Six Strange Secrets!

There are only three days now until my last company arrives here in The Land of Fairy Tales. It will be my Great Aunt Betty (my grandmother’s sister) and her significant other, Mike. They will be with me for 14 days and I’m looking forward to the time I’ll have with them. They live in Washington state and I can count the number of times I’ve spent time with them in my life on my fingers. In fact, in the almost 8 years of our marriage there are two people on this earth I’ve wanted Ryan to meet more than anyone else and they are my grandmother’s two sisters, Betty and Joyce. Every time they have come to visit he has ended up being deployed… So we made these plans with Betty and Mike almost as soon as we moved here to Germany and lo and behold he is deployed again… But I’ll enjoy the company all the more!

Because of this visit, this will be my last post for the next few weeks unless something irresistible comes up! (And of course I’ll be checking for news from Glenna!) So a bit of fun today!

I, like every other person on this planet, am made up of strange quirks and oddities. So for a hoot I thought I’d share a few with you… and so you have,

Six Strange Secrets about me I bet you never knew or cared to find out!


1) There is one thing that will send me into a mental tailspin if I think on it for more than a few moments. The human eye. Weird right? I start to think about how different my life would be if I lost my eyesight. I know you can live a normal life without one of your senses but the thought of becoming blind kind of panics me! Then when I start to panic about that, thoughts of just how delicate the human eye is start creeping in… How many times in one day could disaster strike? How many ways can you think of in a normal day that you could lose your eye? I’m one of the clumsiest people I know…

*Shudder* Got to stop thinking about this now!

2) I violently detest shaving my legs. I do it, no worries, but I HATE it! I think it’s a fear thing. When I was a young girl, a few years from starting this most coveted womanly right (oh if I’d only known) I saw a girl who had sliced her shin to the bone on her first attempt with a razor. If I close my eyes I can still see the wound and feel my stomach roiling.

This is such a big deal that it affects my prayer life! Don’t laugh it’s true! One of my favorite places to pray is the shower (that in itself is an oddity I know but, I find it private and an automatic task so that I’m not distracted.) I just realized this morning that when I shave my legs I refuse to pray. I think I struggle with the fear of being distracted while holding this potentially dangerous tool of torture! I honestly think I fear an attack! How dumb is that?

3) I will do anything to avoid the act of vomiting. I hate everything about it and avoid it at all costs. My husband and father feel the same way but mostly because they are the type that not only see their breakfast in the bowl but their toe nails too! For my part I just hate the feeling.

Well it’s a bigger deal now. When I was in my classes before my surgery the doctors made it clear that I had to be very careful for the first few months after surgery to not do anything or eat anything that could irritate my stomach and potentially make me vomit. There was a danger of the stitches pulling loose and my stomach tearing free.

Yeah creates a vivid mental picture doesn’t it? Well, now every time I feel queasy that picture pops into my head and I go into panic mode and avoid the act at all costs.

4) I love cheese… I eat tons of it, of every kind! Hard, soft, stinky, bland, spreadable, sauces, shredded… you name it! In fact if a choice was set before me that stated I could choose to either not eat cheese for the rest of my life or ice cream I would gladly and without a backward glace abandon ice cream forever. (And I DO like ice cream!)

5) I can not stand to exercise. Not like that’s all that odd right? You have to understand this though… I feel nothing when I exercise. There is no pleasant adrenalin rush or feeling of accomplishment. I don’t feel as if I’ve done myself any good… I just feel hot and sweaty and tired… every time. I jog, ride my bike, and do core secrets and I hate every minute of all of it. As a result I’m not as faithful as I should be and have become downright flabby since Ryan has been gone. (Not to mention, due to #4 I need a way to burn those calories! LOL)

I’m working harder to try and become consistent because I really would like to be a little more defined and look a bit better in the T-shirts and tank tops that this season necessitates before Ryan comes home. I think I’m making real progress too! I’ve become very consistent in my exercise habits… as in one day of working out and two or three off!

6) There is a secret small part of my heart that longs to move back to a city. I always thought that I’d prefer small town life but I think the words “comfort zone” truly apply here. I have now lived in a small town for almost two years and the other day a realization hit me that rocked my world and made me desperately home sick.

I can no longer automatically identify the difference between; unleaded gasoline exhaust, premium gasoline exhaust, and diesel fuel exhaust. Now I can tell you without a single moments thought, the difference between; horse manure, cow manure, and pig manure.

There is something about that this city girl finds wrong in the very fiber of her being.


Well there you have it. Six Strange Secrets about me you didn’t care if you ever knew!

Challenge? Reciprocate!

Take care, enjoy your summer weather and I’ll see you in a few weeks!



9 thoughts on “Six Strange Secrets!

  1. Ummmm. . .DITTO 2, 3, and 4. I totally sliced a two inch long thing of skin off once shaving as a teen and have been phobic ever since!  I go as long as I can. . . Haha! (Summer is here. It’s not long now. A recovering bulimic and now, I will swallow water every five seconds to keep from puking. I’m such a wimp.And cheese—-WIC laughs at me because every time I go I ask if I can get less milk and more cheese. I am a cheese freak—which Chuck says is my main cause of *ahem* not being able to go the bathroom. (the real reason is years of abusing laxatives and screwed up innards now)Can’t believe i just wrote all that. Haha!LOVE YOU!

  2. hahahahaha, I love all of this!!! Your explanations are great too. I would post something like this, but I can never think of the number I need to when I’m trying to. Days later something will pop into my head, but then I forget it again. PS. Have fun with your great aunt!!! I’m so excited to hear all about it & to see pictures! 🙂

  3. Some of those were even new to me! Good one. Give Aunt Betty a hug for me kiddo, Mike too. I haven’t seen them since…well, it hasn’t been all that long now that I think on it. But still.Love you, Me

  4. Great Post!!! The eye thing, scary to think about!!! I also hate to shave my legs but mine is out of time and laziness! lol I’m glad you are getting more company! Where did you get your cute little boxes with cute sayings in them like…..  My kid had 4 paws.   Thanks!

  5. Great post!  I also love cheese.  And I ditto the one about throwing up.  In fact, when I had my sinus surgery, the thing I was most afraid of was the throwing up after the surgery.  I could have cared less about the migraines and pain of the surgery.  I just didn’t want to throw up!Have fun with your aunt!

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