La Casita! *EDIT* Pina Curry Colada!


Do you know what I hate?

I hate when I exert the effort to cook for myself and then it turns out terribly… especially when it’s my fault! 

I have this curry chicken soup that I LOVE.  I’ve been lazy all week since Ryan has been gone, mostly just catching up and feeling sorry for myself šŸ™‚  So yesterday I cleaned house and got together the things I needed to make a double batch of the soup so I could freeze it and have it for the next few weeks.

I got up this morning to make it and after I already had most of it in the crock pot I realized I didn’t have the key ingredient.  A can of coconut milk!  No big deal since it goes in about an hour before the soup is done.  So I let it cook, touched up my makeup, and ran to the commissary.

Bummer.  Our commissary is closed on Mondays.  So I had to drive all the way to the other base. 

Bummer.  They were out of my brand of coconut milk.  So I grabbed two cans of the one next to it in frustration, came home and finished the soup. 

I just ate my dinner.  Yeah it sucked.  Wanna know why?

The brand next to it?  It was a SWEETENED coconut milk for making Pina Coladas… and I used TWO cans.

Yep my lovely DOUBLE portion of curry soup tastes like I used about 14 cups of sugar and there is no way to salvage this. 



Good Morning!

I finally have a moment to share my pictures of my trip with you.  So let’s get started!

On the morning of my departure Ryan and I got up and got out EARLY!  My flight left at 8am and with the airport being 2.5 hours away we got to watch the entire sunrise on the trip.


 After a very long but surprisingly enjoyable overseas flight I landed for a four hour layover in Detroit.   After going through customs and rechecking my bags I hunted up a Coney Island dog and my first of many Starbucks!  I then sat back in a leather chair to read a book and enjoy the hustle and bustle of an awesome airport.


 The rest of my trip was uneventful, though the landing in Phoenix was a bit touch and go.  My mom and dad picked me up at the airport and after a quick stop for some real American fast food we made it home safe and sound.

My five weeks in Phoenix were jam packed with dinners, visits, photo shoots, shopping, and remodeling projects.  There is so much to share that I’m kind of stumped as to where to start… so, I decided to share the project that took the majority of my time in Phoenix!

One of the reasons for this trip was to redecorate the Casita (a small guest house on my parents property)  It was built for my sister when she moved home from college and was her home for four years.  The last six months of that was with her new husband before they moved into their new home.

So understandably it was in need of some repairs, some deep cleaning and a paint job.  Not to mention furniture and decorating!

Knowing that this was a major project for this trip you would think that I would have packed some work clothes… but no, I forgot.  So as a result I was forced to hit the sale racks at Walmart and wear an outfit that I hope to never see again!  And I’m crazy enough to share it with you!

Yeah… I’m bringing sexy back!  


 Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way…  I have before pictures of the Casita.

This is the little kitchen right inside the door.  In these pictures the stove/oven is missing because it’s out for cleaning.



This is the view from the front door into the bedroom area (it’s a studio) and the door on the right is a HUGE walk in closet!



The door to the closet is just off to the left out of the frame.  The center is a small computer desk area and then on the left is the bathroom. 


The bathroom is great for a place this small and even has a washer/dryer!  The bathroom is also where most of the repairs were needed.  Over the four years my sister lived here the shower was slowly leaking…  We had to pull out the washer/dryer and repair the wall and replace baseboards.  My mom also had to work in the shower to prevent any further leaking.



Of course part of any repair job is extensive cleaning.  Ah one of the benefits of being behind the camera… there aren’t any pictures of me working!  Sorry mom!!!


Well, not so sorry that I won’t put this one up! 

She was scraping out the old caulking and cleaning the shower.  Some of the heavy cleaner she was using got in her hair.  We forced her to scrub her hair with a towel for fear of what that stuff could do to it and this was the result! 


While mom and I were cleaning inside Dad was busy outside.  The stove had developed a slow leak which caused the oven and burners to burn dirty and smoke… so dad spent several days repairing it and then cleaning it.


