Back in the saddle…

Hello everyone,

I apologize for taking so long to write.  My life has been absolutely crazy of late.

Ryan left two days ago for his TDY and is at his final destination by now.  Due to the nature of this particular trip I don’t know if he’ll have any kind of access to phone or internet.  I haven’t heard from him yet and may not until I get the call to pick him up…  So the waiting game has begun.  I’m sorry that I can not be more specific about where he is and how long he’ll be gone…  I don’t think I’ll be able to fill you in when he returns either but we’ll see.  I would appreciate your continued prayers for his safety. 

I’m doing okay here at home.  Just trying to get into the swing of filling my time again.  I just spent five weeks full of family members filling my days.  Five weeks in which I could barely draw a breath and now here I am completely alone again.  I can do it just fine but it’s sure a swing from one end of the spectrum to the other!

Speaking of Ryan, I owe you all an update.  For those of you who did not hear… the final word from the accident is that the bike is completely totalled.  The salvage guy hauled it away last week. 


For those of you who have asked, yes, he will still riding and I have no problem with that.  In fact we have already ordered a new bike.  A brand new 2009 Harley will be waiting for us in Phoenix when we go home next year between bases. 

I also promised you a picture of his golden turkey award for ‘Fowl’ achievements.  So here you go…


My trip to the states was great!  I had a very good time and the days just flew by!  I have hundreds of pictures to share and of course stories to tell…  I’ll try to start on those in the next day or two.  I already miss it again though… I left in the midst of a 90 something degree week and landed in temperatures barely reaching the 40 degree mark.  Last night we had our first deep freeze and it’s only just now 37 degrees during the heat of the day!  I am getting more and more anxious for the move home next summer…

I guess I should update you on how that’s going to work too!  Our tour is up here in July of 2009, however, due to the dogs and the heat embargo that airlines put on flying animals I have to fly out of Germany before the 15th of May.  So it looks like I’ll be flying home to Phoenix in the end of April or beginning of May with the boys.  The boys and I will be living with my mom and dad for about two months without Ryan (as if he and I have not endured enough separation so far huh?) Then I have to fly back to Germany for the last ten days of our tour here to sign out of the base and all the other business that we have to take care of in those last few days.

Once we’re done with that we’ll fly home to Phoenix for a 14 day visit (leave in route) and then we’ll load up and take off for our new base.  Mom and dad have agreed to take us in the motor home and stay on with us at our new base until we find a house, and our furniture and car arrive.   Mom and I will drive the motor home (I know I know shock right?) and Dad and Ryan will follow on the bikes!  It’s going to be a fun adventure!

And just to get it out of the way… No, we don’t yet know where we will be going.  We’ll get a list of possible bases for us in January and then we’ll get our orders sometime in February.  We are excited and anxious to find out where we’ll be living for the next however many years!

In other news, my birthday was fun.  Ryan and I just hung out and enjoyed an all too rare day together!  We did a little shopping and he bought me a new laptop!  It’s awesome and much needed in light of all the picture editing and slideshow making I do (also I believe that getting his hands on my previous and very awesome HP before his TDY was a factor.)

The next day we had a drop by visit from some friends of ours here in Germany and they brought me a unique birthday gift.  Seeing as my birthday is only 6 days before Halloween I’m surprised it’s never been done before!  I was just thrilled!!!


Well, that is about it for me today.  I’ll do my best to update soon and share all of those pictures with you!



P.S.  For those of you who need my address it has changed.

It is now:

Ryan & Courtney Laube
PSC 9 Box 3391
APO, AE 09123

Consider this my formal address change for Christmas cards or anything else!  As always postage to this address is no different than within the Continental US.

P.P.S.  For those of you who keep track of the time difference between us, the European daylight savings change has already occurred.  We are now only 8 hours ahead of AZ or if you want to look it up online we are in the +1:00 time zone.

10 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. I’m praying for Ryan.  Sorry you had to be separated so soon.  I love your birthday pumpkin!  That is such a great idea.  I never would’ve thought of that.  I just saw pictures from a wedding that was last weekend where they had pumpkins on each table carved with the couples initials.  It was so cute.I’m glad you had such a good time with your family, and I can’t wait to see all of the pictures!  Thanks for the update on your life!

  2. Cool birthday pumpkin!  You should make pies with it now!  Yum!It sucks that Ryan is gone again.  I hope it isn’t for too long this time.  I couldn’t imagine living your life.  Yes, it’s full of adventure and change, but I’d be so lonely.  If you ever want to visit Canada, let me know.  I’ll fill your time!I look forward to seeing your pictures of AZ.Speaking of… great plan of action for July 2009!  That’s not very far away, especially seeing how fast this year flew by.  You’ll be leaving Germany before you know it.  I’m happy for you, but sad for me… no more beautiful pictures!  ;)Blessings today!

  3. Okay, if Scott AFB is your list…y’all need to try for it!  That’s where we’re moving in July!!  =D  Matt’s getting out of the AF but will be working on base there…woohoo!I wrote down your address…I LOVE sending Christmas cards!

  4. It’s already 530pm there!!!!!! I should be used to it since one of my best friends is stationed over there, but I’m not. It’s crazy to me!I’m so glad Ryan got a new bike and your old laptop. I think he deserves it..just as you deserve the new laptop and awesome bday pumpkin!I can’t wait to hear your stories from home (they’re always awesome) and I’ll be praying for Ryan’s safety while he’s away.Love ya girlie!

  5. WHEW! You must meet yourself coming and going!! I don’t know how you do it! I am a busy person but most of my stuff is within 30 miles of everything else (not in different countries!) ! lolI pray that Ryan will return home safe to you quickly. It must be hard dealing with that all the time.Glad you had a great visit in the states. You know….Illinois would be a GREAT place for you to end up at! lol (hint hint)Glad you are back! I missed ya! Love you!

  6. I have been praying for you and Ryan. I do hope this deployment is not as long as the last one!  I sure do appreciate your husband and his collegues who keep us safe and keep our American way…. but I know it is also a sacrifice for you.  So I pray for his safety and for your peace.  So glad you had such a great time in AZ.  Funny … Mark is talking to a recruiter about a possible job in Tempe.  It’s not our first choice, as far as the job, but we are trying to have many irons in the fire so to speak.  Our first choice is the job in St. Louis… which he interviews for on the 6th.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  What a GREAT pumpkin!  Whoever carved that did a great job!  My pumpkin carving skills are less then stellar…. so I tend to not make the effort.  I just put the uncarved pumpkins on my porch… and then they look good into the Thanksgiving season as well.   We’ve been getting cold here too.    Although I will say, I am going to miss the Christmas Markets this year!!!!  We always had so much fun going to them in the evenings… having some gluhwein and Rotwurst! mmmmmm !   Glad to have you back!  Looking forward to all the pictures! Oh…being back in Germany … you missed the Infomercial last night.  Quite the thing.  The amount of money one of the candidates has spent on this election is beyond comprehension.  Oiy.

  7. A new bike-your hubby must be thrilled at the idea of going for a drive once you return stateside. I know how much you both enjoyed the rides. Can’t wait to read up on the rest of your trip. AND how awsome that your parents are going to help out like that. Sounds like an awsome adventure WITH them. I had no idea about the heat-law for animals-but totally makes sense. Your boys mean too much to see anything like heat exhuast happen. Anyway, still got so much to read up. *hugs*

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