Flurry of Flowers: Part I

 Forgive me for taking so long between updates.  It has been a rather busy week here and my heart has simply not been in writing.  I have now been alone for more than 120 days and I have many more to count down on the calendar before my best friend is again by my side.  This is the longest we have ever been apart at one time now.  It has had me a bit down this past week…  But, no worries, I’ll bounce back, get my second wind and keep on keepin’ on. 

On to brighter and happier things… I have many pictures to share and I’m getting far far behind.  So, today is a catch up day. 

These pictures were taken about two weeks ago, in the full bloom of spring, when my apple tree was bursting with flowers and buzzing bees.


 Isn’t it stunning?


The tiny new cherry tree was not to be outdone, however.


It too was heavy with blooms.


And the walnut tree was a slow beginner but it’s getting there!


Okay, back to the apple tree… I couldn’t quite get enough of it…


 A warm afternoon spent under it’s shade…


…Smelling it’s blooms…


…And hearing the bees as they buzz in and out in a never ending search for pollen.


Lovely day…


When I had my fill of the apple tree I walked around into my front yard to see what was new…

I found a beautiful Dahlia… 


 A shrub in full bloom…


And the tender lavender shoots opening into full flower.


Beautiful aren’t they?


My little front garden (which is what they call the yard here) is a pleasant place to spend an afternoon or morning…  Just me, a cup of tea, and a good book.  I can’t wait for the time when Ryan can join me again…


But the tree takes the cake.  I have never before seen one just like it. 


To see this tree changing day by day is to understand why art was born.


These are the days that make me wish I’d taken a few more art classes… but photography will have to do…


Well, I have only 12 days until my Great Aunt Betty will be here for a two week visit.  This will be the last company I have before Ryan’s return… In fact it may very well be the last company I entertain here in Germany before we move home next summer. 

In the meantime I am busy preparing for their visit, spending time in the garden and in the sun, and working on all the projects I have yet to finish.

May your days be full of sunshine, cool breezes, and moments that make memories.


 Auf Wiedersehen,



12 thoughts on “Flurry of Flowers: Part I

  1. Gorgeous!!!!   How are you doing, girl?  I hope you’re hanging in there.  I can’t imagine being apart for so long–I am amazed at how strong you are!!

  2. Beautiful photos, you do well at speaking though the lens of the camera!!! I’m glad you are getting more company, I know they cannot take the place of Ryan (never would suggest this in the least) but they will help break up this long time till you are with him again! Enjoy the time with your family, I know they will enjoy seeing all the things in bloom!!!  Hugs and prayers, ~Candy  

  3. Thanx again for sharing the beauty you see and feel around you there.  May God bless you richly with His fruit as you wait to rejoin your man.  Do know that I pray for your husband and his comrades as well as for you and your friends and neighbors who are also serving by waiting.the Ol’ Geezer

  4. Now what are you doing up so late, my dear?  Laugh.  I just bought a ticket from Kansas to Denver for $76! I just saved my daughter HOURS in the car seat!  Yea!

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