Country Music Engulfs the World

Here in Germany, Sunday’s are sacred.  You do not disturb your neighbors in any way.  You don’t mow your lawn, trim your hedges, wash your car, or play loud music.  People spend the day with their families and in high summer indulge in hours of outdoor eating and visiting.  It is a wonderful custom.  How would your life change if you knew that you HAD to spend one week a day doing no work?  If you knew that your only options were to spend time with those that mean the most to you, or read a book, or enjoy a picnic?

All that to say that I just had the single most surreal moment of my life.

I was enjoying the quiet of my sitting room, reading… when a horrible racket reached my ears!  I jumped up to look out the window and see who was breaking the peace of my little country neighborhood. (Yes, I know it was a super nosey neighbor thing to do but I’ve become accustom to the quiet on Sunday’s here.)  Imagine my shock and surprise when I realized it was my elderly german neighbor blaring music from his car!

As I stood contemplating this very strange departure from normal behavior the words and tune of music penetrated my thoughts…  What?  What is this?  My jaw dropped open and I struggled to comprehend what in the world I was hearing!

He was blaring ‘Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue’ by Toby Keith… In Germany… On a Sunday… AND he was singing along!


And now I’m out of words.  For the words to describe the experience of hearing my 70-something, retired, German neighbor singing,

“We’ll put a boot in you a**, it’s the American way!”

at the top of his lungs, on a Sunday and in a very thick German accent too, might I add… simply do not exist!




8 thoughts on “Country Music Engulfs the World

  1. Ha ha ha ha … that’s funny.  You are right… there is a slower pace on Sunday.  The only thing that annoyed me was if you forgot to buy milk the day before (or anything else)… you were just out of luck on Sunday!   Also, in the city, it seemed like they just made up for the lack of racket earlier on Monday morning. 

  2. People are just freakin’ weird sometimes, you know?  I’d get mad at him.  The whole Sunday thing is weird…considering most Germans couldn’t care less about God, right?

  3. That’s so funny! If I were in your shoes I probably would have been bent over laughing. On a more serious note, I agree with the whole sunday relax thing…but here in america it’s not really like it was when I was a kid. There is always somebody doing something on a sunday….but I still “attempt” to have that relaxing day. Anyway….enjoy your neighbors wonderful vocal talents. lol!

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