Summer in Deutschland: Part III

I’m getting terribly behind in sharing this trip with you!

So, to continue…

One night we went to dinner at the Landhaus Biehl.  We had a wonderful time enjoying an authentic German meal and atmosphere.


The worst part about having dinner here is choosing what to eat!


 The next morning we boarded a train and headed out for a day of exploring in Trier. 


 The first stop wa the Porta Nigra!


 See right there at the bottom?  In the middle?  There they are!


We then wandered into the Hauptmarkt or market square…  Here you can tell it’s summer in Germany. 


The markets are full of flowers…


 and fruits and vegetables!  Gorgeous aren’t they?


 Our next stop was the Cathedral of Trier.


 We went in and took our time exploring.


 I have always loved these pipes!


 Everywhere you look there is something amazing to see. 


 Something that has a story.


 Even if you’re not quite sure what that story could be!




 We then explored the gardens. 


 So much to see! 


 So much detail!


 I love this little chapel.


 We sat down for a quick breather before heading out.


 We walked back to the Porta Nigra to catch a tourist train to go around the city.   Unfortunately it started pouring rain so we didn’t get too many pictures, but it was a nice tour. 


 We saw the supplicant hall.


 The Roman bath…


which was surrounded in pink roses! 


 So pretty!


And then headed back through town… 


 We then put the cameras away and walked the mile back to the train station in the rain.  Next time I go to Trier I’m taking an umbrella even if it’s sunny!  We had a lovely day together though, despite the rain.

Auf Wiedersehen!



10 thoughts on “Summer in Deutschland: Part III

  1. Not only are your pictures great… you always tell such a great story.  Man, I just plop the pics in my blog and say there ya go!  ha ha haThe markest are wonderful…. I do miss those honestly.  However,  if you ever get to Holland… you will see flowers like you’ve NEVER seen before.  The flowers in Germany are nice…but they are spectacular in Holland… and WAY cheaper!!!  It’s amazing.  And, whenever you go into a shop and buy a bouquet…they alwasy dress it up so beautifully and then wrap it in pretty paper with ribbons and such.  So, if you ever get up there in the summer… be sure to check out the flowers.  It’s so weird… even though we’ve only ever interacted over xanga/net …. I feel SOOOO far away from you!  So weird. 

  2. What fun!!Did you take all these pictures with your D60?  (I think that’s what you said you have).  I always always think your pictures are wonderful!!

  3. Great pics…..if you keep doing all this traveling, whenever you come back to the states….you’d probably make a FABULOUS travel agent. You’d know exactly where to tell people to go. lol! Just a thought ….no pressure. lol! *BIG HUGS*

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