I’m so sorry everyone.  I know it’s been forever but I simply do not have time for the computer right now!

I’ve been back in Germany for almost a week and that week has been spent getting Ryan ready to leave.  Yep, you heard right, he leaves for a short TDY to the Middle East in a few days time and we’re in a scramble to get everything in order before he leaves.

I’m not allowed to talk about any of the details, i.e. when he leaves or returns, where he’s going, or why… but for those of you I was able to talk to in person, keep him in your prayers as a few things have come up to make this a bit of a scary situation.

All that aside, today is my 28th birthday and we are enjoying a quiet day at home.  Which, I can guarantee, will include many hours of XBox since my game has finally been released!!!!!  Hooray for Fable 2!!!! 

I promise that in a few more days, once Ryan leaves, I’ll spend some real time on the computer and share all the pictures and stories of my travels and most importantly I’ll catch up with all of you!

In the mean time… thank you for sticking with me and for keeping Ryan and I in your prayers since we spend way to much time globe hopping these days!


8 thoughts on “TDY, XBOX, 28BDAY

  1. HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I had no idea you and Kayleighs birthdays were soo close together. She turned one on the 23rd and her birthday party was today!!!! :)Im sorry that Ryan has to leave, but you guys are def. in my thoughts and prayers during this. and I hope he isnt going to be gone to long! Cant wait for an update on your travels and life! 🙂

  2. Happy Late Birthday! That stinks that Ryan has to leave! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear about your trip! I hope he doesn’t have to be gone long! Will yall still be leaving Germany in 8mths?

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