Guten Morgan!


When Ryan is deployed or away on a TDY, I do my best to improve on myself as a house wife.  It is easy to fall into patterns and habits that I do not change when he’s home.  It’s easy to do what you’ve always done because you know you have the time to do it… easy to not change the way you do those things even though a new way might be more productive simply because of the risk of it being more difficult and time consuming.


So when he’s away and I have all the time in the world to experiment… I DO!


One of the things I like best to experiment with is food.  I try new recipes, new ways to prepare classic foods, or just finding new ways to cook, that I know he’ll enjoy.  I rarely do this when he’s home because I do so hate experimenting with a dinner I actually have to serve to someone! 


I chose to make last night one of those nights of experimentation.  So I settled into my kitchen with a recipe I got online and some German ingredients and made tortellini stuffed with tomato and basil served in a parmesan cream sauce…




Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  I thought so too!  So I set out try it…




Let’s leave me there… busily preparing dinner in my little cottage kitchen and travel for a moment to German farming techniques…




Here in Germany, at this time of the year, they fertilize the fields.  They don’t just sprinkle manure over the fields nor do they use chemical fertilizers… No, here they are much more creative.  They ‘stew’ poo.  They heat it up in great vats and mix it with water so it’s nice and warm and… well liquid.  Then they fill pumper trucks with it and drive through the fields spraying it over grass, new growth crops, and bare dirt alike at a pressure that insures a distance of about 30 feet. 




It is not uncommon for me to be out walking in the morning and to see a field that only yesterday was spring green with new growth look suddenly rather more brown than it had the day before.


And I really don’t think I need to expound upon the smell of heated and aerated poo… do I?




Back to the kitchen!


So when I dished up my lovely new meal I was not alarmed by the smell of poo that filled my kitchen… my house has smelled this way for days!  (A price I have willingly paid for some sunshine and warmth.)


No the alarm was saved for the moment when I shoveled a huge first bite into my mouth in eager anticipation and realized that I was now experiencing poo with more than one of my senses… 


It was all I could do to not spit it out all over the whole kitchen… As I swallowed that first, and last, bite my mind was racing in an attempt to figure out just when THAT had gotten into my dish!


Once I had got my gag reflex under control I trashed the whole pan of the stuff, then took the nearly empty trash bag out since it almost immediately stank up my kitchen, ate a cheese crisp and went to bed early…  Now if only I could get this abominable smell out of my house!!!


I do not think I could recreate this dish, nor do I intend to try.  However, as with every new dish I create I have named this one.  I dub thee nasty stuff…




I’m off to light a few candles and maybe bake some cookies!


Auf Wiedersehen!




18 thoughts on “Pootellini!

  1. laugh, laugh, laugh.  They do the same thing here.  So sorry your dinner was ruined!  A lot of people burn trash in their wood burning stoves and that smells bad too.  Yuck!

  2. @babybooties33 – Hmmm… I’m thinking of adapting a recipie from my great grandmother and creating a recipie for applesauce cookies… If that doesn’t look promising… I may just stick with good old fashioned pumpkin spice!  LOL

  3. HAHAHA!!! I’m sorry…. I don’t mean to laugh.. But here you are, your husband is away, you try and “perfect” being a wife, and you eat POOP.  Out of all things… raw chicken, expired milk. POOP. haha Awww… something I’ll be laughing about all day!! LOLFor Pete’s sake, enjoy your cookies! 🙂

  4. Oh my! What a way to ruin a perfectly lovely meal!!! I think baking cookies might be a good way to have something yummy to eat!!!
    Still I think your name for the dish is appropriate!!!

  5. Well, I wonder what in the world happened? Must be the pasta soaked up the smell into a taste huh?  Chuck wouldn’t have even noticed. I can’t eat stuff out of plastic containers—I taste the plastic in the food. He never notices.
    Hope your cookies are edible!
    Love you!

  6. Ewwww! Seriously I’m sure it wasn’t funny when it happened, and I wouldn’t be laughing if it happened to me, but “pootellini?” That’s hilarious!!
    Hope the next meal goes better! Love ya!

  7. I came here by way of gracenglory75’s page. I’m so glad I did. My husband and I raised our two daughters with respect and honor for our service people. In fact, our older daughter eventually purchased a little notebook and would go up to military people and ask if they would sign the notebook so she could pray for them. We always try to make it a point to thank those we see who are in, or have been in, the military. That’s one request I have of you. Please let your husband know we appreciate his service. I pray you are comforted by those around you while he is away. God bless you, I hope you won’t mind if I subscribe.

  8. @fallensparrow – Oh man…I’m comin’ to your house!  Hopefully the cookies don’t taste like poo.  You had me thinking about cookies all day… I went to the grocery store… bought ready to back choc chip and enough peanut butter to make peanut butter cookies. 
    Hey… if you wouldn’t mind sharing.. I’d love to have that pumpkin spice recipe. 

  9. I’m laughing hysterically right now….hahahaha.  You describe it all so well.  Sounds…well….gross! Now if I can just get the smell of Ethan’s VOMIT out of my van!!!!!! (So I kind of understand what you mean!)

  10. Yes they do that on our fields here also Don’t you just hate when you spend the time experimenting and ot turns out nasty. I am always a little leary to try new things with Bill around because he is very funny about trying new dishes. Hope your cookies turned out better.!!

  11. Ugh!  Man, that would not have been a fun experience!  In that pic, it looks like the truck is pooping! (sorry for the 3rd grade humor!).  Loved your previous post btw.  You have quite a gift.  Have you ever thought a/b selling any of your photography?  You’re really good.

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