Flame me if you must…

I NEVER talk about politics here… It’s a rule I have. 

But I can’t rest without saying this…

I’m so sick of politics that I literally want to vomit.  There is something to be said for living in a foreign country and only having access to the policies of each side online without all the junk. 


I’m so frustrated with everything I’ve seen and heard (politically) since I’ve been back stateside that I just want to go home!

9 thoughts on “Flame me if you must…

  1. i live in Canada and we still get it all the time…i watched about five minutes of the ‘debate’ last night on cnn and then switched channels. with the whole thing taking almost a year before the ACTUAL election its been a pretty brutal year, but only in the past couple months has it been so bad..i can’t even imagine….i hear you on sometimes being far away is a bit better.

  2. I hear ya.  It was nicer when we were in Germany and our information was limited.  Now, I’m bombarded EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Oiy.  It’s like … let’s just get this over with! I really really really really really really wish we could have an election where both sides actually told the truth ALL the time, didn’t try to twist the facts, and just laid everything out plainly for people to make a decision.  I know I know…that’s a fairy wish…but one can hope. 

  3. I try not listen to it all.  I made my decision way before the primaries were even over.  Now I just want the voting to begin.  Being in Germany do you absentee vote?  Hubby being deployed to Kosovo got his ballot in the mail yesterday and will send it back tomorrow.  Try not to let all of this politics bogg down your last days in the states.   

  4. Well, on the other hand…a lot of European countries only report negative news about the USA and are very antagonistic towards us.  I DO appreciate the option to love my country openly šŸ™‚

  5. I wouldn’t know as the country I live in broadcasts their news in German, which I don’t speak.  Whatever their opinion it doesn’t keep me from loving or serving my country openly… 

  6. Oh, do I feel ya on this one. If you read my most recent post….you’ll hear how ignorant people are about politics and such. I try hard not to discuss it unless others will respect my oppinion regardless of what I think…because after all, I have oppinions, you have oppinions…what makes one better than the other?? It shouldn’t be that way, and we should respect eachother. You know? *hugs*

  7. I hope your trip to Arizona went well.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.  On a completely random note: I was looking at my subscriptions today and noticed that I subbed to your site exactly one year ago today.  How crazy is that?!

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