A Flurry of Flowers: Part II

A few weeks ago I awoke to another sunny day and a huge tractor mowing my back field!  They came through and mowed the grass then came back around with this attachment that threw the grass out evenly… A few hours later yet another pass scooped it into neat rows and then a fourth and final pass picked it all up, bailed it, and carted it away.


It was such a pretty day that I decided to pack up my camera bag and strike out for a good long walk through my village.  I was delighted to see that the cows have been freed from their long winter in barns and are now happily grazing…


One of the major crops here in Germany during the early spring is Conola.  The seeds are turned into Conola cooking oil and even more commonly, alternative fuel!

In any case they are beautiful aren’t they?


My village church.


Along the way to the edge of the village there were a variety of flowers.

Fruit trees…


Lilac trees…


In several shades of purple…


This is the sign for my village…


The barn on the edge of town with a view of the valley… 


More Conola fields…  The smell of these fields is amazing.  For the first week or so they are in bloom they smell of heady flowers and then as the blooms mature and the sun beams down on them the air begins to smell like cooking french fries… it’s bazaar! 


The Dandelions have lost their flowers and have become Dandelion clocks.  (Did you know that these are also called wishies here in Europe?)


 The Winter Aconites have taken the place of the Dandelions.


As I reached the end of the village a stunning view of the B-50 valley opened up at my feet. 


Right at the edge of the old rustic barn.


Beautiful views…


The road out of town…


I do believe that this village was once the site of an apple orchard… there are ancient apple trees everywhere! 


The barn is home to a huge woodpile… and I caught a sparrow enjoying a moment in the sun…


The fields are full of blooming grasses…


It was a lovely day and walking around my village was rewarding.  I loved seeing a little more of what makes this place home.

Auf Wiedersehen,




14 thoughts on “A Flurry of Flowers: Part II

  1. @NightCometh – We don’t attend church here.  The churches on base are useless and in our area none of the local churches are english speaking and most are catholic anyway.  So we watch church online… It’s one of the big reasons we can’t wait to go back to the states… we miss church!

  2. So THAT’s what those yellow fields are!  LOL  I saw them this past weekend (we don’t see many fields here in the city!) and wondered what they were.You always have such beautiful pictures.  Love them.

  3. Those canola fields are beautiful!  They are such a bright yellow.  I love the pic of the church too.  You sure live in some beautiful countryside!

  4. hey! i found your blog through the air force wives blog group. i was just curious, what kind of camera do you have? i love your pictures. what a beautiful country!

  5. sweet. i have a canon rebel xti. i’ve had it for a year or so now, i love it! i’m still learning how to use it though, it’s a lot different than my first camera (which was an old slr 35mm and nearly as complicated! :))

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