Summer Storms

I got to bed late last night.  I was working on my computer while watching a movie and the time simply got away from me.  It’s easy to lose track now… Sunrise is at 5:30am now and sunset isn’t until 9:30pm with full dark holding off until after 11pm!  So it was with a little jolt of surprise that I found myself not falling asleep until 1:00am!

Only to be awoken, violently, at 2:36am… 

I’m still not sure exactly what woke me.  Was it my schnauzer, Yoda, launching himself onto my chest, shivering and licking my face?  Or my enormous 110 pound Newfie, Gandalf, hurtling onto the bed right at his heels and laying across my stomach, whining?  Or perhaps it was the peal of thunder that actually rattled the windows and made the lamps shake and flicker?

In any case I found myself startled out of sleep and comforting two very frightened dogs in my not so empty bed.  It was actually kind of cute.  They were shuddering and whimpering and only my voice and touch could calm them down.  At one point I tried to get them to get off of my bed and the minute I said Yoda’s name to try to get him to move he nuzzled into my neck and hid his face…  and Gandalf tried to put his head under my pillow!  You could almost hear them begging …

“Mom, can’t we sleep with you tonight?”


Ah my brave protectors.  That’s a lot of dog to hurtle onto your bed at 2:30 in the morning!

It went on and on…  Every time I would calm them down and start to drift off to sleep another peal of thunder would rock the house accompanied with pyrotechnic lightning and the boys would creep a little closer and shiver a little harder.  I think I finally comforted them enough to get them off the bed and drifted off to sleep for good sometime after 5:00am.  Unfortunately I still woke for the day at my usual time of 6:00am. 

Needless to say, I am exhausted today and have very little hope of getting anything done… ah well…

I haven’t seen a storm like that in years!  I love thunder storms but even I was a little bit frightened!

I’m off to take a nap…



11 thoughts on “Summer Storms

  1. Ok… first I have to say ‘your’e NORMAL time of 6am!’  Oh dear me!  Pre-Maren there was NO getting me out of bed at 6am… unless I had to go to work or something.  OIY!   If you haven’t guessed…I’m not a morning person.  LOLThat is such a cute story about your boys!  SO cute!  We could use a good thunderstorm over here.    Maybe it is on it’s way???Glad everyone was safe and dry inside. 

  2. <table id=”HB_Mail_Container” height=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”100%” border=”0″ unselectable=”on”><tbody><tr height=”100%” width=”100%” unselectable=”on”><td id=”HB_Focus_Element” valign=”top” width=”100%” background=”” height=”250″ unselectable=”off”>I always thought Bocephus would be afraid of storms – he’s afraid of a lot of other odd things – but he’s like Rich, he just sleeps right though ’em. I on the other hand am terrified! I’m the one who’s got the clothes laid out, flashlight always beside the bed, tv on watching to see what and where and it’s going. *lol* So I would be your dogs. :)But the image of them trying to crawl under your pillows is too adorable! I used to get up with Rich 6am when he was going to PT, now I’m content with 8am *lol*

  3. Poor babies! My Lucy isn’t too afraid of storms, just when it gets to hailing and sounding like a tornado. Isn’t it wonderful to be the comfort they need though? Hope you’re able to rest better tonight!

  4. I was hoping you could tell me what would keep dogs from freaking out during storms! My dog doesn’t like storms either. Our dog trainer said it is actually the electricity in the air from the lightening, but I’m not convinced. He said to put a rubber mat under their beds to absorb the electricity. Our problem is that we can’t keep the dog on the mat cuz he rather be close to us!

  5. @IssyMae – No way… I’m so not convinced!  The first peal of thunder and they are puddles of goo on the floor.  It’s rather hilarious actually… I’m not buying that a rubber mat would do them any good.  This isn’t electricity it’s absolute fear.  They literaly shake and they’re tags rattle and everything.  Last year during a good storm Yoda actually hyperventilated and passed out!  That is not electricity… You can’t convince me!

  6. How cute. The first dog I owned was like that. She hated thunderstorms. Some times it was kind of annoying because if it was in the middle of the night she would whine and whine until the storm was over. Hope you got lots of naps!!Amy 

  7. Hopefully this comment “sticks” unlike the last one I tried to post. Of course I’m having all sorts of wacky computer problems once the hubby goes away. Anyway, about the pups….last night I had a HUGE thunderstorm….so you sent it our way. I have a chihuahua so it wasn’t quite as “startling” as it must have been having TWO…one BIG dog jump onto your bed. lol! It’s nice feeling needed sometimes….*BIG HUGS*

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