Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice!

Today I am returning to the regularly scheduled program!

Today I’m going to share, with you, the main reason for my trip home this year.

In January of this year my baby sister gave birth to her very own baby girl.  She was 8 months old before I laid eyes on her or held her for the first time and so I will warn you now… There are A LOT of pictures!


Meet Miss Savannah Nichole!


The first full day I was home my mother arranged a dinner for all of us and I got to meet her for the very first time.

Here she is with her daddy.


 Look at those eyes!


And with her mommy (my baby sister!)


And ME!  (Though she doesn’t look at all thrilled does she?) This ended up being the ONLY picture of me with her from the whole five week trip.  That’s the downfall of always being BEHIND the camera.


 She is a happy, well adjusted baby, and tends to have a smile on her face far more often than she has a tear in her eye!


 Sorry, I just can’t get enough of that face! 


Doesn’t she just look like a little Gerber baby? 


 One evening Zach and Charly picked me up and we headed out to Becky and Ty’s house for dinner. 


Out of that evening came my very favorite series of pictures from the WHOLE TRIP!

Of course that set has to begin with meal time…


She DID not like the first food that momma tried out at all…


 After four or five unsuccessful bites of that her momma tried a different food.  We discovered something very interesting about this little niece of mine.  She’s a lot like my mother-in-law, she does NOT like her food mixed!


And when momma tried that third food she was appalled and offended…


Can you just hear it?  “What is WRONG with you Aunt Courtney?  Why aren’t you rescuing me?”


Finally there came a point when this little lady was DONE!


And so, it was bath time!


This face was just for her Uncle Ryan….  “Arrgh!”


She found that very funny!


This little girl absolutely loves her bath time.  What is the best part of bath time?  Splashing of course!!!

(I LOVE my camera!)


 The only thing better than bath time is towel time and cuddles!  I swear she’s the Gerber Baby!


Then it was time for lotion and powder!


 She was fascinated by her Aunt Charly’s hat…


 So sweet…


 Big blue eyes…


 … and kissin’ cheeks!


 When she was all dressed and powdered it was time to go to bed… but, of course, there was some playtime first!


 I love her eyes and eyelashes…


 Her delicate hands…


Her cute button nose…


There is no one in all of Savannah’s world that is funnier than her momma… and her laugh is contagious!


 This is my favorite picture from the night…


She was a joy to get to know and a hoot to catch on film!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I’m off to finish some work and catch up on a few things.  So with that,

Auf Wiedersehen! 




20 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice!

  1. OHH MY COURTNEY, shes absolutely beautiful. You can def. tell shes your little neice!And that little fishy outfit from Carters, miss Kayleigh has the same one. Its SOO ADORABLE! 🙂 Im always amazed by your photography, you can tell you truly love your subjects in them. They are beautiful portraits!!!! I wish you lived closer so you could take pictures of me and my girls. You are just absolutely skilled behind the lens. Maybe you should try to make a career outta it! ;)I sure hope your sister frames the last one, its absolutely PRECIOUS! 🙂 alright thats enough of me going on and on!

  2. Her eyes are like denim!  What a beautiful rich colour!  These pictures are lovely, Courtney!  You always seem to capture things perfectly.  I appreciate your eye for good photography!

  3. Courtney, I’ve been a long time reader of your blog, your pics are great!  And your little niece is beautiful!!!  Those EYES….gorgeous….showstoppers, wow!  Of course, she is not quite as beautiful as my granddaughter, Abby!  LOL.  Yes, SnowFrog is my daughter and Abby is my granddaughter, the little Halloween gnome!Keep posting your wonderful photography and I’ll certainly keep good thoughts for your Ryan and you while he is away.

  4. OHHHHH!  She is gorgeous!  I love those big, blue eyes!  You took such beautiful pictures of her.  You definitely seemed to capture her so well.  I love all of the pictures, but that last one is definitely my favorite, too.  🙂  I agree with the commenter above that said it needs framed!  I’m so glad you got to go and see her before she got any older.  My cousin’s wife had a baby last February, but they live out in California, so I haven’t seen him yet.  It’s drving me nuts!  I jokingly said when he was born that I hope I see him before he walks, but now I don’t even think that’ll happen!  I also was shocked to see her daddy.  He looks SO different from your last trip’s pictures!  I’m glad you posted these…I was waiting to see some of Miss Savannah. 

  5. Those are really great pics.  She is adorable.  I read your earlier post — the one you made protected.  I was hoping you would keep posting the changes you see in our country after you two come back to the states.  Things seen through other’s eyes can be very enlightening.  If you should decide to post more political blogs as protected ones would you include me on your list of readers.  I agree with everything you had to say.  I think those connected to the Military look at things differently than the average person.

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