Inundation of Creepy Crawlies

Good morning!

Fall is in full swing here in The Land of Fairy Tales.

The mornings of sunshine and birdsong have been replaced by fogs and mists.  The air is chilly and is tinged with the smell of wood smoke.  It’s rather lovely to tell the truth.  I dread the long cold months of winter but nothing can quite kill the joy I have in the fall.

The downside is as always the inflow of pests in my home!  Ryan and I have dubbed this weekend “The Inundation of Creepy Crawlies!”

Of course I am incapable (no matter how much I might try) of keeping it to myself.

I know they are gross, I know they make your skin crawl, I know you don’t really want to see them but I think you might all be a little like me.  Gross bugs are like a train wreck… you just can’t look away!  And so… I’ll share!

The first intruders were these things…  I have no idea what the heck they were.  I tried to find them on Google but I’ll be honest… After searching for about 20 minutes my skin was crawling and I gave it up as a bad job.  Suffice it to say that they were about an inch long, wicked fast, and when threatened they raised their hind end over the rest of their body like a scorpion…. UUUUUGGGGG.  We killed about a dozen of them this weekend….


The second and most common pests were of course the spiders.  We killed dozens upon dozens.  We had to vacuum this weekend just to get rid of the carcasses!  Since we were on the warpath we went down to the basement to lay in wait for the big mamba jamba that had threatened us earlier in the week.

You remember… the one in the “burrow”?  We went down and there she was… lying in wait…


She ventured out on her web eventually… Let me take this opportunity to again remind you of how much I love my camera.  I have a WONDERFUL zoom.  I am NOT this close!  LOL   That big rope her web sits on is a three foot long tug rope of Gandalf’s…  this little beauty was almost a full 2 inches across from leg to leg…


***UHRRRG***  It’s obscene really…  You can see her bloody great fangs gleaming… just WRONG!!!

I have a picture of her death but I’ll be honest… she is so big that it looks like a frame from a snuff film!  YUCK!!!


I saved our best pest for last…  This one at least is not disturbing!  We had a frog!  He was pretty calm… Ryan just picked him up with a glove and put him over in the field.  We’re just curious where it came from…


In other news… I have only six days until I leave.  I fly out of Frankfurt on Sunday morning and will be traveling for about 19 hours.  I can’t wait to get off the plane in Phoenix and get hit by that wave of late summer evening heat!  Never thought I would say that!

With that said I have quite a lot to do this weekend to get ready.  I have to pack and all that rot but I also have to get some things ready for Ryan.  I’ve prepared and frozen quite a few meals but I’m not quite done yet.  I also have to make sure he has everything he’s going to need since most of my time gone will be during end of year and he won’t have time to shop.

I’ll try to come back for one last email sometime later this week.  Until then,

Auf Wiedersehen,




9 thoughts on “Inundation of Creepy Crawlies

  1. I would NEVER take my shoes off…so I could stomp them out as soon as I saw one I could kill with my foot. And I’d never take gloves off so I could grab those ugly toads and throw them out. I know some people won’t kill anything…but my thought is if they are intruding in my home, it’s fair game!! My choice if you will. And spiders don’t live long when I see them IN my home. Neither do any other bugs. haha. I’ve loved the photos of Germany you’ve put up over the months. God bless you and your hubby.

  2. When I read the title of your blog, I knew I was in for a nasty treat!  LOL!  You’re right, you don’t want to see pics of them, but you just can’t help yourself.  What is it in us that wants to be grossed out?Are those black bugs earwigs?  That’s kind of what they look like anyway.  I love frogs!!  I used to have so much fun catching them as a kid.  I think it’s so neat how you take care of Ryan before you go somewhere, cooking meals and getting him stocked up on groceries.  You’re a good wife.

  3. @Jifners – Nope not earwigs… We have those by the thousands and I completely forgot to include them.  They look like them just MUCH bigger… uhg…  I have no idean what it is in us that wants to be grossed out.  Every time some nasty thing jumps out at me my first thought is “I have to grab the camera so I can show the girls!”  LOL

  4. We have spiders here a lot too.  Infact, I’m so creeped by spiders that we check our pillows every night before we get into bed.  I also check the corners and along the ceiling.  Ew.  Last year one crawled out of Chad’s pillow and I just about died.  Creepies!Your nasty bugs are so nasty!  haha  I love the pics though.Happy almost trip!!!

  5. Eww…The only one that doesn’t severly scare me is the frog. lolI just moved out to California to be with my husband. (He’s a Marine) and the best thing I’ve noticed is that we don’t really have bugs. Not like in Texas, anyway! There’s some spiders, ants, and mostly huge flies. Other than that, hardly any mosquitos or other nasties. Maybe it’s just our apartment, though…I really, really hate roaches. The ones i’ve seen (on the street) are tiny compared to Texas’! I guess it’s true…everything is bigger down in the South. :pBut I can sympathize with you. Bugs are nasty!

  6. Haha, I thought of you last night becasue we are being invaded by creepy crawlers also. As soon as we walked in the door, a wolf spider ran in so my husband killed it, then I was on the computer and happened to look down and there by my foot was a middle sized grass spider. I trapped him and through him back outside. I am one of those idiots that throw them out but I hate guts and the spiders that are in our house are so big they make a lot of them. We also have 2 large toads in our basement. Since we are down there rarely I usually leave them alone. I figure they can eat all the wolf spiders that overrun our house in the fall.Have a good day.Amy

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