The Onset of Autumn…

I love the fall.  For all of my life it has been my favorite season.  Autumn…

My favorite moment of the fall is what I consider the FIRST moment.  The moment you walk out your door in the early morning and smell it on the morning breeze.  That moment came today for me. 

Ryan and I awoke early today (5:30am!) I had to drive him into work so I could have the car today.  When I walked out the door it hit me… that cold, crisp, after-the-rain scent that announces in unmistakable tones that Summer has fled for this year…  I love that smell of damp leaves and pavement… the crisp snap in the air that is absent in the summer warmth… everything about it is lovely!

As I took my first deep breath of fall I couldn’t help but anticipate the changing of the leaves…  The trees remind me of fine ladies from ages long passed who bedeck themselves in jewels and finery for the last social event of “THE SEASON”.  So, too, these trees, like the graceful ladies they are, drape themselves in their finest gowns of red and gold to say farewell to the seasons of green and sunshine.  Every year my heart just thrills at that first breath of fall!

I love to look around me and see all the signs that the seasons are truly changing.

The plants and trees have gone to seed, the crops are being harvested and the vegetables and fruit are almost ready to pick!



















Each little hedgerow, that, in the spring, had impressed me with it’s blossoms, is now heavy with berries of red, purple, blue, and white…  The fruits of the spring finery and the summer sunshine.















The town we live in is in the last hustle and bustle of the season! 



Enjoying the last bits of sunshine and the last bursts of color…






The days have shortened and the twilight days cozy in my warm home with a cup of hot tea and a good book are fast approaching.

With that in mind we have ventured out to soak up the last of the sun with the rest of the village too!






One thing that the fall brings with it, that I CAN’T enjoy are the spiders! 


They are driven by the hint of a chill into my home and I can’t keep up! 


There is nothing quite as terrifying as walking through a doorway to do something then walking back through the same doorway less than 10 minutes later and getting a face full of web… or sitting on the couch and noticing that out from under your feet a roach sized spider is making a break for your hallway!  Eeeeerrrgggg.

Or a few days after vacuuming, you go into the basement to find this! 


And off to the side of that is a hole that a pipe runs down in the concrete… You peer inside… What the?




Oh no no no no!!!!


And just when I thought that I had named the worst of the pests that fall brings… I heard the one noise that could knock me out of my pleasant mood.

The caw of a Raven.

For the past several weeks the sounds of the little song birds have become more and more rare until a few days ago I realized that they had become silent.  Their silence makes way for the Raven which overruns this part of the world in Fall and Winter.

A few years of living here has instilled one thing deep within me.  A profound understanding of Edger Allen Poe and his choice of the Raven as a herald of doom, as a bringer of death and cold, as a bad omen.  Just the sound of the Raven’s caw makes my blood run cold…

It speaks of freezing wind tearing down the fields and cutting through all my layers to chill my bones.  It speaks of the absence of green, of song, of softness.  It speaks of harshness, of ice, and of the bitter snow.  It is the telltale sound of winter fast approaching.

In one foul (or should I say FOWL?) moment I went from the excitement of a crisp early fall morning to the backpeddling dread that winter fast approaches…

HOWEVER, I choose to ignore that dread today and play the grasshopper instead of the ant!  I’ll enjoy for just a little longer the bright colors that fall brings us in The Land of Fairy Tales! 

I promised my mom last year that I would give a tour of the fall gardens here… I never did.  But this year, with a new camera, just try and stop me!  So in a last desperate attempt to drive the thoughts of the Raven, and all that his appearance entails, out of my mind and cling to the last vestiges of summertime, I give you…

The Last Hurrah of the Flowers!





















I think this last one is my favorite!  I looks like a fiery dawn…


I have to say that I’m so glad I got my new camera this past winter.  It has allowed me to capture many beautiful details of all the seasons since and will allow me to have beautiful memories of our time here.

I hope you have enjoyed the glimpse into our fall…  I have only 11 days until I leave for my trip to the states so I don’t know if I’ll see much more! 

Auf Wiedersehen!



19 thoughts on “The Onset of Autumn…

  1. Beautiful pics, as always! Thank you for sharing your first peek of Fall with us. We still have a month or so to go here in TN. BTW… can you tell us what kinds of fruits those are?? I’m so curious?! Enjoy your beautiful Fall day!

  2. First… I love that last pic of the two of you.  SO adorable.Second… your pics are amazing!  You should look into having a book published with your picture and narratives.  You really have a gift. 

  3. I love the fall! It’s my favorite!Beautiful pictures!! It’s so cool outside today [[the remnants of Gustav making their way here]] and I just want it to stay like this, but I’m sure since we have a few more weeks of summer, it’ll be hot again for a while.

  4. Ugh….spiders.  I hate them too.  As always, love the pics.  You are quite the poet.  I love that picture of the cows in the field and the one of Yoda is hilarious!  Fall doesn’t come around here until the end of October, sometimes later.  So it hasn’t cooled off yet.  But I’m so ready for it!  I’m going to make some pumpkin bread next week just because I’m so ready for fall!

  5. Ryan and Courtney, Thanx again for your service to our country.  And thank you for sharing so much of your experiencing the beauty of Germany in the Fall, even the creepy chills parts.  Absolutely delightful post!

  6. Aboslutly GREAT pictures. (I bet you could even get a few of ’em published if that is something you’d ever be interested in of course.) In case we don’t hear from you soon…safe travels & enjoy your time in the states girlie! *hugs*

  7. Gorgeous pictures!  You always can take the most normal bits of nature and turn them into beautiful views!  I love all the flower pictures the best.  Particularly the one you said was your favorite and the one right above it.

  8. I LOVE Fall too! Your pictures are gorgeous, I especially love the one of the two cows! I do NOT love those spiders however, EEK! That’s creepy! Do they not have spider spray in Germany? Or does it not work? You should buy some in the states and mail it back to you!

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