Doesn’t he look sexy in his knee pads?


Work it family… work it. 


Finally after much cleaning, fixing, and preparing… the day to paint dawned! 


The primer took forever!



And then it was ready for the color!   


 Unfortunately once we got started we just kept going so I forgot to take any in progress pictures… But I do have the afters!  I moved into the Casita about 10 days before I left for home.  I have to say that I’m very proud of all that we accomplished! 

We installed some shelves in the desk nook and once I move in next summer, I can promise there will be books a plenty!

(The sign says “Faith, makes things possible… not easy!”)


We went chocolate and spring green.  I love how it turned out!


Here’s the bed.


A close up of the kitchen newly painted and polished.


The whole enchilada!


All in all, it was very satisfying to get it all done.  The 10 days that I spent living there were delightful and I’m excited to go home next summer with the boys.  It will be great to be so close to family and have a place to relax with my guys in the evenings.  It’s going to be a great guest house for all of my mom and dad’s company too!

Well that’s it for me today!  I’ll be back again with more pictures.

Auf Wiedersehen,



18 thoughts on “La Casita! *EDIT* Pina Curry Colada!

  1. WOW!!!  I love the colors.  It looks GREAT!Lovin’ the new profi pic darlin’.  Hey!  I had no idea you were laid over in DETROIT for FOUR HOURS!  I could have driven down and taken you to lunch or something!  I just live 45 minutes from DTW.  Bummer.  Well, if you are ever flying through the city where I live again, let me know.  I can’t say if we will be here near Detroit in the future or not… but who knows.

  2. @babybooties33 – OH NO!  BUMMER BUMMER BUMMER!!!!!  I did not even THINK about it.  I’m so bummer I would have loved to meet you… Do you realize that we first met and got close because we both lived in Germany and now that’s actually the closest we’ve ever been to each other geographicly?  Man I’m bummer…  Ah well, from now on whenever I fly I’m putting out a memo… “I’m flying into so and so and will have a so long layover anyone game?”  LOL 

  3. @fallensparrow –   Sounds like a good idea.  Who knows… maybe we’ll end up in St. Louis and you’ll end up at Whitman Air Force Base in MO.  It would be SO great to meet you in person.    I’m so glad we did meet and I’ve gotten to know you.  I do consider you a good friend, even though we only know eachother online. 

  4. How NICE that must be!! LOL!  When we are older and Madison is grown…we will have something like that!! I hate staying with my inlaws…and my parents…we would be on a blowup mattress….which makes going home so hard!! That’s why i love my sister so much for always having a room for us! LOL!I love the color scheme!!Glad you had a fun time home and safe travels!!(((Hugs)))

  5. Fabulous work on the guest house!  It looks gorgeous now!  I’m glad that bright yellow kitchen turned into that fantastic shafe of green!  And I looooove the chocolate bedroom!  Probably because my bedroom is chocolate, and I’m a sucker for brown.  ;)You definitely brought sexy back in your WM outfit.  Sexy you!  You should have worn your dad’s killer knee pads to complete the outfit.  šŸ˜‰

  6. @Jifners – No I have to fly home with the dogs early because there is a heat embargo starting May 15th and we won’t be restationed until July.  So I will be going home in April and then he’ll join me in Phx on our way to the next base.Thanks I’m very pleased with how it turned out too!

  7. The pictures worked here on xanga. That house is AMAZING! I love those hardwood floors, so gorgeous! The paint colors are so bright & fun! I love the painters outfit, snazzy, snazzy! Sorry to hear about your soup, that sucks.

  8. So sorry your soup turned out bad….I did that once with zucchini bread, and :::shudder::: I didn’t crave that for years I messed it up so bad. lol! Also, LOVE the pics, it looks like an absolutly fabulous guest house. TOO CUTE! (and might I add how sexy you looked in that first picture. ::wink, wink:::) *hugs*

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