Baby Come Back

It has been 184 days and a few days over 26 weeks since Ryan left…  In short…


It won’t be long now… things are revving up in my world and I’m beginning to prepare for his homecoming.  Today I’m working on a crocheted bed spread.  I promised Ryan that I would have it done for Christmas….  Of 2006!  I thought that it would be a good thing to have done when he got home… and of course I waited until the last minute to finish it!  The rest of my time will be spent cleaning and doing yard work.

I won’t be around much but I’ll let you know when he’s home!

Song for the day?

Baby Come Back by The Little River Band

For obvious reasons! 


14 thoughts on “Baby Come Back

  1. Last night as I was praying before bed… and praying for you guys…. I had the thought ‘soon…. she gets to see her hubby soon!’  I know how excited you must be.  I too am preparing this week.  Cleaning, grocery shopping, and just getting our home ready for him to join us.  Have a blessed week!  I know it will be tough… but try and get some rest too. 

  2. Great news.   Now you’ll have to be a speed deamon with that crochet hook.   Been there done that.   I once made a crochet blanket as a donation for a benefit for my sil and I finished it a day before I had to turn it in.  Talk about stress.  Put on a few boring movies on the dvd player and crochet away you’ll never take your eyes off the project to watch, but have something to listen to you so that you won’t be distracted from your goal.  I bet that hugging and kissing period last a good long time!   take care.

  3. I can’t imagine how you’ve survived for so long! You are an amazing woman! I pray you are more in love than ever when you reunite.I thought of you as we flew over Germany!

  4. Ohhhh….sorry exciting. Good luck with all the prep prior to his arrival. I always feel like everything has to be “perfect” although my hubby could care less. lol! I’m so happy for you girl and continue to enjoy every moment you got with him. *BIG HUGS*!!

  5. I am so happy for you. I remember going to meet my husband after he was gone for a week, (which is nothing compared to what you have waited on) The excitement was hardly containable. Have a great week.Amy 

  6. Your hunny will be home very very soon!!! That is so exciting!!! I did my first “engagement photo” shoot and would love for you to check the pics out.  I just posted an entry with a link to the pics.  Please critique me! I need critiquing so I can improve!!!

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