It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Ryan?

Guten Morgan!

Business first;

*For those of you that follow my TTC site there is a new post up.*

In regards to yesterdays post;

#1 is TRUE 

#2 is TRUE

#3 is FALSE

(A lot of you guessed right on this one!  I actually love corn fields but as my sister said, “It’s a very Courtney like phobia.”, so I went with it!)

#4 is TRUE

On to today’s post!

I thought it was time for a Ryan post! 

Ryan went back to work this week.  He went back sporting his new ABU’s (FINALLY) isn’t he handsome?


And yes, that’s a Super Powers DC Comics vintage metal lunchbox.


He’s a big kid at heart, there’s just no denying it!  It’s the little things in life that make you happy right?

Climbing off his Harley in his military uniform and carrying his lunch into the office makes him happy!  Who am I to complain?  In fact I think it’s SEXY!!! 



It’s like a commercial for…  something?… isn’t it? 

Kind of makes you want to join the military… or maybe get superpowers… or even possibly chow down on bologna!

DSC_33851 copy

With that I’m UP, UP, and AWAY! for today.



Four Fact or Fiction?

There are a few big posts I’m working on… just long and full of tedious details but for today…

I want to play a game! It’s called…

Four Fact or Fiction?

The rules are simple.  I will write four outrageous “Facts” about me.  Out of the four, three will be true and one will be a lie.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick out that one lie!

Ready?  Okay here we go….

1)  I once worked freelance to an animal handler for Budwiser.  I helped him purchase, care for, and train two Blue Tongue Skinks (domestic lizard) for a Budwiser commercial made to bring up ‘dry as a desert’ feelings in the viewer.  

2)  I was once a semiprofessional mime.  Yep, that means the black clothes, white gloves, and painted face!  I performed on stage and actually traveled to the other side of the country for one of those performances.  I even created a few routines and helped train on others.

3)  I am deathly afraid of corn fields.  One of my biggest fears is that the military will station us somewhere in the midwest where I will be forced to stay indoors for large chunks of the year due to the seas of corn crops.   This stems from one too many movies where bad things jump out of the corn at you or just chase you through it.  This has even affected my enjoyment of the harvest season.  I have always wanted to go through the Corn Maze (LOL) in Phoenix but have always been too afraid.

4)  My very first dance took place in a McDonald’s after closing with a boy who wanted me to forget my heartbreak and bust a move!  He was one of my very best friends and gave me a memory that night that will never fail to make me smile!  I hope that, wherever he may be, he knows that he eased my heartache with a dip and twirl!

So there you have it.  My four ‘facts’!  Now take the plunge and guess… which one is a lie?  And if you want to participate post this on your site!

Have fun!


Back to normal…

Today was Ryan’s first real day back at work.  As much as it’s sad to see him go back, I think both of us are enjoying the return to normal life. 

These past few weeks of just having him here have been wonderful but we both agreed this weekend that you can only be lazy so long before it begins to wear on you!  🙂  Just today in the 8 hours since I got out of bed I have done more around here than I’ve done all week!!!  That’s just sad…  And to be honest, Ryan has missed work.  (Cough*DORK*Cough)

I honestly can’t believe how quickly the time is zooming by though.  I have only 20 days until I board a plane to go back home to Phoenix for a visit.  It will be the last time either of us step foot in the states until we do so for good!

Speaking of time… In this past few weeks the weather here has become dismal.  Cloudy and rainy with banks of morning fog… the temperatures have plummeted… 

I feel like a young child being dragged, kicking and screaming, into an inevitable and hated circumstance.  I’m not ready for it to be winter again… it feels like I hardly saw the sun this year… 

Ryan and I were driving towards Spangdahlem the other day and I noticed with shock that the leaves are already beginning to turn here!  At this rate I’ll be lucky if full blown winter has not descended on The Land of Fairy Tales by the time I get home from  the states…

Well that’s it for me today… I have some projects I’ve been itching to get to for the last few weeks and I think I’ll take the opportunity that this free afternoon provides to indulge myself! 

Auf Wiedersehen!


Wedding Week

My post for Wedding Week!

(I’ve changed all my pictures to sepia for this post but I have them all in full color.)

Ryan and I were married on June 24th, 2000 in Phoenix, AZ. 

After growing up together we spent 6 years without seeing each other more than a handful of times.  In late 1999 when we saw each other for the first time… again, we just knew.  It would be a short 10 months before we walked back down the aisle as man and wife.

After a busy few months of planning the day dawned bright, humid, and hot!  I like every other girl had dreamed of my wedding ‘all my life’ and insisted on getting married in June… in Phoenix… yeah. 

