Hello my name is Courtney… & I am a geek.

Mourn with me, my friends.  For I have gone over to the Dark Side.  (Not to mix my metaphors or anything.)

I am a geek. More than just a geek I’m afraid… I am a Trekkie geek. Let me explain.

I am in the process of reading a book called Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. There is a line in the book that reads as follows,

“Beam us up Scotty!”

“Can’t do it brother,” Scott says. “Transporters are broken and we’re all out of lithium crystals.”

Without pause, without thought, I blurted aloud to no one but my dogs,

“Oh King do your research it’s Dilithium… Lithium is from the original series!”

Oh the horror, oh the shame… Can one as gone as I be saved? Oh but wait, it gets so much worse.

I laughed at myself for my foolishness…

You feel relieved to hear that don’t you? To think that there is a bit of sanity left in me? Well, you’re wrong. I did not feel shame for my sentiment only the incorrectness of it.

You see I had suddenly remembered that this section of the book was taking place in the early 80’s and therefore Star Trek: The Next Generation had not taken place. So in fact King had done his research… to a point. Lithium was the correct term, however, Dilithium crystals, or in this case Lithium crystals, don’t have anything to do with the transporter systems… they power the warp drive.

I’m now going away to hang my head in shame. Laugh if you must…

Oh and by the way I should probably point out that my earlier mixed metaphor is a tragic mistake on my part. It is uncouth to mix Star Trek and Star Wars lingo…

What did you think I would miss such a gross error?

Live long and prosper //



13 thoughts on “Hello my name is Courtney… & I am a geek.

  1. Hello!  I just wanted to know that I appreciate what you and your husband has done for our country.  I respect you highly for the sacrifices you make everytime he is deployed into the dessert.
    I have a brother-in-law and sister who are in the Air Force as well.  He’s a captain and flies the C-17’s and my sister is here in the States keeping the home stable with two little ones.  My brother-in-law is also deployed right now into the desert.
    So, I just want you to know that you and your husband will definitely be in my prayers.  I pray that God will grace you with the safe return of your husband.  Keep your chin up and know that God is with you when we are submitted to Him and His control of all situations.  Hope this encourages you to continue to live day by day.  God Bless!

  2. Oh my, you crack me up!  And you wrote it so well to make it even funnier.  I’m afraid I’ve never seen any of the Star Trek or Star Wars movies.  Sorry.  My friend Andrea was in shock when she learned that bit of news about me. 

  3. LOL!  That cracked me up!  My husband is a Trekkie geek and he and the kids are Star Wars nerds.  We even have a “Star Wars” game room.  Of course, we NEVER mix our Star Trek and Star Wars metaphors!!  (for shame!)  When we are watching TV or an old movie, my husband can always pick out actors who made appearances on the old Star Trek series.  He can even tell you what episode it was and the character the actor played.  The ring tone I have on my phone for when he calls is…you guessed it…The Star Trek theme!

  4. Don’t feel bad.  The first time I met our friends the Brandys from Chicago it was at Quark’s Bar at the Hilton and they are not only trekkies, but they were in costume.  Mom in in the classic 60s dress son and his girlfriend in the Next Generation onezies.  Dad forgot his costume at home.  They just don’t dress up either they get into “character”.

  5. I used to consider myself a Trekkie (an original trekkie).  Loved Kirk, infatuated with Scotty’s accent, intrigued with Spock.  Never got into the other generations.  And now rarely watch the old episodes, which I have most of them on VCR tapes.  Loved the first three movies (maybe just loved Harrison Ford) but didn’t really get into the others.  But we still have the complete set on DVD and every now and then we will have an all night marathon.  Take Care and May the Force help you to Live Long and Prosper.

  6. Sorry I’ve been a bit out of the loop….I was having some issues with xanga. (Which I think I finally resolved! Woohooo!) Anyway, this blog made me laugh. Sometimes I think the same thing….I’m turning into a geek. I used to “dabble” in the sci-fi but the longer I’ve been married the more I LOVE almost anything sci-fi or fantasy. I mean Lord of the Rings is one of my top favorites. Star Wars and Star Trek are right up there! What have I become??? lol! Good to know there are other geeks out there like me. lol!

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