Tea for Two: Part I

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I can’t believe it’s already been more than a week since my mom went home to Phoenix.  The time is just flying now that the sun is out and The Land of Fairy Tales is coming out of hibernation. 

My mom arrived without anything interesting happening and was immediately struck by how different Germany looks now that winter has finally lifted.  (They were here for almost the whole month of December)  We had plans to travel a little, to take a few short trips and we simply didn’t get to it.  We spent every spare moment outside enjoying the sun and perfect weather!  Traveling just kept getting pushed back until we blew it off altogether.  We read and talked, walked and biked, and just enjoyed the spring!

I was so happy with the timing of mom’s visit.  She got to witness a full season in two short weeks.  Barely two months ago we were living with just a handful of hours of daylight and now sunrise is at just before 6am and sunset is at 9pm with daylight until after 10pm!  The change happens quickly here and so in the few weeks mom was here the extended daylight gave life to an explosion of spring!

So what, of course, do I have in abundance?  Why pictures!  What else?

This is the tree in my front yard.  Now just a few weeks after this picture it’s all green with no sign of the blooms…


Here is a close up of the blooms… unfortunately this was after a freak hail storm that knocked the blooms about a bit. 


 My large shade tree in the front yard also began to bloom…  


 The morning after mom arrived we awoke to a beautiful clear day.  We looked out my upstairs window and saw that my neighbor’s garden was full of blooming tulips!


 Aren’t they fabulous?


We puttered around the house until it warmed up a bit.  Then we took off for a long walk.

Along the way we saw so many little signs of life.  Hedges…


 Fruit trees…






 and bushes.


 Even the weeds put on a spectacular show!


The grasses were beginning to bloom as well…


 My little patch of woods that had been so silent and solum in February when Emily was here were also teeming with the signs of a new year.


 In fact the forest floor was covered in a carpet of white flowers called wood anemone or windflowers.


Look at how they carpet!


Apparently the roots spread just under the ground rapidly and are one large organism, like aspen trees, and bloom in early spring.


We took a few pictures with these amazing flowers as background!


I have never seen anything like it.


Quite a sight for two ladies from the desert.


Simply beautiful!


 As we walked deeper into the woods the signs of spring were everywhere…  there is just nothing like the color of true spring green!


 We stumbled on the plough that Emily and I found a few months ago… now resting with flowers at it’s feet instead of snow.


 We couldn’t resist goofing off… 


We couldn’t resist thinking great poetic thoughts…


And looking as if poetry belonged in those woods…. 


 Yeah who are we kidding?  Not two seconds later my mom was yelling for me to get a picture of the tractors!  LOL


 We kept walking… seeing fruit trees struggling to survive along the great conifers… 


And little wild flowers pushing up in sunny places.


When we were done romping through the woods we struck back our along the fields to enjoy the sun…


And the view of my village from the hills…


As we stood there drinking in the sights, a roar filled the sky.  I barely noticed but my mom was taken aback!  I looked up to see a C-5 roaring across the skies.


And got my zoom attached just in time to get a great shot!


 After the sound had faded we walked on… Enjoying the hedges in full bloom… 


 And the summer sun…


 We stopped to rest on a bench looking out over the woods…


 And listened to the bees buzz in and out of the hedges at our backs.


 We followed the winding paths back to the village and settled in for an evening of good food and good company.   


 It was a lovely beginning to the time we had together!  Two weeks of spring that this ‘desert rat’ will never forget! 


There is more to tell but the sun and warm breezes are calling my name!

So goodbye for now,



18 thoughts on “Tea for Two: Part I

  1. GORGEOUS pictures!  Yes…we are loving loving loving  this weather!!!  Shortly (after the banana bread cools) we are off to visit daddy at work, take them some yummy bread and then the ZOO!  That magnolia tree in your front yard is beautiful.  My parents have one … reminds me of growing up…..ahhh… memories.  lolEnjoy the weather!

  2. Those are AWESOME pictures. You could do a table book full of them and I’d buy it. Have a great day!!!

  3. Wow! The pictures are beautiful!!! I want to come visit so bad! It is just so gorgeous there! I love ur new pic too! Looks like you both had a great time! I’m so glad the days are passing so fast for you!  Have a wonderful day!

  4. Ooh, I love the new header and profile pic.  Beautiful pictures!  You make me appreciate spring so much more through your pictures!  The forest floor is breathtaking.  I love that last picture.

  5. Thank you so very much for posts such as this one!  I lived in Bad Kreuznach in 1989 – 1992 and enjoyed it tremendously.  Still miss the beautiful sights everyday.  I wonder if folks still Volkesmarche as much as when I was there.  Thanks again.the Ol’ Geezer

  6. YAY! I’m glad you’re back!  Your pictures are gorgeous and I’m glad you had such a fun time with you mom. I can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures and hear more stories of your mom’s visit.

  7. You do such an excellent job taking pictures! I was in Germany during the wintertime a few years back….I would love to someday visit during the spring. It looks gorgeous!

  8. Tulips are my Mom’s favorite flower.  Man where you live is gorgeous! I’m going to have to travel to Germany someday.

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