Flurry of Flowers: Part III

Over the last few weeks I have spent hours putting in a new garden. Today was another long day of it. It ended up getting to 80 degrees here and was so humid… I was in HEAVEN! I mowed the lawns and planted more flowers, weeded my gardens, and just puttered around! It has been so nice to really dig my hands into the dirt and start all the growing things along…

These were not my doing though. They are the last of the bulb flowers and I have yet to figure out what they are…


Up close to the house I have several pots of flowers. They are filled with several shades of wave petunias…


Pink… peach…


and purple…


They are growing so quickly and are blooming like mad!


I also have a pot of Lobelia which is doing very well.


In addition to the Wave Petunias I also have a few regular Petunias.


They are also in several colors… though more traditional.


They are much bigger and faster growing here than back home in Phoenix… That might have something to do with the long hours of sunlight without the scorching temperatures!


Most of my work has been put into my tiny front garden.


Although there is still work to do.


It is full of Dahlias.


Which happen to be some of my favorite flowers.


I love all the colors…


The shape and texture of them…


They are native to Mexico and Central America but in 1872 a box of roots was sent over to the Netherlands.


Only one root survived but the flowers were so beautiful that nurserymen here in Europe worked tirelessly to breed from this plant. It is the parent of the modern Dahlias here in Europe.


I also have candy stripped Phlox…




And Heliotrope…


As with every garden there are garden pests… Pretty striped snails…


And the garden slugs, which are not so pretty!


As gross as they are now they are so tiny. By the time we hit end of summer here these things will be out every night at dusk and some will be as long as six inches!


I’m not usually squeamish but if I’m being honest these kind of make me want to vomit.




Okay back to the front garden…

I also have an Orange Clock Vine…


Some strange little weeds! LOL


And Snap Dragons!


Here in Germany almost all the sidewalks, driveways, and walkways are made of cobblestones. Because of how wet the climate is there is always something growing in the cracks. In the winter it’s moss but in the spring you’ll find these…


…and these!


The tree in my front garden is filled out in full now and the leaves have turned a deep blood red… It’s beautiful!


In the middle of the yard I have a concrete planter. In it I have a Mina Lobata Vine…


Or Fire Vine…


And Carnations that smell of cinnamon.


I love that I can grow carnations here!


The shrub in the middle of the yard is covered in blooms, even more so than last week…


My neighbors have some beautiful bushes too… a white lilac…


And an Arabis alpina.


Right next to my front door is a small shrub. It died off last fall and left unsightly twigs surrounded in a little wire fence. I almost tore it all up and planted something else, but I got busy and never got around to it. Early in April these huge purple shoots sprang out of the ground and the bush started growing back.

Imagine my surprise when the shrub began to bloom and I discovered that I have a Peonies!


They started out small and just got bigger and bigger. Some of them are the size of dinner plates!


They are beautiful and smell lovely.


I picked a few and put them on my kitchen windowsill. They’ve been there almost a week and just keep getting better with time!


Okay, that was the last of my pictures… I have been pretty busy this past week and have several things to catch up on still. My great Aunt will be here one week from today so I’m busy getting ready for her visit…

Auf Wiedersehen!



10 thoughts on “Flurry of Flowers: Part III

  1. Beautiful… except the nast slug things. I love how you said they almost make you vomit, then you posted 3 pictures for us to enjoy with you! lol!

  2. I have the same kind of weed, I was able to pull them out to plant dahlias on the side of the house but I had to rethink where I wanted my rose bushes.  The ones in front, their roots were atleast 3 or more inches thick!  I love your wave petunias 🙂

  3. <table id=”HB_Mail_Container” height=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”100%” border=”0″ unselectable=”on”><tbody><tr height=”100%” width=”100%” unselectable=”on”><td id=”HB_Focus_Element” valign=”top” width=”100%” background=”” height=”250″ unselectable=”off”>I don’t have a green thumb – I kill just about everything. *lol* Yours are beautiful!

  4. wow those flowers are beautiful!  All I have done so far is buy three flower hanging baskets…lol…now I want to do more…just seeing and reading your blog/pics makes me want to do more!  Its so beautiful!

  5. I still have chills from seeing that slug.  Ugh!  Have you ever poured salt on one?  It’s terribly mean, but interesting to watch.  I read your previous post too…poor Gandalf!  LOL.  Maggie gets scared during thunderstorms too.

  6. Wow! You are awesome!! I can’t make anything grow!  LOL!!  That red tree….takes my breathe away…i can only imagine what it looks like in person…it’s gorgeous!As are all of your pics….(((HugS)))

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