Happy 29th Ryan!

Today is a very special day.  It is Ryan’s 29th birthday.

So here’s to you Ryan,

The boy that stole my heart with one cheesy line…

“No it has to be blue to match your eyes!”

ryanlittle  cm7

The young man that made my knees weak with our first kiss…


The man I married…


The man who makes all my dreams come true… and can still make my knees weak…


The man who makes me grin like an idiot and does NOT know the meaning of ‘hands off’!

And you thought it was all gonna be sappy didn’t you?


Happy Birthday Ryan.  Know that my heart is with you even when I can’t be.

All my NUBBS!




13 thoughts on “Happy 29th Ryan!

  1. aww…what a sweet post!  Happy birthday ryan!  Your wife is so sweet and loves you so much!  She is so beautiful too!  Thanks for posting the pics courtney!  So cute to see the gradeschool pics!

  2. What a beautiful post about your sweet hubby!!! Happy Birthday Ryan!!!Courtney you must share some of your wedding photos with us, that is a beautiful photo of you two!!!

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