Summer in Deutschland: Part VIII

One fine morning a drive along the Mosel River Valley Road (the B53) seemed like the perfect thing to do…

And so we did it!


 There were lots of things to see along the way.  The Mosel Valley is one of the top producers of wine in the world.


Vineyards cover nearly every sunny slope of the steep-sided valley. Rough stone terraces, some large enough only to support a few dozen vines, rise precipitously above the river and vineyards cling to the hillsides at crazy angles 


 Grapes have been grown in this valley for over 2000 years, since Roman times.


Many of the technological advancements that make the lives of vineyard owners so much easier today cannot be applied here in this terrain.


As a result of this little has changed over the last 2000 years.  Almost all of the work;  from pruning and weeding to the harvest itself, is still done by hand.


Above one of the River cataracts, in a little town called, Zeltingen, we stopped to have lunch.




The town was full of flowers…


 Cute little buildings…







And sidewalk cafes…


Such a cute little place!


We ducked into a sidewalk cafe for lunch.  You’re not going to believe this!  They had the BEST cheeseburgers I had ever had the privilege of eating.


As we left the cafe we saw an Erdbeeren stand!


 Erdbeeren = Strawberries  YUM!!!


 We set back out onto the B53 (The Mosel valley road) after lunch.



 It was a beautiful day for a drive.


There were dozens of little towns along the way… 


Each place with it’s own little charms…


It’s also camping season here in Germany!  They just have mown fields along the river and people pull up and camp!


The road wound through little towns…


and alongside ruins from the war.


One place we drove through was just too pretty not to stop.


 So we did!  For what, after all, is a driving tour all about?


Not to mention we needed to stretch our legs for a minute!


 We ended our drive in the shadow of Cochem castle where we had been just a few days before! 


 I can’t wait to take Ryan there!


 We walked along a little walkway to get better pictures…


 I went a little farther than I had intended!


 From Cochem we started our hour long drive on the Autobahn back home to Moetsch.

On the way we hit a rest stop and made a new friend… or three!


Not seeing the third?  How about now?


Ready?  Set?  Googles down?  Let’s GO!


 Well that was the end of our adventure for that day.

Until next time… Auf Wiedersehen!




14 thoughts on “Summer in Deutschland: Part VIII

  1. Oh my goodness, I can not STAND how beautiful your pictures are!!!! I SO wish I could come visit you 🙂 We were only in Germany for a night once & Nick & I hated it (we stayed at a hotel next to the Frankfurt airport…NOT nice). Anyways, your pictures make me want to visit it again. I just love how everything is so historic!! 

  2. Too beautiful. I cannot believe you don’t write. I know I’ve said it before and I know I will say it again…but you need to. You have so much beauty surrounding you. ~Gia:)

  3. Beautiful Views!  And just as I remember them.   Seems that nothing has changed since I was there.Do you recall a little village named Alf?  Can’t remember if it is along the Mosul or the Rhine.  When I was there, the little town was having trouble:  Folks were stealing their town-name signs because of the popular tv show.Praying for you and your loved one.  May he return to you safely and soon to enjoy the beauty…  Oh, and the scenery too.

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