My dress was insane!  10 foot train, lace and sequins… High neck and long sleeves… I look back just 8 short years later and shudder… I would do things differently now but it suited me then!  Then it was one of those dresses that you put on… look in the mirror and just know that it’s the one!  Now after 8 years of getting to know myself a little better and growing comfortable in my own skin my tastes have changed… in fact my whole wedding would be different… but I look back on the day and know that it was exactly what it should have been.  There’s comfort in that…

We woke early on the day of the wedding.  (It was my mother, both of my sister’s, and myself… as well as my dad of course!)  We had a hawaiian theme for the day!  (We all wore Hawaiian shirts for the day to work in and for us girls to get out hair done since they buttoned down the front.  It made for a fun and semi relaxed kind of day!)  Then it was off to the church!  My dress was so big that my Grandpa offered to get his RV out of storage and use it to drive my dress to the church!  It had to be hung from the ceiling of the RV bedroom and the train and skirts covered both beds!  CRAZY!


 I won’t lie though…  I felt like a princess! 


 And I couldn’t wait to marry my prince!


 I woke that day at complete peace.  I had no doubts and no reservations!  I wasn’t crazy, insane, or raging… We had done all we could to pull the day off and I was determined to enjoy it!

Then I got to the church! 

Okay let me back up a bit…  I had ordered my flowers from the lady that provided flowers for the church and was therefore their recommendation.  She was trouble from the beginning but hey it was my first wedding (LOL) and I was the first of my mother’s daughters to marry as well.  We were inexperienced and unprepared for how much trouble something as simple as flowers could be so we buckled down and struggled through it…  Now, I would have smiled politely and taken my business elsewhere…

I had ordered close bouquets of white roses accented with baby blue flowers.  (My colors were white and baby blue with touches of darker blues here and there for accent.)  I told her that I wanted the greenery to be ivy.  She assured me that it would be no problem to procure it (I had some concerns since it was high summer) but asked me to give her a back up greenery just in case.  I told her that I didn’t care.  As long as it was NOT fern.  (That soft air fern that sheds on everything… I can’t stand that stuff.)  I watched her write all of this down… the colors, the flowers I wanted, the greenery and the forbidden things… 

Then the next hurdle arose.  My wedding was at 3pm.  We were to begin pictures at around noon so I wanted the flower delivered at the church by 11am.  She refused.  She said that because of the heat she felt uncomfortable with bringing the flowers until after 1pm.  We argued and weedeled but in the end had to give in and rearrange the way we did pictures accordingly.

So, imagine my surprise when I arrived at the church at 11am to find my wedding coordinator in a panic.  She said that the flowers had been dropped off that morning at 8am and that the florist had waltzed in, set the arrangements in the sanctuary, made a comment about how worried she was by the wrong color of the decorations since my wedding was purple and then breezed back out.  The coordinator was frantic that she had the wrong color written down and didn’t know where the florist had placed the corsages and bouquets!

After a frantic search, we found them.  On the counter… of a bathroom, uncovered, unchilled, wilting.  And you guessed it…

Purple and bristling with fern!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beast within me that had hidden itself for all those months of planning tore out of my chest with vicious screams, hot tears, and claws…  That is to say… I LOST IT!

In the end a wonderful assistant from the church ripped the bouquets apart put the white roses back together and tied them off with some ribbon on hand that was NOT purple and we survived.  Although I will forever look at my wedding pictures and see that I carried a bouquet with fake ivy in it…  (Had I not been so enraged about the fern and so insistent that I had WANTED ivy  I would have realized that it would have been prettier with no greenery… ah well.) … and that all the men wore corsages with huge sprays of that hideous fern! (I hadn’t looked at those after I saw my bouquet! LOL)

In the end, I re-caged the beast, and managed to enjoy the rest of my day!

After we were all ready to go, we waited in the brides room to be called!  Of course, if you know me at all by now… you know we spent the time goofing off!


 My mom helped me get into my shoes.  Yes, I wore tennis shoes!  This was the one BIG argument my mom and I had in the planning.  My wedding dress was the first dress I had worn in YEARS!  (I was a tomboy and I hated dressing up.)  I told my mom point blank that high heels were out of the question as were any other kind of dress shoe and that I was wearing tennis shoes.  I had a dress that swept out from my legs by almost three feet on every side so no one would know and she would just have to deal.  LOL  That didn’t go over well… In the end she ‘allowed’ me to wear my tennis shoes on the one condition that she be allowed to decorate them!  So they had lace and sequins hot glued down the sides and lengths of tulle for laces!  They were great!


