Back in the saddle…

Hello everyone,

I apologize for taking so long to write.  My life has been absolutely crazy of late.

Ryan left two days ago for his TDY and is at his final destination by now.  Due to the nature of this particular trip I don’t know if he’ll have any kind of access to phone or internet.  I haven’t heard from him yet and may not until I get the call to pick him up…  So the waiting game has begun.  I’m sorry that I can not be more specific about where he is and how long he’ll be gone…  I don’t think I’ll be able to fill you in when he returns either but we’ll see.  I would appreciate your continued prayers for his safety. 

I’m doing okay here at home.  Just trying to get into the swing of filling my time again.  I just spent five weeks full of family members filling my days.  Five weeks in which I could barely draw a breath and now here I am completely alone again.  I can do it just fine but it’s sure a swing from one end of the spectrum to the other!

Speaking of Ryan, I owe you all an update.  For those of you who did not hear… the final word from the accident is that the bike is completely totalled.  The salvage guy hauled it away last week. 


For those of you who have asked, yes, he will still riding and I have no problem with that.  In fact we have already ordered a new bike.  A brand new 2009 Harley will be waiting for us in Phoenix when we go home next year between bases. 

I also promised you a picture of his golden turkey award for ‘Fowl’ achievements.  So here you go…


My trip to the states was great!  I had a very good time and the days just flew by!  I have hundreds of pictures to share and of course stories to tell…  I’ll try to start on those in the next day or two.  I already miss it again though… I left in the midst of a 90 something degree week and landed in temperatures barely reaching the 40 degree mark.  Last night we had our first deep freeze and it’s only just now 37 degrees during the heat of the day!  I am getting more and more anxious for the move home next summer…

I guess I should update you on how that’s going to work too!  Our tour is up here in July of 2009, however, due to the dogs and the heat embargo that airlines put on flying animals I have to fly out of Germany before the 15th of May.  So it looks like I’ll be flying home to Phoenix in the end of April or beginning of May with the boys.  The boys and I will be living with my mom and dad for about two months without Ryan (as if he and I have not endured enough separation so far huh?) Then I have to fly back to Germany for the last ten days of our tour here to sign out of the base and all the other business that we have to take care of in those last few days.

Once we’re done with that we’ll fly home to Phoenix for a 14 day visit (leave in route) and then we’ll load up and take off for our new base.  Mom and dad have agreed to take us in the motor home and stay on with us at our new base until we find a house, and our furniture and car arrive.   Mom and I will drive the motor home (I know I know shock right?) and Dad and Ryan will follow on the bikes!  It’s going to be a fun adventure!

And just to get it out of the way… No, we don’t yet know where we will be going.  We’ll get a list of possible bases for us in January and then we’ll get our orders sometime in February.  We are excited and anxious to find out where we’ll be living for the next however many years!

In other news, my birthday was fun.  Ryan and I just hung out and enjoyed an all too rare day together!  We did a little shopping and he bought me a new laptop!  It’s awesome and much needed in light of all the picture editing and slideshow making I do (also I believe that getting his hands on my previous and very awesome HP before his TDY was a factor.)

The next day we had a drop by visit from some friends of ours here in Germany and they brought me a unique birthday gift.  Seeing as my birthday is only 6 days before Halloween I’m surprised it’s never been done before!  I was just thrilled!!!


Well, that is about it for me today.  I’ll do my best to update soon and share all of those pictures with you!



P.S.  For those of you who need my address it has changed.

It is now:

Ryan & Courtney Laube
PSC 9 Box 3391
APO, AE 09123

Consider this my formal address change for Christmas cards or anything else!  As always postage to this address is no different than within the Continental US.

P.P.S.  For those of you who keep track of the time difference between us, the European daylight savings change has already occurred.  We are now only 8 hours ahead of AZ or if you want to look it up online we are in the +1:00 time zone.


I’m so sorry everyone.  I know it’s been forever but I simply do not have time for the computer right now!

I’ve been back in Germany for almost a week and that week has been spent getting Ryan ready to leave.  Yep, you heard right, he leaves for a short TDY to the Middle East in a few days time and we’re in a scramble to get everything in order before he leaves.

I’m not allowed to talk about any of the details, i.e. when he leaves or returns, where he’s going, or why… but for those of you I was able to talk to in person, keep him in your prayers as a few things have come up to make this a bit of a scary situation.

All that aside, today is my 28th birthday and we are enjoying a quiet day at home.  Which, I can guarantee, will include many hours of XBox since my game has finally been released!!!!!  Hooray for Fable 2!!!! 

I promise that in a few more days, once Ryan leaves, I’ll spend some real time on the computer and share all the pictures and stories of my travels and most importantly I’ll catch up with all of you!

In the mean time… thank you for sticking with me and for keeping Ryan and I in your prayers since we spend way to much time globe hopping these days!


Flame me if you must…

I NEVER talk about politics here… It’s a rule I have. 

But I can’t rest without saying this…

I’m so sick of politics that I literally want to vomit.  There is something to be said for living in a foreign country and only having access to the policies of each side online without all the junk. 


I’m so frustrated with everything I’ve seen and heard (politically) since I’ve been back stateside that I just want to go home!

Quick Prayer Request

I know most everyone is on their way to bed but if you could say a quick prayer for Ryan I would appreciate it.  He is, at this very moment, on his way to test for Tech Sgt.  He has studied so hard this year and really really wants this promotion.   We wont find out how he does until mid November.  Thanks guys!  I miss you all!

Right round baby, right round… like a record!

Time is getting away from me here in Phoenix.

I have been so very busy on this trip and things are spinning faster with each passing day!

With every new day comes one more visit I have forgotten to schedule, one last project I wanted to complete, one more thing I needed to get to take home to Germany with me and that, of course, speaks not one iota to the things I WANTED to do while I was here!  How can five weeks seem so long sometimes and so very inefficient at other times?

I’ll have many pictures and stories to share when I get home but even those will have to wait.  Some big things are happening in my little family too!  It looks like just a very short while after I get home Ryan will, again, be deploying.  (I of course can not tell you any of the things you would like to know.  Such as when, why, where, or for how long, but I’ll do my best to keep you updated as things progress. 

Ryan is doing well and is completely recovered.  September is over and life is getting back to normal for him back home.

For those of you that have asked… the bike has been officially totaled.  As we learn more and more about the extent of the damage we are more and more thankful for the miracle of Ryan WALKING away!  He has also been awarded the very first, (for his squadron that is!)

“Golden Turkey Award!  For Fowl Achievements”

It’s to commiserate with him on the total annihilation of a beautiful Harley Davidson Bike.  He is proud and honored to be the first to receive this literal golden turkey statue!  He says it fits perfectly in his office between the Mr. Potato head and the Transformers!

Well that’s about all I have time for at the moment! 

Auf Wiedersehen!


P.S.  In spite of being so busy I did have time to get some new and desperately needed glasses!

What do you think?



Ladies I have to tell you that I’m doing my very best to at least speed read everything that you’ve written but because of how busy I am I’m being forced to do it at night as I’m nodding off to sleep so I’ve just not had time to comment.  Please know that I try to keep up with everyone and with all that happens in your lives and that for those of you that need prayer you’re on my list and on my lips.  I miss all of you and our daily interaction!  I’ll be back soon.