Sunshine, Livestock, and Corn… OH MY!

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day to play hookie!  It was sunny and warm with a nice summer breeze and we all took full advantage of the day!

The boys enjoyed a romp in the yard and took plenty of time to play in the sun.


They even consented to pose with me for a quick picture.  Though getting them to both look in the same direction is impossible!


While they frolicked and played I took a few pictures of my front garden.




And one of me in it.


When I walked around to the back the boys were still playing so I spend a little time in the back garden too!




When Ryan got home for the day (EARLY *EEK GASP*) we promptly set out for a long walk.

You know what they say,  “Make hay while the sun shines!”


When I expressed this intellectual little quip my husband looked at me blankly and told me it was a terrible joke.  He had never heard the expression.  While it may be a bad joke (I’m not known for being witty) I stand by the saying being appropriate for the moment!  To prove it I’m attaching the meaning of the proverb as giving by the English School Club Proverb section.

Meaning: It means take advantage of the good times, or get things done while you can and conditions are favorable. You can’t make hay when it’s wet, because then the bales or stacks will rot from the inside.

Along the walk we took some time to appreciate the little signs of fall tucked here and there.





We also saw a few others out enjoying the bright sunny day!  These little guys live on a farm down the road from us and have provided us with endless fun. 


I’ve never had a chance to photograph them since we’re usually with the dogs and getting away quickly is in the best interest of these fun little guys.  But yesterday it was just Ryan and me and I had the opportunity to get some closeups!  So meet the four stooges;

This little one is so funny.  His pink nose and lips make him look like a stuffy english gentleman with a well manicured mustache!


This one looks a little more like a western rancher with handle bar mustaches!


This guy is by far the boldest.  He runs right up to the gate whenever we walk by and bleats at us.  He’s super friendly!


His little brother is a hoot too.  He has the personality to go with that little white goat-tee!  (*SNICKER*)


After spending a little time with the goats we continued on our way. 

And met with another couple of pals! 


 I get more comments about my cow pictures than I do on anything else so I thought I would give you your fill!





 We even tried to pose with the cows but of course they kept walking out of the frame!


We hadn’t been walking for very long before we beheld a cornfield. 

Ever since my Fact or Fiction post, when so many of you were prone to believe I had a genuine fear of cornfields, I have had a need to prove my bravery.

So I handed Ryan the camera, marched to the edge of the field and put my arm in!


Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t get it back out!


I struggled in vain!  I could not free myself!




It was no use… I was thrown off balance and dragged into the corn.


It seemed to Ryan as if I was lost to the corn and he let the grief take him.  He watched the last of me sink into the corn, and then turned to run for help.


As he turned his back he heard a rustle and a giant ripping.  He turned to see a bare field!  

That’s right, I’m awesome!  No cornfield can defeat me and I have only one thing to those of you that doubt me!


“Aww shucks.”  (*SNORT* You get it right?)


After that little adventure Ryan threatened bodily harm to my camera equipment if I didn’t get it out of his face!  🙂


So to save it and myself I agreed to put the camera away and we enjoyed the rest of our walk strolling along holding hands and talking about what we hope the next year will bring for us!

It was a lovely way to spend one of my last few days here in Germany and a wonderful idea to play hookie!

With that I will bid you Auf Wiedersehen!




15 thoughts on “Sunshine, Livestock, and Corn… OH MY!

  1. Great pictures!  Love the corn pictures.  I take it you’ve seen one too many scary movies involving corn.  LOL!  Then again, what good scary movie doesn’t revolve around a corn field?  Looks like you had a beautiful day.  It was dreary, foggy, and cold her in the Bay Area of CA yesterday!  Quite a change from our 100 degree weather on Saturday!  Will you be updating your blog while you are in AZ?  Have fun!

  2. Wow Courtney!  Get busy with that camera!!  Cornfields remind me of the movie “Signs”.  You look like you are having too much fun.  I want a camera like that …do not covet  do not covet…do n…argh!  LOL

  3. lol girl!  So did Children Of The Corn give you your fear of corn fields?  Chad & I had sex in one once… you should give that a try… I’m sure the fear wouldn’t be there anymore! hahaI love the goats & cows!  I take pics of random animals too!  Love them.  As if you got your dogs to look the same way at the same time!  That’s almost never possible with my 2.Happy day to you!

  4. Loved that post!  You have such a fun personality!  I love little goats…they are so fun.  Cows scare me though.  Seriously.  Randy’s parents have a field out behind their house w/ a pond that we like to go fishing in.  Only thing is, you have to walk through the field full of cows to get to the pond.  They all walk up close and stare me down like they’re trying to decide whether or not to trample me.  Scares me to death.  I know, silly!

  5. I LOVE all the pictures. The flowers, the goats, the cows… everything. You are hysterical.  Seriously.  Just what I needed after today.  A good laugh.  Do you think of these stories while your shooting??  You’re so witty and creative.Speaking of witty … I liked your make hay while the sun shines proverb.  I thought it very appropriate.  Actually, with Ryan looking at you the way he was in that photo I thought you were going to have some kind of comment where he said ‘WHEN!’  ha ha ha  Or … is that making ‘whoopy’. 

  6. Oh, goodness.  I loved this post.  From the gorgeous flowers to the fun dog pictures to the goats and cows to your silly story at the end.  🙂  I’m glad you enjoyed your day outside.

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