannah, me, and my mom and dad made for a full house and some great fun!

Uncle Robert and Dad spent a fair amount of time on the patio shooting the breeze…


Grandpa went back and forth between the hustle and bustle of the indoors and the quiet of the patio.


 Grandma buzzed around and made us all smile and laugh as she always does!


 Of course, Miss Savannah was the bell of the ball and she let “Chopped liver” tag along.  (Sorry family joke.  She’s such and cute and happy baby that Becky gets ignored… a lot!  So after a few times of her saying “Hey, what am I, chopped liver?”  We just started calling her that as a joke!)  Poor Becky, but I must say she looks a little better than chopped liver to me!


 Here are my Aunt Sue, my Grandma and my Mom (from left to right)


 The guys did their best to be sociable but hey, there was a game on!  (Don’t you find it funny that my two brothers in law were wearing the exact same outfits as the day three weeks earlier when we went to the movies!?)

And of course there is my cousin Lucas… doing his best to not smile!


 Of course there has to be one goofy shot of my sisters to end it! 


There were so many more dinners, lunch dates, morning coffees, ect… but that will just have to do! 

Hope you all have a great day.

Auf Wiedersehen!




11 thoughts on “Social Butterfly!

  1. What a beautiful family!Ok so let me get this straight:  You have 2 sisters, and Ryan has 2 brothers?  One your sisters married one of Ryan’s brothers!?  Is that right?  I’m trying to get it all straight since I’m newish to your blog.

  2. Great post with lots of pictures!  I was so glad to see your Aunt Susan.  I was following her blog but then she disappeared.  Please let her know that I have missed her.  Hope she is doing well.  Blessings~ Darlene

  3. You know, it’s funny, I was in Phoenix at the same time you were, and I seriously considered e-mailing or calling and seeing if you wanted to maybe have lunch or coffee or something, but then I thought, no, she’ll be too busy with family. And you were!! Looks like you had so much fun!!

  4. I LOVE the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them (I can pull them up ALOT quicker here at work! lol)  I love the pic that you shared of Sulimb (she don’t post to many pictures….heck she don’t post to many posts!! lol) Looks like a great time. Your family is so beautiful.

  5. It took me over an hour to see all of these pictures.  Can you say slooooooooooooooooooooow computer?  Lol.Great pictures though!  It looks like you had a fantastic time visiting with all of those people.  It still amazes me how much you look like your sisters and then seeing the picture with your mom, grandma, and aunt- how much they look alike!  That is hilarious about the “chopped liver”.  It sounds like a joke our family would have.  I’m so glad you got so much time with your sisters.  Sisters are the best.

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