The 4th of July

Today, we as Americans, celebrate Independence day.

It is a day to praise our great nation’s heritage, laws, history, society, and people.  A day to remember where we come from and the struggle it was to become who we are.  A day to remember sacrifice and celebrate victory.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, our history makes this present possible.  No matter if you don’t agree with every piece of legislation, every law, every lifestyle, or every politician…  today we are all alike, Americans.

Red, White, and Blue blooded. 





7 thoughts on “The 4th of July

  1. Happy 4th of July! I had a LOT of catching up to do on your site (all the way back to the post with your Trekkie hair and teeth whitening.  You make me laugh! 🙂 Your pictures are BREATHTAKING…well, God’s world is breathtaking, but you captured pieces of His world so beautifully! I loved the sunrise pictures with the trees…just amazing.  And the adventures with your aunt and uncle were so great to read about! I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day.  I know holidays make you miss your hubby even more…just one more month, right?

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