September EOY

Another photo survey just for fun!!! Keep going though… at the bottom of this there is a REAL post!


The Things I love in Photos:
Answer all questions in photos and when you are done tag 3 lucky ladies!

1. What is your favorite season?


2. What is your favorite clothing store?


3. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


4. If you could have any car, which would you choose?


5. What is your favorite holiday?


6. Who is your favorite Actress?


7. What is your favorite drink?


8. Do you prefer heels or flats?


9. Where is your favorite lingerie store?


10. The first thing you have to have in the morning?


8. One thing you can’t live with out at least once a week?


9. Do you prefer to visit the beach or a lake for vacation?


10. Are you a girly girl or a not so girly girl?

I choose both!



And so here we are… in the midst of yet another September.

As most of you will remember, September is the end of fiscal year (or EOY) and so the busiest month in Ryan’s job.

He goes from your basic 7am to 4:30pm M-F to going in any time between 6 and 7am and coming home anytime between 5 and 10pm depending on the work load.  Oh and the M-F thing?  It gets thrown out the window.  It becomes however many days he needs to complete the work.

The first week is usually pretty mild and the hours generally remain unchanged BUT due to a few ( <- read SIX) additional duties that have been assigned to Ryan this year (on top of all the regular aspects of his job) this week has already seen several late nights.

One of the nights he stayed late I went in to the office to bring him some food and coffee and to just hang out for a few minutes.  I thought it might be fun to show you his office while I was there!  As you all noticed (the lunchbox) Ryan is just one big kid and his office proves it! 


Need a closer look?

Ah the best of two worlds… Transformers and Star Wars!


Oh and let’s not overlook the SpudTrooper with his Ray Gun potato masher!


The funny thing is that he doesn’ t have everything there by a long shot.  He’ll be moving to a different office come October, so he didn’t want to take it all in and have to move it again.


He’s such a big kid but it makes things less stressful for him and he of course makes it fun for everyone else.  (Hey Cheryl!  Do you see his Marshmallow Gun back there?  It’s a big HIT!  🙂

My song of the day is Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday… in fact it’s the new Contracting End Of Year theme song!  LOL


In other news… I have 9 days until I travel back to Phoenix for over a month!  I have lots to do back home, from a little bit of shopping to meeting my niece for the very first time!  I’m sad to leave Ryan so soon after his return to Germany but the time will fly by I’m sure.

When I return to Germany in October we’ll have only 9 months until we are back stateside! 

Well that’s about it for me today.  Everyone have a great weekend!




12 thoughts on “September EOY

  1. HA HA HA … that’s so funny.  I love all his toys.  Awesome!  Have a GREAT time in Az!  I have family and friends in Mesa…. we’re hoping to get out there next spring for a visit.  We don’t see them often.Now… any idea where you guys will be coming back to?? 

  2. @fallensparrow – Wow.  Well, at least you know you’re going ‘home’ so to speak.  Can I hope that it will be close to us???    hee hee hee  There is an AF base here in Michigan!    Oh … and did I mention we have AWESOME Autumns here in the Mitten State.  Incredible!    You want color… we got it baby!  ha ha ha

  3. I love Ryan’s office!! If I didn’t share it with my boss’s wife I’d so have it decorated up. But, I also work at a machine shop so it stays pretty dirty. I bet you’re going to have a blast in Phoenix…I hope you do!Love the survey. I’ll be doing it later. Have a great day!

  4. Chuck thinks Ryan needs to be the poster boy for the military with his lunch box. He LOVED that picture and can NOT wait til he gets to meet him someday. Just wait til I show him the office pics!Love yoU!

  5. I love your picture answer posts. You have the time to put up creative entries that many of us only dream of. Count your blessings. You and your husband have a good week, ya hear?

  6. Another photo survey that I am planning to do sometime.  The key word is *sometime*.  :)I love Ryan’s office.  It’s much like my dad’s.  He can’t be serious for the life of him.  He got to pick out the paint colors for his office.  What does he pick?  Bright, I mean bright!, yellow for one wall and a door on another wall, bright blue for another and his main door, and bright red for two walls.  I think I’d get a headache in there.  🙂

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