Sweet Relief…

When I left the hospital last night I left Ryan in a neck brace, tired, sore, and worried…


I walked into the hospital room at a few minutes after 8am this morning.  To see this!


He’s a little ragged but he’s doing great!  The doctors said that there is no sign of a fracture this morning at all! 

The sprain has been downgraded to a minor sprain, the contusions and swelling on his other leg have actually GONE DOWN overnight with no ice or wrapping.  The torn muscle is a bit painful but on further assessment they think that it will heal just fine on it’s own. 

In fact Ryan says the thing that hurts him the most is hospital inflicted!


This was Ryan’s very first hospital stay AND his very first IV and he wants it out!!!!!

Unfortunately he is still in the hospital…  Standard procedure here in Germany is to be admitted for observation for 25 hours.  Ryan was officially admitted last night at about 9pm.  Shift ends today at 4pm.  So this means he won’t get released until tomorrow morning…  He’s a little annoyed to be stuck in the hospital for three days for bumps and bruises but we’re both just so thankful that he’s okay!

Although the timing is awful Ryan has forbid me from canceling my trip home when he’s not even limping.  So I’ll be leaving Germany as planned on Sunday morning.  I feel guilty for leaving him but I’m so glad that I’ve spent the last few weeks freezing meals for him and making sure he’d have minimal work!

I’m going to spend today giving the house a good hard scrub and making sure that the house is self sufficient so that Ryan  doesn’t have to do much in the next few weeks.  

Before I left I took him his portable DVD player, his MP3 player, his Nintendo DS and a book.  If he gets bored it will be a miracle!  I can guarantee you that he’ll have a more relaxing day than most of us!

I have to take a moment to say thank you from Ryan and I.  We have kept in touch with family and friends through email and have been part of the online community for years now.  But you have blown us away with your outpouring of prayers and words of support in the midst of this scare.   We are truly blessed to have all of your in our lives and to know that there are prayers going up for us worldwide.  Thank you… more than words. 

I’ll let you know if there are any changes or updates.



24 thoughts on “Sweet Relief…

  1. Praise God!  That is wonderful!  I’m so glad that he is okay and the injuries are better already!  I don’t blame him for hating the IV; that’s always been one of the horrible parts of my hospital stays.  I’m also glad that you will be able to go home to your family still for a little while.  Good luck getting the house ready for him!  I’ll still be praying as  you prepare to leave him.

  2. I just read your previous entry and found out about the accident.  PRAISE THE LORD that Ryan is alive and ok!  I can’t imagine not being able to stay in the hospital with him!  You poor girl!  I’m so glad he’s ok.

  3. PRAISE GOD!!!!!  Isn’t it AMAZING what God can do!!!!!  YEAH!!!  I’m  so glad he is OK.  And you can tell him no one likes those hospital inflicted wounds.  They are icky.  :-pI too would not want to leave, but I think you do need to see your family and friends and have a time of refreshing back home.  I will be praying for you for safe travel and that Ryan will stay healthy and well while you’re gone. 

  4. Oh Courtney, I somehow missed your message yesterday. Today I am praising God for his hand of protection!!! I know that Ryan is sore, but Praise the Lord he walked away!!!  I am so relieved that I read this report first, had I heard hangman’s fracture I would of been in panic mode for you both! We serve an awesome God!!!  Tell Ryan we will keep praying!!!

  5. Thank you Lord for protecting Ryan.Courtney I’m so relieved to hear good news. I didn’t even know anything had happened b/c I wasn’t on xanga last night.I lost one of my closest friends in the world in a motorcycle accident 9 years ago in July. He was very special to me, and also an ex-boyfriend. More thant that he was probably one of the closest friends I have ever and will ever have. It was probably the single hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. My sister just lost her ex-boyfriend in a motorcycle accident last year, so honestly we don’t like motorcycles and I freak every time I hear of an accident.I’m so glad that Ryan is safe and relatively unharmed. I’ll be praying for his complete recovery. Love you!

  6. such a blessing to hear that Ryan’s body is coming to a place where he can leave. Praise God for the miracles of healing that he did in Ryan’s body. so glad to hear that he will be able to be home before you leave for your trip home to Phoenix. be blessed on your journey and travel safely. so awesome to see God at work eh?

  7. I am so relieved and happy to hear he’s going to be fine. German hospitals are supposed to be some of the best…so at least he’s got top medical care. That’s interesting about the 25hour observation time….I’m in the medical field so I’m a wee bit curious…was there anything else noticiably different about hospitals in the USA compared to hospitals in Germany??? Again…I’m so happy for you both. *BIG HUGS*

  8. OmG! I missed this… this weekend.. Praise god he is ok! I am really scared of riding something like that. Even my bicycle sometimes! lol I’m just afraid of wrecking! Hope you have a safe and fun trip!

  9. I’m so glad he is doing better! I missed your post about his wreck and just went back and read it, holy cow! I’m so so so so happy he is okay! I hope he is able to come home soon!

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