24 Weeks

Today marks 24 weeks since Ryan left.  24 Saturdays in a row I’ve woken up alone. 

Why are Saturdays the hardest days? 

I was thinking last night about him being home again… all the things I’ve seen and done that I can’t wait to share with him.

And then it hit me…

I can’t remember all that has changed.

He’s been gone long enough that things I’m completely used to will be new to him…

Things I’ve bought, new buildings in town, the rearranged Bx, new clothes, the way I clean house, food I’ve learned to make, people who were here when he left have gone for good, stories that I so longed to share and have now forgotten…

And with even more force it hit home that I don’t think I remember how to just ‘be’ with another person.  I haven’t had someone to talk to any time I want, I haven’t shared my bed, I haven’t had to consult anyone on what to eat or watch on TV,  I haven’t laughed or been hugged, I haven’t shared my life with him for six months.

As these thoughts were racing through my head it really sunk in for me, that no matter how quickly time seems to go by, six months is a LONG time.

All that said, I can hardly wait.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.  It will be so much fun to share with him all that has changed and to experience the excitement of it all over again because I’ll be seeing it all through his eyes!  I can’t wait to cuddle on the couch watching a movie he’s never seen before and feel him playing with my hair.  I can’t wait to have his feet to warm my icy toes on.  I can’t wait to laugh out loud and not feel like a nutter.  I can’t wait to not be alone again!

So today is my 24th Saturday alone.  For reasons of OPSEC (Operational Security which is much more strict over seas)  I can’t tell you when he’ll be home but I can tell you this…

I will not see a 27th Saturday alone!

I’m getting so excited!!!




20 thoughts on “24 Weeks

  1. YAY!!! Thats great that he will be home soon!!! Im sooo excited for you, and I bet you are soo excited you cant sit still!!!!!!! We still have quite a large chunk left in our deployment. I think he’s been gone 8 months and we still have 7 months and some odd days left, SLOWLY but surely we are getting there.Have a GREAT Saturday! 🙂

  2. YAY!!! I can’t wait for him to be home for you. Don’t worry, you will fall right back into a routine easily with him and it will be like he never left.

  3. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so glad he’s coming home soon!  (Have you learned anything from that book to try when he gets back?  🙂   )

  4. I was thinking that he should be coming home soon.I know what you mean about being apart…. last summer Mark and I spent 5 months apart.  It is a LONG time.  And yes, there is a readjustment…. relearning to live together…. learning again to share space.  But, I think you guys will adjust quickly.  You have a strong relationship and that is important.You both are in my prayers daily.Praying for a safe and quick return for your hubby!

  5. I know you are SO EXCITED!!!! I know you miss him so much! It will be so cool to get to share all those new things with him….and I know you’ll have a million pics to share with us when he returns! 

  6. that’s really great news for you. 6 months is ALOT. try going for a year and maybe some change…deployment sucks!! I’ve been alone for almost 4 weeks and I’m about to go crazy.

  7. Yay!  I’m so glad that you don’t have to wait much longer!But don’t forget about all the visitors you’ve had…people who love you and have come to spend a week or so to make the time pass more quickly.  I know it’s not the same, but you are really blessed to have so many people willing to spend the time and money to come see you! 

  8. Alot changes in 6months…..it is so much fun sharing “memories” with eachother when they come home.Congrats and here’s praying he comes home quickly and safely. *BIG HUGS*

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