Gluteous Maxamous

*Real picture post below this one!*

My butt hurts sooooo bad!  I’ve been doing this new exercise on my Core Secrets ball. 

You lay back on the ball with the small of your back up to the bottoms of your shoulder blades resting on it.

Then you push hard on the floor with your legs, tighten your butt muscles, suck your belly button to your spine, put your hands behind your head, and do crunches. 

Great exercise, you can really feel the burn, I swear I can already see a difference in the definition of my abs…

 but oh man,


Just thought I’d share.


6 thoughts on “Gluteous Maxamous

  1. Good for you girl!  No pain, no gain, right?  I can’t wait to have this baby and start getting back in shape again.  I miss working out, seriously.Oh!  I love this song!  Romeo and Juliet.  Ah…sweet memories.  I used to have the sheet music to this for the piano and loved playing it.  It’s so whimsical.  I just makes me emotional and wistful.BTW..that post about your hair and teeth whitening…hilarious!!  You definitely deserve a thumbs up for having the guts to do that.  I loved it!  Shows your fun side. 

  2. I’m starting to get caught up with everyone….First… man, you RUN in the MORNING!!! What in the world.  I tried running… about a hundred years ago.  It lasted a couple of months and then I just couldn’t go on.  I never get that ‘runner’s high’ … it just always sucks… all the time.  So, I walk.  I don’t run.  ha ha haBall exercises are the BEST!  I should bring up my exercise ball from the basement.  Yes, yes I should.  I need to tone.  I’ve done well getting some weight off… now I should tone.  Your inspiring me.  Next… I’ve been addicted to frozen grapes for years!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  Seedless are easiest for enjoyable snacking.  Mmmmm…. soooo good on a hot day. I just adore your pictures.  You really have a great eye for photography.  Really. 

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