The End of Hibernation!

Good Morning!

I haven’t been around much the last few days because warmer weather has come to the Land of Fairy Tales! (Of course warmer here speaks of high 40’s to low 50’s but after 15 months of eternal winter… I’LL TAKE IT!) Just look at the difference a few warm days can make!

The trees are budding…


…the flowers are out…


…and the fields are greening…


The birds have returned as well… sparrows, goldfinches, doves, finches, and countless birds I can not name in a variety of colors.


For so many months our only avian companion have been crows, ravens, rooks, and magpies… It has been so lovely to see the return of the smaller and much more pleasant to listen to, song birds.


In the past few days I feel like my very soul has awoken from a long sleep. I have cleaned the house from top to bottom… Tried a few new recipes, namely Crock Pot Curry Chicken (soup) (YUMMY)


Chicken Curry Soup

¨ 1 can cream of chicken soup
¨ 1 cup water
¨ 3 ½ tsp curry powder
¨ 1 ¼ lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts cut into pieces
¨ 2 cups shredded carrots
¨ 1 medium onion, diced
¨ 1 (13 ½ oz) can unsweetened coconut milk
¨ 1 sweet red pepper, diced
¨ ½ cup sliced green onions
¨ ½ tsp salt
¨ ¼ tsp pepper
¨ Rice of your choice (I prefer Jasmine)

Combine soup and water in crock pot. Stir in curry powder. Add chicken, onion and carrots. Cover and cook on low for 4 to 5 hours. Stir in coconut milk, sweet pepper, and green onions. Cook for at least another 30 minutes. Serve as a soup or over rice.


Washed and groomed both dogs!

Which means I brushed Gandalf


and shaved Yoda bald… we do that every spring…


he’s super cute bald!


Planted my spring garden and mowed both lawns!



It has been wonderful to feel awake and full of energy.

I’m getting super excited! My mom will arrive here in only 8 days and then if the weather holds we’ll be off on two weeks of adventure! I have several walking trips planned complete with picnics and afternoon teas! It should be an experience!


Another big change here in The Land of Fairy Tales is the length of our day! A few short months ago in the depths of winter we had sunrise at about 9:30am and sunset at about 4:30pm! Now it’s dawn when I wake up at 6:00am and sunset occurs at 8:30pm though we aren’t seeing full dark until almost 9:30pm! By midsummer we’ll have a 4:30am sunrise and an 11:00pm sunset!!! I am ecstatic though that’s has to be rare for someone from the desert… How I miss the sun!


Well, that about covers all the goings on around here. I’m off to work on some projects that I want done before my mom arrives. And of course we’re off to enjoy whatever bits of warmth and sunlight the day allows.


Auf Wiedersehen!



12 thoughts on “The End of Hibernation!

  1. ::sigh:: I wish it looked like that here!  The flowers and the grass are beautiful, and the colors of the birds are amazing.  If you sit down and really think about how God created it all, how could somebody not believe?  It sounds like you’ve gotten a lot done!  Enjoy your projects today!

  2. You are amazing. Wow, you achieve a ton!  I can see why you are never bored!  I’m not bored due to my imagination=not b/c I’m too busy doing chores like you are!  🙂  I’m so impressed.I hope you all have found much better deals from Frankfurt than we can get from Venice.  I know you’ve flown to the states a bunch! Your pictures AMAZE me.  WOW!!!!!  It is so beautiful.  Course, I’m glad we live in Italy.  It seems too dark and cold for me in Germany!   🙂  I know it’s close, but it might as well be a whole ‘nother country.  Ha ha.  It is!

  3. Those pictures are amazing.I wish I had the patience to learn to cook consistently.  And plant a garden.  I guess it’s fear of failure or waste.  Hmmph.  Maybe I’ll learn to cook this summer.  Heehee…I’ll stop before I turn this comment into a “stream of consciousness”.  Nice post!

  4. Spring is helping. I don’t know what’s up with me, somedays it’s so hard to even get out of my pyjamas, much less do anything else. Around here the winds are the worst in the spring, so we’ve only had a few days when we could go outside. But today is a nice day, with no wind, and I know there’s a playgroup at one of the parks, so hopefully today we’ll go outside and I’ll have some energy and get something done! But it’s nice to know I’m missed. I know you’ve had depression issues, and sometimes you just feel like no one cares about you, so it’s nice to here every now and again that someone is thinking about you.

  5. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!  I’m so impressed.  They look like professional photos.  I’m so glad that spring has come for you.  It has started to sneak up on us around here, although we did have snow yesterday. 
    You have been one busy woman!  No wonder you haven’t been on here.  Have fun getting ready for your mom’s visit.

  6. Hope you have a great time of fun and adventure with your mom! Sounds like fun! Glad it’s warming up for you…it’s been cold again here the last few days…this weather is driving me crazy! Your pictures are amazing (as usual).

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