***10:30pm EDIT at the bottom***


My mom arrives tomorrow morning.  So what am I doing today?  Duh… if you know anything about me you know I’m cleaning! 

So a few minutes ago I was cleaning the mirrors in the bathroom and saw a sight in the reflection of the mirror I was polishing so horrible, so hideous, that my skin crawled and my mouth went dry.  So what did I do?  I ran and got my camera of course!  

***Let me just say before I show you that these pictures are not for the faint of heart, they will chill your blood, quicken your breath and still your heart!*** 

Oh and I have to say… those are 8 inch tiles!!!  That sucker is over an inch long!


Need a closer look?  Right at the top of it’s head…  Notice the eye shine?  It was big enough to have eye shine!!!  ***SHUDDER***


Still haven’t had your fill?  Well here you are!


Before you freak out please do remember that I have a fantastic zoom on my camera… I got close but I didn’t get THAT close…  and yes I walloped it with a shoe and flushed it…  I’m not usually sensitive about bugs but this was…  evil!

So I’m off to finish cleaning… praying all the while that I do NOT meet any of this vile creatures progeny!

May your day be spider free!



Well it’s 10:30pm and I’m finished… I completed the last of my projects, washed the sheets from both beds and remade them, did about 6 loads of laundry, dishes, washed the dogs, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned both bathrooms, replaced all the burners in my candles, polished my silver tea set, scrubbed out the basement, and prepped everything for dinner tomorrow (so I can just throw it in the crock pot before I leave in the morning)  Then when I thought I would keel over… I went outside.  There I mowed both lawns, edged the front yard, weeded my garden, trimmed my shrubs and watered everything.  After all that was finished I came in, took a shower, ate a quick dinner and here I am getting ready to read for 20 minutes and fall asleep.

All that and I only ended up meeting about 6 more spiders… uhg… must be the season!

See you in two weeks Xangaland!  Take care!

***END EDIT***




25 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. In Hungary, if you kill a spider in your house…it’s spirit will come back and haunt you.  You are closer to Hungary than I am, so…just saying!!You might want to sleep with one eye open.

  2. hahahahahahaa, I’m sorry to laugh at it because I know I would have screamed bloody murder if I had seen that thing in my house, but I love the way you described it. Glad you rid your house of that evil monster! *shudder* eye shine….hahahahaha

  3. YUCK!  I’m not a fan of spiders…but at least I can get rid of them if I find them.  My college roommate… was so freaked by them she couldn’t even stomp them with a shoe!  I was the official spider killer!  LOL
    Have fun with your mom!  I hope you guys have a great time!  We expect pictures. 

  4. Have you googled to see what kind he is? I do admit, he is slightly freaky. Reminds me of the brown recluse we have here at home. Two monhs ago we brought back the lawnmower from my parents place and it was in the back of the Jeep. We pulled it out and put it on the ground and I got something out of the back and there was a black widow. We looked under the bottom and there was egg sacks on the blades. Tooootally scared me for weeks!

  5. That’s just wrong! lol!
    I never whallope them. I hate the “crunch” I pick them up in TP and flush them. Cruelty to animals I know but I’d rather drown them than crunch them!
    Love you!

  6. I have my sister April up visiting and I was doing the same thing….last minute cleaning! Fortuantly I didn’t come across any wild creatures like you did. lol! *hugs*

  7. That spider is disgusting. I spray our house with professional pesticide every month during the spring and summer. I can’t stand spiders at all. My husband used to kill them by sucking them up in the vacuum when we lived in South Carolina (what I swear was spider capitol, USA).I hated using the vacuum after that because I was irrationally convinced they were just living in the vacuum waiting for me. I also made him change the bags. Have fun with your Mom. Love-Snow

  8. OMG…you have been one busy gal today! And Eeeewwww on those spiders! Yuck!
    I hope you and you mom have a wonderful visit!! I can’t wait to see and read about all your adventures!

  9. Yes, you shame us all with your DO LISTS. Not to-do, notice.Yes, he looks mean.  Do you get house centipedes too?  We had a few in the basement last year.  Hate those suckers!

  10. When I’m about to kill a bug (which happens frequently in this cruddy house I live in) I usually yell names at it. “You dirty, evil peice of..” yeah… then I kill it. Heartlessly.  Slam it over and over with a shoe.  It’s the spiders fault really. He shouldn’t have been on your tile! :)Have fun with your mom!!!!

  11. Haha, I hate spiders also but I learned right after we got married that if I thought bill was going to rescue me from them I was thinking wrong. When I was at home my Dad did all that. In a house with 5 woman it was just expected. I have learned to not be so afraid of them, they still creep me out and I will not squish them, I usually catch them in something and throw them outside. We have the lovely wolf spider that comes in and resides in our basement in the winter. Well they say if the wolf spider is in your house there will not likely be any other spider in the house and they are right. I rarely see any other spiders. The problem would be that the wolf spider is a very big spider, they call him the lion of the spider world: o Have fun with your Mom!!

  12. Ugh….I absolutely HATE spiders.  I had chills looking at that pic.  I’m still shuddering.  Good for you doing all that work in one day…I’m impressed!!

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