Random and Embarassing!


Okay just got word.  He’s out of surgery and everything went well.  It was bad but not too bad and they were able to get everything taken care of.  He’s in a room high as a kite on meds at the moment but may be released to go home as early as THIS afternoon.  Praise God!

Side note… I realized that in that last pic it kind of looks like I’m just wearing whitening strips and I’m hamming it up.  That is NOT the case.  Those are big huge blue plastic trays!  I could barely close my lips over them!  Crazy!




I just found out that my brother in law, Zach (my sister’s husband and Ryan’s brother) is in surgery.  Apparently he has acute appendicitis.  I’m waiting to hear how it went and I can’t get a hold of Ryan.

Could you just say a prayer?



Today is random post day…

Like… never walk over two miles in flip flops when they have a thatched bottoms. Let’s just say that blisters on the bottom of the second toe on both feet is ouch!

I think Harry Connick Jr.  is UGLY!

Hmmm… what else? Oh I know! The weather has been insane… Bright and sunny one day and then one day I looked out the window to see this…


Suddenly huge peals of thunder started rolling and moments later this happened!


40 minutes later there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, birds were singing, and my neighbor was mowing his lawn!

Or how about the fact that my hair has now decided to go Trekki… as in, it thinks I’m a member of the Klingon Empire or something… sheer madness!

Need proof? Okay but I want props for sharing this with you!


Let me just say that I’m not trying to pull a sexy face or anything there… Just trying to keep my mouth closed.  Why?  Well….

Teeth whitening. I realized yesterday that my teeth were getting rather dingy due to my great love of Earl Grey tea. I haven’t whitened them since the beginning of last summer and I never finished that set. So it was time! The problem? They bring out the Steve Urkal in me! As in, “Did I do that!?”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about I think maybe I’m getting too old to be your friend or something. 

(I want double props for this one!  Because I may never live this picture down!  And I’m pretty sure this explains why I was trying to keep my mouth closed in the last picture.)


Yeah…  I don’t really know how to follow that up… I CAN’T believe I’m actually posting that… Oh well…

Oh, yesterday was exactly five months since Ryan left.

Well, I suppose that’s it for me for today. I’m working on the picture posts so stay tuned they’ll be coming soon!

Have a great weekend…



21 thoughts on “Random and Embarassing!

  1. I give 2 props!  I see on your count down that you are going home for 33 days.  How exciting!  I don’t remember when Ryan will be home.  Will he be going with you to AZ?  Have a great day~

  2. Ok, that was pretty bizzare…LOLOLOLOL. To be quite honest, when I was younger I’d have died for hair like that. Still would, but it’d look pretty dumb on a 49 yr old. Hope it brightens up out there for you. God bless

  3. I love the cloud and rain pictures! They’re gorgeous! You crack me up with your hair picture and then the teeth whitening! *BIG PROPS*When does Ryan come back? Is there a set date?Hope you have a lovely day!

  4. @BeAuTiFuL_n_BrOkEn – There is a set date but I can’t talk about it.  Or even hint about it.  It’s an OPSEC violation if I do.   Sorry.  I can’t say anything about it until he’s basically home.  If you see me posting about cleaning like mad sometime in late July you’ll know!  LOL

  5. I just prayed. Please let me know when you hear anything else.ryc: I totally understand not being able to say. I hope it’s soon though. I can’t wait to see pics of y’all together again.

  6. Okay, first.. I’m praying for your BIL..Then.. hahaha.. your pictures seriously made me die laughing. I love them. Your hair is soooooo long! I don’t think I ever realized how long it is! And this is why I am thankful that the teeth whitening strips here are clear. Love ya!!!

  7. I would kill for a head of hair like that, and all those curls!!!!I give you big credit for posting your teeth whitening!!! Glad your brother in law is out of surgery and resting easy!!! 

  8. <table id=”HB_Mail_Container” height=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”100%” border=”0″ unselectable=”on”><tbody><tr height=”100%” width=”100%” unselectable=”on”><td id=”HB_Focus_Element” valign=”top” width=”100%” background=”” height=”250″ unselectable=”off”>Glad your BIL did well for the suprise surgery! I understand about the Steve Urkel thing! We were talking to my BIL about how he slides across the kitchen floor “Risky Business” style and he had no idea what I was talking about. Made me sad. We were also talking about musicals and such when listening to the ipod in the car when one of the songs from “Grease” came on and he had no idea what it was from! What!? He thinks “High School Musical” is the go-to for musicals. *lol* I’m personally a fan of Audrey and Marilyn, but I’m “old” from what he says.Your hair is so long! I always want to grow mine out for the Locks of Love, but my hair takes forever. I also end up getting aggrivated and just chopping it off like I did 2 weeks ago. *lol*

  9. She’s bringing sexy back! LOL You big goof.Praying for Zach. Didn’t even know about him till I read it here though :0( Love you kiddo. Me

  10. @sulimb – Yeah me either… I guess it just happened.  He was having weird pains yesterday evening and then they ended up in the hospital late last night and he went into surgery at like 6:15am… (all your time of course!)  Super fast!

  11. My trays are like clear braces…or a clear plastic retainer or something.  You can barely tell I have them on…I guess it’s just depending on where you get them?

  12. You are friggin AWESOME for posting those pics!!! Love the hair & those whitening trays are tre classy! ;D If I could, I would give you triple the props for posting  those pics!! hahaha :)WOW, I’m so glad your BIL is OK & out of surgery 🙂

  13. So how about a hundred props from me?? 🙂  This was just too funny…thanks for making me giggle tonight!  Don’t you love what we do for the sake of beauty??

  14. bwwaaahhhh!!! Too funny.  Lovin’ the blue trays.  Very sporty and sexy.    And you are certainly not too old to be MY friend!  *snort snort snort* Glad your BIL’s surgery went well.  1 more month until Ryan comes home… correct????

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