The dog days of… spring?

 Guten Tag!

It is another lovely spring day here in the Land of Fairy Tales and I have the great joy of getting to share it with you through, (what else?) pictures!


As I’m sure you will notice, if you have not already, I’m on a bit of a picture kick.  I am the proud owner of a new camera.  I have been interested, for some time, in getting a little more serious about photography.  My husband offered a while ago to let me purchase a much nicer camera but I kept putting it off.  After Lynne’s visit and playing with her equipment I could no longer resist the draw. 

So I set out researching and shopping around, reading reviews and talking to various people in my life that also enjoy this hobby.  And in the end I ended up getting a deal I could not refuse through eBay.  I now have a Nikon D40 Digital SLR with all the bells and whistles including lenses and tripod!  I’m still learning to use it and all it’s settings but hardly a day goes by when I don’t take pictures and with spring breaking through and changing my landscape daily there is plenty to photograph!


During the days of snow the dogs and I spent a lot of time indoors hoping for a break in the weather.


And despairing that the days would ever be warmer…


 We were getting quite grouchy at being cooped up!


 And then suddenly one morning the sun came out, the temperature rose, and we were off like a shot to enjoy fresh air that didn’t freeze our insides!


 Oh how lovely to run and play in the sun…


 …to smell the fresh flowers from the garden…


 …to frolick and play…


 … under skies dyed sapphirine blue…


 … and scattered with white puffy clouds…


 The boys simply loved being able to run and play in the sun…


 We are, after all from Phoenix, AZ where clouds are an annual event!


 I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen him quite this excited!


 As I walked around the yard while the dogs played I could see the signs of spring everywhere.


 The fields here stay green all year long, because the grass doesn’t die it just goes dormant.  But this is the greening that only spring can bring on… the grass is growing again!


 And in every little corner is some small sign of life peeking out of the soil and reaching for the sun.


After the long, dark and dreary winter we have had here, just the colors are brilliant enough to lift the spirits.


 And colors there are aplenty!


 It’s been this way off and on now for the better part of a week…


 One day we even saw temperatures of 67 degrees!  (That’s a big deal when it hasn’t been over 50 since last August!)


 Yoda turned 11 in January of this year and the older he gets the whiter he gets.  Isn’t this the perfect solemn and reflective old man picture?


 I don’t know what kind of flower this is (and I did search!) but they are scattered throughout my yard and planters….


 The days are also getting longer…  A few short weeks ago sunrise was at around 8am and sunset was at 5pm…  Now I awake to dawn at 6am and don’t see full dark until almost 9pm!  When the daylight hours change here the change is lightning fast.


 There is a tree in my front yard that is beginning to bud out in huge waxy white buds…  I can’t wait to see what this tree will look like in full bloom!


 This paints a perfect poignant picture of waiting for their dad to come home and play with them.  Mom gives cuddles and dad gives play…  I just don’t take his place.


 The garden centers of german markets and shops are overflowing with spring blooms… and so I brought home a few to brighten my days!


 I am simply in love with these Azaleas.  I hope it turns out that we get along!


 I just love the way the light plays off the soft white of the petals.


 Of course I couldn’t resist the pink Azaleas either!


 Have I mentioned how much I love my new camera?


 Sunlight and flowers… what more does a desert rat need?  Maybe some cacti? 


 Of course no one can resist a Begonia!


 These are my daffodils!  They are growing in all of my flowerbeds… I wish I could take credit but I have a feeling they’ve been growing here for many years.  So I cut a few and put them in a vase in my kitchen to enjoy their sunny yellow faces all day long!


 Aren’t they amazing?  I’ve never seen such color!


 This one sits in a small bud vase on my desk… I sit here every morning with that tea pot full of Earl Grey tea and visit with you!


 This is where I write to you each day while I enjoy my morning tea!


 May you each have lovely spring days and have a chance to enjoy the simple and beautiful pleasures this season brings!


Auf Wiedersehen!



15 thoughts on “The dog days of… spring?

  1. The pictures of the flowers are absolutely breathtaking!  How beautiful!! I hope you have a lovely day!By the way, I was wondering.. what is the time difference between here and there?  Always curious!

  2. Ahhh, the Nikon D40 SLR is my DREAM camera!  Matt refuses to buy it for me because it’s so expensive… *Sigh*.  He told me to save up my own money to get one.  Hrmph…we’ll see.

  3. @Chelsey_Blake87 – I am on Central Europen time +1:00 So I can’t remember where you are but I’m 9 hours ahead of Phoenix, AZ (home) and 6 hours ahead of the east coast.  I can’t wait to move back to the states for that reason alone!  The time difference is a killer!  LOL

  4. @Mommy_To_Hunter – Oh you have to get one it’s fabulous!!!  I got very lucky I got mine on ebay from a man who decided it was too muc camera for him.  He only had it for a month and it came with everything… lenses, remote, caps, sd card, charger, extra battery, books, programs… and I got a GOOD deal on it!  Let’s just say if you add up all the brand new stuff that came with the camera and the camera itself I saved roughly 400$!!!!!  Then the guy went out a week later and bought another one because he missed it so bad… LOL we’ve been emailing back and forth ever since!

  5. I must say that I am very jealous! It is snowing here again this morning and I’m so anxious for green! I love snow too, but to see those flowers makes me very anxious!!

  6. Ah Like Hannah (mommy to hunter) said- that camera is also my dream camera haha. Next year I may be able to upgrade!  Those pictures are beautiful. I love how pretty it is there 🙂 

  7. I WANT YOUR CAMERA!!! WOW!!! Amazing pictures…and I know it’s not just the camera…you are so very creative with your photography!!! You are really quite talented! One of my favorite things in photography is when you zoom in close to an object and the background is blurry….LOVE IT! I really enjoy seeing all the pictures…keep them coming!!!

  8. Hi, I stumbled across your blog some time ago through a friend (I
    don’t even remember who now) and have been reading it ever since. I
    love your writing style, it’s fabulous =) Anyways, I believe
    your unknown flowers are grape hyacinths. Around the Midwest they’re
    one of the first flowers to appear after crocuses. Just thought I would
    share! I enjoy your photos and blog very much, thanks for sharing it publicly!

  9. Ooooh, I love all the pictures.  You manage to capture the beauty of spring so completely.  I love it.  The flowers are all GORGEOUS!!!!  I can’t wait for our flowers to start blooming.  And 67 degrees?  Wow!  We are up to 52 today and I’m in heaven!

  10.  I want a new camera for my birthday.  Nothing that fancy though.  A simple Kodak will do.  I absolutely love how Spring is starting to bloom around there.  My Mom loves Tulips especially in the spring.  She planted bulbs the year my brother was born and 3 popped up when he was born on April 3rd 1981.  A adore the Daffodils.  I guess they always remind me of Alice In Wonderland.

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