Summer in Deutschland: Part V

One day we loaded up and drove the hour down to Ramstein Air Force Base. 

We spent a lovely day shopping and on the way home stopped to see a view of the Mosel River Valley. 





Another day we loaded up and drove into Belgium.   The drive was absolutely breath taking but as I was driving I have no pictures to share… Maybe one day when Ryan is home we can drive it on the Motorcycle and I can take pictures from the bike…  Hmmm there’s a thought!

While in Belgium we visited the town of Sankt Vith. 


 I brought my camera but had not replaced my SD card in it when I had downloaded pictures the day before and so I just used my aunt’s camera to take a few shots.


 We had a lot of fun poking around somewhere new… and of course we had a lovely lunch!


 We even poked into a church that was rather pretty, though the pictures didn’t really turn out… except this one that is!


The next day we decided to go into Bitburg and explore the town that I call home… kind of.  (Moetsch, where I actually live is on the outskirts of Bitburg, so all of my shopping is done in the city!)

This is the Walkplatz.  It is several blocks that are dedicated to pedestrians only and it’s full of shops!


We walked through town, looking into shop windows and admiring the sights.


 Then we ended up at the city center which sports this statue.   It has a story… everything here does… that’s why I call it The Land of Fairy Tales you know!

The story is that at one time (I can’t remember the year it happened in but suffice it to say, long long ago!) The town was under seige by an attacking army.  The town and it’s people were surrounded and protected by a wall but the enemy was camped out in the fields and therefore had all the villagers food!

The people were slowly starving to death and knew that they could not last much longer.  They formed a desperate plan…


 The dressed their children in the skins of slaughtered goats and had them walk the tops of the city wall.  The enemy, seeing that the villagers had so much food that they didn’t even protect these goats gave up and broke off the seige.


 This bit of deception saved the lives of the villagers and has passed into legend in this corner of the world.  I wonder if this is why we call baby goats kids?


 After taking in the sights and history of the town we headed for the Eis Creme Haus (Ice Cream Parlor!)  and had some lovely ice cream. 


 It was so yummy that we were finished eating it before I remembered that I wanted pictures!


 Then we were off for home…


 And a lovely afternoon of summer sun and breezes!


 Auf Wiedersehen!



6 thoughts on “Summer in Deutschland: Part V

  1. What a neat story about that village.  You know, America is so young, we don’t have as many neat stories and legends as other countries do.  Your house is just so cute!

  2. Your pictures are GORGEOUS! I love the one of you and your great aunt when you are both wearing blue, very cute!  I’m glad you guys had so much fun but sorry to hear about your camera “troubles.” The picture that did turn out from the church is GORGEOUS! I love the legend and the “kids.” That is so neat!

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