Tea for Two: Part III

Guten Tag!

To continue…

One evening my mom and I decided to go out into my back yard and poke around.  During the two weeks that she was here everything changed on a daily basis… Every time we walked out the door there were more flowers, the trees had more leaves, a thousand little differences.

We were greeted by my apple tree breaking into bloom.




Beautiful isn’t it?


The pear tree too! 


The yard was teeming with little busy things…


 Even my walnut tree was waking up… finally… I had begun to wonder if it was dead!


 The blackberry brambles are filling out too and I find that my mouth is watering in anticipation! 


We walked around poking into little nooks and crannies… looking for unusual things… and then we looked down! 

I know what you’re thinking right now…  something along the lines of… “Snails?  So what?”


 It’s not the fact that they are snails it’s the fact that they are snails as big as my palm!!!! 


We called it a night after the snail encounter, and went inside to watch a movie… 


The next morning dawned warm and sunny and it was the second to last day before mom’s departure… so we decided to do something fun!  We did yard work!  I know, I know, I shouldn’t put my mother to work on her vacation, how can I call yard work fun.. ect. ect. ect.  But the truth of the matter is, yard work is something that both mom and I love!  And it was by far the most perfect day for it.

We started in the backyard… Mom mowing and m wielding the weed eater!  After a good morning of that we took a break for lunch outside!  It was a beautiful day for it!


And then leaving the backyard and the boys…


We started work on the front yard.  I was surprised to find that I had a tulip! 


Pretty isn’t it?


One of my mom’s favorite things about my house is the giant tree in my front yard.  During the summer it has a deep blood red (so dark it’s almost brown) foliage.  But in the spring when it just begins to get it’s leaves it’s as red as rubies! 


 Even my little pine tree is getting new growth… 


 I also found a group of these growing in my front flower bed.  I have no idea what they are.  They eventually bloomed into pretty stalks of purple flowers that I’ll post pictures of another day. 


Isn’t that tree amazing?  I wish I could find out just what it was!


And of course what would a day outside be if mom and I didn’t goof off… just a little?


My tree over a field of dandelions.


My turn!


Looks like it’s on fire doesn’t it?  You should see it in the fall!


Ah… a job well done…  I love sitting here in the morning sun with a good book and a cup of tea!


Mom was off to the airport just a few days later…  We almost didn’t get her to the airport in time!  We were a bit late leaving but didn’t sweat it since we were leaving in time to get her there two hours before her flight.  But, as is always the case, on the day we were a bit late tragedy struck!  We were about 45 minutes out from the airport when we got stuck in a huge log jam of traffic.  Almost an hour later we got to the thing that had stopped us.  A tanker truck had flipped over on the bridge and blocked all three lanes of the autobahn.  They had just swung it over the free up one lane so we could get through.  We ended up getting the to airport five minutes after they had closed check in for mom’s flight but thanks to one very sympathetic man we got her checked in and to her gate just in time… WHEW!

It was a lovely two weeks… full of Jane Austen movies, quiet hours reading, lovely afternoon picnics, chit chatting, silly singing and just spending time together!  I’m glad she could come.

Well that’s it for me today,

Auf Wiedersehen,



10 thoughts on “Tea for Two: Part III

  1. OMG- I LOVE your magnolia tree. Reminds me of home. The KU campus had a grove of them, and when we were dating, Dave used to bring me bouquets of magnolia blossoms.

  2. Great pictures again!  You find such beauty in the things I always take for granted.  I’m so glad you got that time with your mom.  And I actually like yard work too.  It makes me feel accomplished and successful when I work out there.  šŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful photos.  Thanx for sharing your mom’s visit with all of us.  Will you recognize Schnecken — probably misspelled that – on a menu?  If so, will you try it? 

  4. That tree is BEAUTIFUL!!! It sort of looks like an oak tree in the fall but to have those leaves all the time, so jealous!  Your yard looks gorgeous and I’m glad you and your mom were able to have such a relaxing and fun time together and that your mom made it to her flight on time! That sounds stressful! Your photography skills are quite amazing and I love looking at all your pictures.

  5. What an adventure you always have!   Spring in Germany looks absolutely breathtaking.  Your tree looks like some form of Maple judging by the leaves.  You might take a few to a local nursery and ask.  Glad your Mom got off OK and the airport was sympathetic.  Good thing it wasn’t an American airport they would just be like NO and blow you off.

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