The Mysteries of the Universe.

Once again there is a picture post below this one.  I never double post and now I’m doing it twice in one week… but I could not keep myself from sharing this with you today!


Today it’s hot here in The Land of Fairy Tales. Oh, not hot like I’m used to back home… it’s only a balmy 85 degrees with a high percent of humidity.  

What makes it hot is the fact that it’s still. Yes, I come from the desert where we reach the one-teens on a regular basis, but let’s face it, us desert rats stay indoors where there’s air conditioning when it gets like that! Well, here it’s warm, still, and humid and there isn’t a room in my house that isn’t currently 80 or above.  

I’m not complaining… I have so longed for summer but I couldn’t just sit around all day sticking to everything! So I ventured outside to see if I could fare better! 

I have a mesh lounge chair that I hauled out to my second back yard. There is an ancient apple tree there that provides deep cool shade. I set up my chair under the tree and settled back to read for a while and listen to some beautiful classical music. 

As I lay there I didn’t get very much reading done. I was struck with how beautiful the experience was. I don’t often take a moment to just be in the world. I constantly move and work and accomplish but it’s not often that I take a moment to just float along. 

I looked up and could see the sun dappling the deep green leaves of the tree and could feel hot little points of light on my face… I could see big puffy white clouds scuttling across the impossibly blue sky. 

 I turned my head to see a falcon perched on the fence post no more than five feet from me! We looked at each other for a moment and then he launched gloriously into the air and glided on the currents about 20 feet above me. I was stunned with my good fortune to be able to share his moment of freedom with him.

Throughout all of this my music played softly in my ears and I understood the joy a master must have in capturing all I was seeing and feeling into a piece of music so that for generations you could close your eyes and hear a sunrise or a sunlight dappled afternoon. 

My heart just swelled with the beauty all around me that I don’t often take a moment to appreciate. I began writing this in my head just aching to share it with you in some way and I despaired that my words could never impart the experience of actually being here to you! 

Just when I thought I could not take in another moment of this beauty without bursting, a butterfly landed on my big toe and gently fluttered there… I could actually feel the soft breath of air its beating wings stirred against my toe! Why do I not do this more often? 

Then a slight breeze came along, just what I had been hoping for! I closed my eyes and felt it stir the ends of my hair and cool my skin… it was the last piece needed to make this a perfect afternoon! 

I lazily opened my eyes, intending to again contemplate the patterns the sun made on the leaves when I saw something rushing towards my face.  

Suddenly, I felt a painful impact as something struck me squarely between the eyes! An apple had dropped from the laden branches above. Now I know how Newton must have felt… A man sitting alone pondering the universe around him and being struck by reality! 

After I had laughed so hard I almost peed my pants I quietly gathered up my things and headed back inside for a tall glass of cool water and a chance to sit here with my back sticking to my chair and share this moment with you! 

It seems that I am destined to find humor in every perfect moment… I can not for my life convince myself that this is a bad thing!



7 thoughts on “The Mysteries of the Universe.

  1. Once again, something going after your eyes! I’m glad you were able to have such a beautiful afternoon and even find some humor in it (God definately has a sense of humor)!

  2. awww…as you described your day…i just wanted to be there too…away from work..away from the busyness of life and just sit outside and read and listen to music.  I love nature and I often try to sit outside and just thank GOd for his beauty and wonder what he was thinking as he made each thing!  Nature is beautiful!  I think its awesome how a butterfly landed on your toe and then almost like a storybook when the apple fell on your head!  So cute!  Hope it doesnt leave a bruise!  Btw…your castle pics below are amazing!  I have always wanted to visit germany and other countries and check out the castles…they have always amazed me and like you, my mind is very fascinated by them as I try to think about what happened to the people there and how they lived their lives there…my mind could go on for hours dreaming up stuff!   oh the imagination…

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