It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Ryan?

Guten Morgan!

Business first;

*For those of you that follow my TTC site there is a new post up.*

In regards to yesterdays post;

#1 is TRUE 

#2 is TRUE

#3 is FALSE

(A lot of you guessed right on this one!  I actually love corn fields but as my sister said, “It’s a very Courtney like phobia.”, so I went with it!)

#4 is TRUE

On to today’s post!

I thought it was time for a Ryan post! 

Ryan went back to work this week.  He went back sporting his new ABU’s (FINALLY) isn’t he handsome?


And yes, that’s a Super Powers DC Comics vintage metal lunchbox.


He’s a big kid at heart, there’s just no denying it!  It’s the little things in life that make you happy right?

Climbing off his Harley in his military uniform and carrying his lunch into the office makes him happy!  Who am I to complain?  In fact I think it’s SEXY!!! 



It’s like a commercial for…  something?… isn’t it? 

Kind of makes you want to join the military… or maybe get superpowers… or even possibly chow down on bologna!

DSC_33851 copy

With that I’m UP, UP, and AWAY! for today.




19 thoughts on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Ryan?

  1. Seriously? It was the Corn Field thing? Dang. Now I’m afraid of you cause of the Mime thing. Bummer too, since I think you are cool, but Mimes are not. So no mime-y goodness thrown my way, OK?Love the Lunch Box. Its awesome. Does it have the matching Thermos? The new ones I keep finding don’t have the matching thermos, and that is really the best part. Love-Snow

  2. Just the other night on the local news they did this story of a corn field in another town. Every year they make this gigantic maze and then fly in a helicopter to show what it is from the air. It takes two hours to walk through it, they say. I’ve never done a corn maze walk through. I’d rather see the image from the air. But I hear thousands go to walk through it every year. I bet your hubby could bring his super powers lunch box and wear his military fatigues and get through it in 45 minutes. That’s what super power people do!! God bless.

  3. I can’t even remember what I guess, but I’m 99% sure it was #3! Woohoo! I love those pictures of Ryan! It’s just something about him finally being home with you and knowing he’s safe that’s such a relief!Has he lost some weight?Ok, off to check your other post! Love you girl!

  4. What a fun lunchbox?  Randy’s not much into superheroes, but if you put him in front of Tom ‘n’ Jerry he’ll laugh his head off like a 6 year old little boy!  It’s too cute!  I think there is a little bit if “boy” in every man.

  5. Yeah!  I guessed right!!!  I love the lunchbox.  So cool.Ok…HOW do you do that photo edit thing with something still in color in a B&W pic.  I’ve never figured that out.  Looks awesome.

  6. Ah Well soldiers have to have there heroes too.  LOLBut I would like to ask you a question.  You always have the right music playing in the background.  I would like to know how you get the music to play in the background?  The best I have been able to do is to add the music module to my post.  Please help me out here.

  7. A lady from our church is a professional mime, has a mime room in her house, and has trained with some famous mimes.  Anyhow, GREAT pictures!  I loved them.  They made me smile.  🙂

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