A Presto…

… means see you soon!

Good Day Everyone!

I can’t belive how quickly this week has flown by.  The days have been sunny and blue… warm would be a bit of a lie but tolerable will do!  I of course have a few pictures to share (when don’t I?)


 I have been doing my best to finishe up some last minute projects, get ready for my mom’s visit, and enjoy the lengthening days.


 The little grape hycinth that has been the subject of a few other pictures has survived the snow and frosts and is thriveing with a bed full of new companions.


 I do believe that spring has taken a true foothold here for even when it’s fridgedly cold there is no longer a bone chilling quality to it…


 … and there is a feeling of warmth underlying every new freeze.


 The frost has done a bit of damage to the early blooms but it hasn’t stopped the tide of spring!


 I have a giant tree in my front yard that has red leaves in the summer… it has just begun to bloom…


 Charming isn’t it?


It has also become a meeting place for birds of all shapes and colors…


… and I have the privalage of being able to see them from my window. 




Right under that tree is a birdbath…


… and it is also becoming quite popular!


If I’m not careful I’m going to turn into a bird watcher!


 The blackberry brambels in my back field have begun to return to life as well!


I’m a desert girl through and through and am used to skies that go white in the summer… So the skies of deep blue here will always hold a facination for me!


 Not too mention thunderheads!  What a sight! 


 I told you in my last letter abut the drastic difference in the time here.  Would you be shocked to learn that this pictures was taken at 8pm?


Even my grass is full of little buds…


 Daisys and dew… is there a more potent picture of spring?


 These are the newlybudding leaves of the pear tree in my back yard…


 Aren’t they weird?


 My neighbors are taking advantage of the good weather to have a new roof put on.  Here in Germany they erect catwalks surrounding all four sides of the house and go to work!  It’s rather neat to watch.


 Sorry I couldn’t resist this shot!  I love my zoom!


 This will be my last post for some time.  There are only a handful of days until my mother arrives here in Germany for a two week visit and I have projects left to finish up, grocery shopping to do, and of course the house must be cleaned.  So, I won’t be around until after she has left for home.  You can bet on the fact that I’ll be back with hundreds of pictures though!  🙂


 Until we meet again,



21 thoughts on “A Presto…

  1. I LOVE your pictures.  Some of them I look at and think, “That would be a really good wall hanging!”  Do you like it being so bright out so late?  I think that would throw off my sleep schedule! ha!  I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom.  I couldn’t imagine being so far away from my mom, so I hope you enjoy every moment!  We’ll miss you!

  2. I’m so glad you have this visit with your mom to look foward to!  ENJOY!  And your pictures are exquisitely beautiful!!  I especially love the daisy and dew one.

  3. I absolutely adore your pics of Germany in the springtime!!! Thank you for sharing them with all of us 🙂 Enjoy your time with your mom! I can’t wait to hear all about it :)PS. I don’t think I ever commented on your pics from Paris but they were absolutely lovely. I feel like I can live my dream of visiting Europe vicariously through you, I hope you don’t mind!

  4. Gorgeous pictures, just like always.  8 pm?  WOW!What do you mean you need to clean your house?  I’m sure you just did that.  🙂 

  5. Hmm…who took the pic of you by the tree?  I love your pictures.  Everything seems to be thriving, and so quickly!  I guess I never realized how quickly Spring moves in.  But I guess it doesn’t seem quick for you.  I left England right before Spring came, and I always felt like I was cheating myself.

  6. How refreshing! We just got 4 inches of snow last night so it is nice to be reminded that spring will be back tomorrow! Have a wonderful time with your mother!
    I’m going to message you with a question…

  7. I love love love the nature pictures. Seriously. They are simply stunning!!
    I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad xanga friend lately! Things have been so busy and it’s been HARD to get on here!
    Hey, how’d you like that my last post didn’t talk about sex? hahaha I keep forgetting to put a warning to you in the subject when I’m going to.
    Love ya, girl!!

  8. I cant believe how many little things we never notice. You are really good at bringing out the beauty of spring. Its simply breath taking.

  9. Hey Courtney,
    What breed of dog is Yoda? 
    My Hubby and I are looking into getting a small dog this summer and a Yoda type dog is the perfect size for us, plus he’s adorable.

  10. @Chelsey_Blake87 – Believe it or not after the long dark of winter, (during January dawn doesn’t happen until about 10am and we have sunset at 4pm and most of the day it’s cloudy…) I can’t wait for the long days.  In fact at this point I don’t care if it’s ever dark again! 🙂  Also we have these special window shades on our windows that completely block out light if need be… 

  11. Well seeing as I’m completely terrified of birds I can’t say a whole lot about the bird pictures but I love the flower pictures.  They are beautiful!!
    Have a great visit with your mom!!  When you get back you should be meeting our Carly!!!

  12. Wow those are some beautiful pictures.  My husband is in the miitary and we’re stationed in England right now and hope to visit Germany in a year or two…it doesn’t hurt that we have friends there now.  Have fun with your mom visiting!

  13. Love the pictures….it is absolutly wonderful to finally have spring here. That was a wild shot with the airplane and the moon……your becoming quite the photographer. *Hugs*

  14. Gorgeous pictures!  I love all the beautiful flowers and buds.  That was a neat shot of the airplane.  Have fun with your mom!  Enjoy the time.  You and your posts will be missed!

  15. You have a beautiful garden!  I love the bee among the flowers and the birds look positively out of a Disney movie.Have fun with your Mom.  The busy you are the sooner Ryan will be home. Yay!

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