 Finally the time came…  My dad came to get me and we paused for one big smile at the door to my future.


 And then there we were… at the head of the aisle…  My eyes locked on to Ryan’s and the world faded away…  I walked towards him on my father’s arm.


Her mother and I…


 I took Ryan’s hand and walked my last few steps as Courtney Jones…


 Here we are… the whole wedding party!  It really was a family affair! 

My girls from center stage out are:

Flower girl: Natalie, my maid of honors little cousin.
Maid of Honor: My, truly lifelong, best friend, Emily
Bridesmaid: My sister, Charly
Bridesmaid: My sister, Becky
Bridesmaid: Ryan’s sister, Josie

The guys from center stage out are:

Ring bearer: My cousin Lucas
Best Man:  Ryan’s best friend and my cousin, Tim
Groomsman: Ryan’s Brother, Zach
Groomsman: Ryan’s friend and my cousin, Matt
Groomsman: Ryan’s Brother, Andy

The pastor that married us was our old youth pastor, Mike Christian.  We flew him in from Colorado to do our ceremony!


Here I am saying my vows.


 Ryan saying his vows.


 Here I am pointedly not looking at Ryan.  I look all demure and classy but in truth I’m trying my best not to laugh.  You see, Ryan had just burst into laughter during his vows and I was determined not to laugh too and ruin the solemnity of the moment.

At the first opportunity I asked him why he had laughed.  He told me that he was trying not to look me in the eyes during our vows (we had had our rehearsal the night before and hilarity ensued making it hard for all of us to be serious.) so that he wouldn’t laugh.  Instead of looking at my mouth or forehead he had ‘gotten lost’ in my cleavage.    At one point he’d looked up to see me looking at him seriously and thought Id caught him looking…  Dork.


 Me looking at my ‘almost’ husband in innocent bliss and him still trying to get control of his laughter.


 We signed our marriage licence on stage.


 Then we took our first communion together.


 Man and wife!


Our rings… 


 Then it was on to the reception.  The first thing we did was the toast and the moment the liquid touched our lips we came to a silent agreement that neither of us was coming up for air until the glasses were empty!  Neither of us had had so much as a sip of water in almost six hours at this point!  By the time we finished the glasses off we actually had the crowd chanting, “CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!” 


 Then it was time to cut the cake!  No that is not a look of concentration on my face and no that is not a look of happy bliss on Ryan’s face.  Those two faces are expressing one emotion….  eagerness.  WE WERE HUNGRY! 


 YUMMY!  And also… “If you smear that cake on my face you won’t have time to ask for a divorce before I stab you with the cake knife!” 


 This is one of my all time favorite pictures.  This is not posed… this was not planned this was real!  Ryan reached up my leg to grab my garter and my father yelled “HEY!” at the top of his lungs.  I think Ryan almost had an accident!  LOL


 This picture scandalized my mother.  Ryan is getting ready to fling my garter.  He decided to shoot it over his shoulder like a rubber band but my mom swears it looks like he’s about to backhand me!  I’m actually saying just whispering directions under my breath!


 And then it was over and we were ready to leave.  This picture makes me so homesick for Phoenix…  So romantic isn’t it… Sorry to disappoint but the dialogue in this picture isn’t something mushy like…

“I’m so excited! I can’t believe we’re married!  I can’t wait to spend my life with you!”

It was something a bit closer to…

“Oh Ryan you just stepped on my dress!”  Followed by… “I’ve got to get out of this tux!  I’m so hot that I’ve sweat through the jacket… if I don’t get it off soon I won’t get my deposit back!”

Oh so romantic!  Just pretend we said he first thing…


 We ran up the steps into our new life through a shower of birdseed!  Ryan is screaming “Oh my eye!” in this picture… 

As romantic as this picture looks I must caution you.  Do NOT have bird seed thrown if you have an updo and very thick hair.  It took Ryan over two hours, with my head upside down over the bathtub in our hotel room, to take out all the pins and shake the birdseed out.  By the time he had my hair down and we were out of our dress clothes it was after 1am and we fell right to sleep!


 We piled into my cousin’s van and he drove us away!


 We waved goodbye and left to start our new life together!


 It was a lovely day!  It had it’s moments and I’m playing them up for fun but in truth, if it hadn’t had those moments I would not have half of my favorite memories of the day and absolutely no stories to tell.  It was the perfect day for Ryan and I.

Auf Wiedersehen!



Lazy Days…

Good afternoon,

It has been 18 glorious days since Ryan arrived home from the desert…  It feels like only yesterday and it feels like months all at the same time.

