Strange fact about me #216

I believe with whole hearted sincerely that we need to adopt a new rating system for movies.  G, PG, PG13, and R, simply do not cut it for me as an adult.

The system should be much more in-depth.  It should take into account not only the content of the movie but it’s affect on the viewer.  It should be screened by different demographics and rated using the combined information gleaned from the focus groups attended by those audiences. 

In addition there should be a special warning system in place.  Something to the affect of;

“If you are a 27 year old Air Force wife living in a foreign country and your husband, whom you love so much that there are moments when you can’t imagine taking your next breath without him near you, is currently deployed to parts of the world unspoken, then this movie should be avoided AT ALL COSTS!  If you choose to ignore this warning the side affects may be, but are not all inclusive or limited too:

Uncontrollable sobbing, Snot and tears pouring down your face, Red puffy eyes, Raw sore throat, Difficulty breathing, Shuddering, An uncontrollable urge to go to bed early and pull the covers over your head, And, in rare cases, unbearable compulsions to watch any and all movies you may own that are labeled with this warning.


Really how hard would that be?  I don’t think I’m asking a whole lot there do you?

I think I’m going to go bake a batch of brownies and put in something horribly sappy… maybe The Notebook?  No, I know, let’s go all out an watch Titanic! 

(Please insert huge dramatic eye roll, disgusted sigh, and a watery giggle here.)




*Okay since everyone is asking…*


Okay, okay… I had not intended to tell you what movie it was because I didn’t want to be laughed at but I can already tell every comment will include that question…. LE SIGH! 


Oh well…


It was… It… It was…


P.S. I Love you.


I know, I know… But please keep in mind the warning I wrote above, specific to my situation before you judge me too harshly.


19 thoughts on “Quirk

  1. I’ve never seen that movie.  But your post made me laugh.   I was expecting something about violence or something.  Of course it was about love.  πŸ™‚  I’m glad you are the “countdown” side to all this!I hate the movie “The Notebook”.  I really like the book though………

  2. <table id=”HB_Mail_Container” height=”100%” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”100%” border=”0″ unselectable=”on”><tbody><tr height=”100%” width=”100%” unselectable=”on”><td id=”HB_Focus_Element” valign=”top” width=”100%” background=”” height=”250″ unselectable=”off”>I was about to ask what you watched as well! *lol* P.S. I Love You made me cry the eeeeentire movie. I loved it, I ‘m going to buy it. It’s one of those movies you watch to get a good cry in. *lol* I also bawled like a baby on the season finale of “House” this week. So did the husband. It was that freakin’ sad. So sad infact that he will not talk about the episode. So good.

  3. I haven’t even read your blog for very long, but after reading the warning, before I saw what movie you saw, I knew exactly what you were referring to.  I just saw it recently myself.

  4. I’m not juding you at all, I BAWLED when I watched the stinkin preview to that movie and Marvin was right beside me. I actually yelled at him “Are you insane? I’m a MILITARY WIFE, no I don’t EVER want to see that movie, how could make me even watch the preview?!” I have no desire to see it whatsoever. Just seeing the cover to the movie makes me want to start bawling. I saw your rating and I KNEW that was the movie, even before you posted it. I’m so sorry girl and I completely undersand. I’m praying for you.

  5. You may slap me but I actually LAUGHED almost the whole movie. Even though it was so sad, and I’d tear up, but I couldn’t cry because someone would make some wise-ass type comment and I’d laugh. I’m such a crazy gal. Honestly, I LOVED THE MOVIE. It does give the side-effect of wanting to watch more sappy movies. *hugs*

  6. Awww *huggles*  I know those movies get to me too.  Haven’t seen P.S. I love you, yet, but I know it is probably a tear jearker.

  7. Oh my, Courtney, you do have a way with words!  I love the new header on here.I have not seen that movie yet, but I want to.  My sister and her friends went together to the theater to watch it, and they all loved it.  They didn’t tell me it was sad, but the 1st grade teacher I’m w/ and the student teacher in there (a supposedly macho, male, tall, star basketball player ) were discussing the movie last week.  Nancy (the teacher) was saying how much she cried during it, and Doug (the student teacher) said that he watched it w/ his mom, who cried the whole time, and he was very close to crying himself.  So it must be a tear-jerker if he was almost crying.  πŸ™‚

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