Tea for Two: Part II

Hello all,

I am flabbergasted at how quickly the time has gone this past week.   I have many pictures to share of my Mom’s visit but almost nothing to say since we didn’t do much.  Do you know how hard it is to come up with something interesting to say when your life bores even you?  Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the spring and being out of doors but I can only subject you to my raptures for so long before I start repeating myself.  But, as I said, I have many pictures to share and much to accomplish here at my desk…  so I’m tethering myself down and working today.

Look for a flurry of posts over the next few days as I have to get all of these posted so I can move on!

So to continue the trip…

Let us begin with Dandelions…  A common little weed that we all struggle to keep out of our lawns and the cracks of our driveway!  Not here in Germany… Here in Germany the Dandelion or Löwenzahn is a celebrated herald of spring.  (Though they are really weeds here as well since they can choke out the vegetation in a grazing field.)

Coming from the desert I’ve seen Dadelions in twos and threes but this blew me away! 

These pictures are of my back field in bloom.


Not only are there thousands of them but the heads reach 12 to 18 inches high!


 They close at night so that when you first wake in the morning and look out the window there is nothing but a sea of green only to look again a few hours later and see blankest of flowers.


I never thought I’d live to love these pesky little weeds! 


On the Sunday morning after mom arrived here in Germany we decided to break our the bikes and go on an adventure! 


 The blue skies and dandelion fields were just too much to resist!


The wheat fields had just begun to come in… and the clear air gave us a spectacular view!


We could not resist goofing off with the camera… of course.  So here are some head shots!

My mom…  Isn’t she pretty?


Can you believe that she’s over 50?  (She’s gonna kill me for saying that!)


Please let me have this woman’s ageing genes! 


Then of course it was my turn…  I better be careful about scowling like that or I’m going to have premature wrinkles and kiss looking like my mom when I’m 50, er something, goodbye!


I was laughing at her attempts to use my camera… 


 She said something funny and got me really laughing… and then figured out the camera.  Figures!


After our impromptu head shot session (*snicker*)  We decided it was time to get a move on and find a place to eat…

Wait did I mention we had packed a picnic? 


After much scrambling about the countryside we found a quite clearing in an orchard that was blooming…  The perfect place to settle down for a quiet hour. 


We had to leave the bikes at the edge o the orchard because the trees were too close to get them through.


We settled in to eat…


And I broke out the tripod to take a few pictures… 


Isn’t this a beautiful spot?  I suppose it ruins the beauty of the story to admit that the picnic wasn’t all it was cracked up to be huh?  Oh well…  See all that tiny green growth on the floor of the clearing we’re sitting in?  Well turns out that was stinging nettle!  Which we found out at the expense of mom’s hand…  (Don’t worry mom, I got mine too… a few days after you left I slipped and stuck my whole hand into a bunch of it out in the back field… OUCH!!!)


Oh well, it was fun and a great memory! 


 After we had finished lunch, decided we had risked enough of our skin to stinging nettle, rescued our bikes, and climbed out of the orchard we discovered that we were on the top of a hill overlooking my whole town of  Mötsch.


(Sigh) and of course we had to goof off some more…

Mom gazing with longing out at the beauties that surround her… 

“Ah the beauties of the forest!”


“Ah me… yes, such beauties…”


She catches sight of something unusual on the horizon and strains to get a better look…


“Where?  I don’t see what you’re seeing mom!”


Swelling music and suddenly she bursts into song  “A dream is a wish… you’re heart makes…”


 Not to be outdone…  “Someday my prince will come…”


 The music fades and we realize that we truly are dorks… we mount our bikes in shame and peddle back home giggling the whole way…  (That’s not really true… there was a lot of panting and wheezing since it was all uphill on the way home!  It always is you know!)

But at last we made it and collapsed in the patio chairs to drink some cold tea and enjoy a nice breeze! 


The boys were glad to have us home… They were really bored without us.  (LOL)


Yoda wanted to know if we had saved him anything from the picnic… 


I’ll end there for the day.  I hope all of you have a lovely day and find a few moments to put your feet up and enjoy life!

Auf Wiedersehen!




15 thoughts on “Tea for Two: Part II

  1. Thank you for the laugh this morning before I go to work!!! You and your mom are too funny! When you “burst into song” I thought of the movie “Enchanted”…if you haven’t seen it, you should…hilarious.  I CANNOT believe your mom is over 50…she could EASILY say she was in her 30’s and I would believe her.  Her skin is amazing! Can’t wait to read more about your time together.  Love the pictures! I swear, everytime I see your pictures I think more and more how much I would love to see Germany…it looks so beautiful!

  2. GREAT pics!!! Amazing.  You take such lovely photos.And yes.. your mom looks AMAZING for being over 50!  Honestly… she looks as if she could be an older sister to you.

  3. That’s halarious! Those pictures are great. I need to practice my German… might be staying a nite in Vienna on our trip back from Kosovo… Shea is trying to teach me, but I just can’t get it!

  4. You guys are too cute. I hope I look like your mom to when I’m … older!No, we don’t know for sure that we are moving to Ohio. But since 2 of Dave’s 3 next assignment choices are at Wright-Pat, it’s pretty likely.

  5. I must first say how relaxing I become when I come to your site and look at your beautiful pictures!  Your so talented and I just love looking at them!  Secondly…WOW your mom is over 50…she really does age AMAZINGLY well!  She is beautiful…very few if any wrinkles and her skin is beautiful for her age!  You got good genes coming your way my friend!  How awesome!  i think my mom looks great for her age too!  

  6. I just showed my hubby the pics of you and your mom.  I asked him how old he thought your mom was (before he knew she was your mom) and he said, “Um…probably 30”.  Then I showed him the really close-up shots and he said, “Maybe 35”.  Needless to say he was SHOCKED when I told him she was your mom! 🙂  You have her same silky smooth skin!

  7. Great post!!!  Thank you again.  Even dandelions, mustard greens and stinging nettles have their places in Spring!  How enjoyable to see how your mother and you enjoyed that day together.   BTW Youngster, “over fifty” ain’t old!  Your mother is beautiful!  Do feel free to give her my url and email address.Feeling not-so-old Ol’ Geezer

  8. Oh, I loved this!  It looks like the two of you had so much fun together!  I felt like I was a part of it the way you wrote it.  Thanks for sharing it with us!  Your mom looks great!  I loved how the two of you “acted” out the story in pictures.I didn’t know that dandelions close up at night.  I guess I’m so disgusted by them that I don’t notice.  Lol.  The field out next to my old middle school was just covered everywhere by dandelions.  They are pretty but annoying.

  9. Your mom does look young, and they say that is hereditary. Glad you had so much fun with her, Its incredible how much a mom becomes like your sister once you are grown.Amy

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