He is, for the most part, readjusted to being here rather than there and it’s almost odd how easily we have readjusted to each other.  It used to take weeks and even months to get used to being with each other again but this time it feels as though he’s never left! 

He goes back to work at the end of this week, after two weeks of reintegration leave.  The first week he was home he had to in process and go to some training that “couldn’t” wait.   He’s on base today getting all of the details ironed out and taking care of some last minute business, which is why I’m here right now.   I hope you will forgive me for being so absent, but I simply could not bring myself to spend the time I could be with him on the computer. 

Not that we’ve accomplished anything at all…  We had plans.  I was going to take him to see some of the sights I visited with company in his absence.  We were going to catch up on projects that we had put off for a long time.  We were going to ride the bike and enjoy the sun.  We were going to go on a picnic.

In reality we have watched many movies, played a ton of xBox (Go two player Lego Indiana Jones!), and read three books out loud to each other.  It’s been WONDERFUL!

Of course, the house is a disaster, nothing has gotten done, we both feel like big lazy slugs, and we’re wasting the little sunshine that this part of the world can boast… but neither of us can seem to gather enough energy together to feel sorry about it…  We’re just happy to be together again!

As a result of having done nothing worth talking about, there are also no pictures to share… well there are a couple.

One night this past weekend we went out to walk the dogs at dark and found a gorgeous moon rise. 


I grabbed my camera and snagged a few pictures!  They aren’t great because I still haven’t mastered the right settings for this kind of picture but it’s better than anything my old picture could have captured.


Isn’t the color amazing?


There we are with it over our heads!


Well, that’s pretty much it!  I really don’t have anything to say at all… I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone from the shadows but haven’t had time to email or comment so I’ll try to catch up soon!  Next week life should go back to normal for us and I’ll be around more then. 

Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!



A Roundhouse with Chuck Norris…

This will be, without a doubt, TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

 However… there are just some things you HAVE to share.  So read with caution!


Ryan and I have this thing about Chuck Norris… seriously… who doesn’t?  You know things like…

“The quickest way to a man’s heart is with Chuck Norris’ fist.”

“When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.”

“Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors.”

“Chuck Norris has to maintain a concealed weapon license in all 50 states in order to legally wear pants.”

“Chuck Norris doesn’t turn on the lights… he turns off the darkness.”

“Chuck Norris CAN believe it’s not butter.”

“Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.”

“Chuck Norris Isn’t funny, stop laughing.”

I have my all time favorite Chuck Norris saying up on my Facebook,

“Chuck Norris eats lightning and farts thunder!”

Ryan saw it the other day for the first time and just about died laughing.

So what does that have to do with anything?

Fast forward to last night…

Um… how can I put this delicately?  We were… ahem… enjoying an extra curricular activity in the bedroom.  Suddenly a peal of thunder rocked the house so hard that it actually got our attention! 

I, without thinking, blurted out, rather loudly…


For about two seconds we stared at each other in shocked silence… and then we both cracked up. 

Once we caught our breath I snickered,

“Ryan do you realize that I just called out another man’s name in bed?”

He didn’t miss a single beat…

“That’s okay, it’s Chuck Norris!”



P.S.  Sorry for the song… I just couldn’t resist…

The Dynamic Duo… Together Again!

Ryan has been home now for five days.  Even after five days I can barely believe it. 

Oh this is a good sight to see every day.


That first night home, I was in awe of the fact that he was REALLY home!  After six long months, there he was…  I’m sure none of you will blame me for what I did next.

I put him to use!  I had gone far too long without him…

You ladies that have been through separations know what I mean…








That’s right!  I put him to WORK! 


Just kidding… that was a one time volunteer thing! 

Unfortunately I have no pictures of his homecoming.  I took my camera to the terminal when I picked Ryan up but got distracted (understandably I hope) and between that first moment in his arms and getting his bags into the car I ended up not taking a single picture.  So the next day we set up to do a mini photo shoot!

Here we are, back to being US once more without a moments pause.


 Well maybe a moment… and that first kiss?  No worries!  It was like coming home… and the other five million or so have been okay too!  🙂


 Oh how I missed him!


 I had quite forgotten how much two day old stubble can tickle…


How much fun we have together and how much I love to laugh with him.


And just how much I love to see a smile on his face.


I feel like I’m finally home again with him by my side…


So handsome!


So serious! 🙂


What would a photo shoot with us be like without a completely goofy pose?


I thought I would have more to say… I thought there would be thousands of words flooding through my mind to tell you just how happy I am to have him home…  But the truth is that words can’t express my heart…  So pictures will have to do…


Here we are, once again, together in The Land of Fairy Tales.

Just us…


 Auf Wiedersehen!