Back to normal…

Today was Ryan’s first real day back at work.  As much as it’s sad to see him go back, I think both of us are enjoying the return to normal life. 

These past few weeks of just having him here have been wonderful but we both agreed this weekend that you can only be lazy so long before it begins to wear on you!  πŸ™‚  Just today in the 8 hours since I got out of bed I have done more around here than I’ve done all week!!!  That’s just sad…  And to be honest, Ryan has missed work.  (Cough*DORK*Cough)

I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time is zooming by though.  I have only 20 days until I board a plane to go back home to Phoenix for a visit.  It will be the last time either of us step foot in the states until we do so for good!

Speaking of time… In this past few weeks the weather here has become dismal.  Cloudy and rainy with banks of morning fog… the temperatures have plummeted… 

I feel like a young child being dragged, kicking and screaming, into an inevitable and hated circumstance.  I’m not ready for it to be winter again… it feels like I hardly saw the sun this year… 

Ryan and I were driving towards Spangdahlem the other day and I noticed with shock that the leaves are already beginning to turn here!  At this rate I’ll be lucky if full blown winter has not descended on The Land of Fairy Tales by the time I get home from  the states…

Well that’s it for me today… I have some projects I’ve been itching to get to for the last few weeks and I think I’ll take the opportunity that this free afternoon provides to indulge myself! 

Auf Wiedersehen!



14 thoughts on “Back to normal…

  1. I don’t even want to think about winter. YUCK!! I hate shoveling snow. I hate driving on ice. Fall is my favorite but I know it’s ALWAYS followed by winter. When is it that you head out of Germany? Seems like you just got there!

  2. @silvernicks – Uhg I’m with you there..  As a true at heart desert rat I’m dreading this winter!  We are out of here for good on July 8th of next year though I’ll be moving home early because of the dogs (most airlines have a flight embargo for animals in the summer months)  So not too long now!  Yippee!!!

  3. It has been a different kind of summer here too.  Oh we got the heat (last three weeks) had the most rain in july ever. We haven’t had rain for almost a month it seems.    November of last year in Michigan we had 80 degree weather!  Dogs in the cargo hold of a plane?   I would have to be there with my dog if he ever went on a plane… or take a huge boat across the ocean…

  4. Oh, I think I’m ready for fall!  I love everything about fall…it’s winter I’m not so fond of!!Hey, do you know what the time difference is between Frankfurt and here?  We are on Mountain time here…

  5. @Baroness_Fritinanci – I don’t have a choice but to put them in cargo.  My dog weights 100 pounds and already it costs us 2,500 $ to ship him.  The Air Force has no sympathy with them being my kids.  It’s either air freight or I don’t have dogs.  That’s why I’m going back early… To make SURE that they are treated the best that I can be sure of.

  6. @NaomiJoy –  I belive that we are nine hours ahead of you at the moment.  It’s 3:43pm here right now and 6:43am in Phoenix… I think that PHX is on Mountain at the moment but I could be wrong.  I too love fall more than any other season!  Unfortunatly here it only lasts a few weeks before the bitter cold sets into your bones so I haven’t really had a chance to enjoy it… blah!

  7. Back to normal life is a good thing.  I’m not there yet.  ha ha ha  Maren and I have been a bit lazy today.  The last 3 weeks were SO busy, it is nice to just let things go.  I still have some things to clean up from the party … not much, just bits and pieces.  We did do some shopping with a gift card Maren got for her bday.    JCPenny was having a SALE!  Bonus!  ha ha She needed some fall things.  I tried on one of her long sleeved tops from the spring… yeah, that was pretty funny.  SO did not fit.  Funny how I don’t feel like she is THAT much bigger… but guess she is!  Once Mark is back in 3 weeks we can REALLY get back to normal life…. or our new normal!  We are really looking forward to that.Oh, I’m sorry the weather is changing there.  It does kind of creep up on you fast doesn’t it.  That’s one thing I enjoy here in Michigan … Fall.  It’s SO beautiful.  We have so many trees… they are gorgeous.  We are planning to take a weekend family getaway early Oct… hopefully we will catch some good color.  WOW… I just looked at your countdown for going home!  10 months!!!!  Less then a year!  It’s going to go by SO fast!  Before you know it you’ll be taking all thos pictures for shipping stuff home. 

  8. Aw, I’m glad you got to enjoy your time with Ryan πŸ™‚ I’m sure it’s nice to get back to “normal” life too though. How sad that fall is coming so quickly & that winter will follow soon after!! I hope you can enjoy the last bit of “fall” weather πŸ™‚

  9. Work is so good for structure and balance.  I HATE working but I need some structure in my life or I would go insane!  I hope things feel back to normal soon.  And yay for coming home for a while!

  10. The leaves are changing here in Ontario, Canada as well.  I have loved the sunshine and flowers… green leaves & grass.  *sigh*  I hope fall lasts until the beginning of November, before the snow falls.Welcome back to your regular routine!  How fabulous that you can say that since he’s home!

  11. I’m not excited for the winter months, but I do love fall!  I’m excited to sit on my new porch this fall and drink my coffee, and enjoying the crisp cool air! :O)  I hope you get to enjoy fall a little longer than usual there!

  12. Hey! It is good to hear from you! I bet it is good to be back to normal!  It really isn’t that much longer till you go home! My favorite time of the year is fall! I love the leaves changing, the smell of fall and everything else about it! I do like winter too but not as much! I cannot wait till the leaves change here, I love to do family photo shoots with the pretty trees in the background! Hope you get all your projects done today!

  13. I’m glad life is getting back to normal for you.  I know what you mean about only liking laziness for so long before needing structure again.I’m sorry the leaves are already changing and winter is close.  It is still so hot here, and I want it to stay that way for a good long while.

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