Lynne’s Last Day

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On our last day of exploring this Land of Fairy Tales we visited Vianden Castle.


 It’s located in the norther portion of Luxembourg.


 As Lynne says, “Can you imagine what that key must look like?”


We walked around the outside of the castle and bought our tickets… 


Inside we walked through the Arms Hall.


 Which houses a selection of body armors, halberds and pikes.


 This armor was bought at the castle of Schuttburg.


 This is a double-barrelled flintlock pistol housed in the knights study.


 This is the hallway of Yolanda’s Tower, who’s life inspired Luxembourg’s first literary work.


 The upper chapel.


 The Byzantine Gallery…


 … and it’s famous trefoiled windows.


 The banqueting hall. 


 The festivity hall, now known as the ‘Vic. Abens’ hall.


 One of the Flamish Tapestries that adorn the walls of the Festivity Hall.


 The stained glass window in the knights hall.


 This inlaid wooden plaque showing the castles of the region is currently in the Knights hall.


 The knights hall.


 After we had finished walking through the castle we went back out into the courtyards.


 The view of the town was amazing…


 We ducked into the cellar of the castle while we were in the courtyard.


 It was such a neat trip to Vianden.


 We drove a little distance to get a full view of the castle…


 And get a few pictures!  How awesome is this!?


 After we explored the caste we realized that because it was Sunday nothing was open… so we headed back home.  On the way we decided we were hungry so we stopped at McDonald’s for some lunch!  Lynne wanted to show you the menu for a German McDonald’s and there in the center is what we ordered.  The McFresh.  Basically a burger with cucumbers… which is common here in Europe.


 We took our lunch home to eat and spent a few minutes playing with the dogs… 


 They were so happy to get some attention! 


 We hadn’t been around all that much and it was good to spend a little time with them.


 We decided that since this was Lynne’s last day we would take the customary walk through my village and explore a little. 


 It was a pretty day for the walk though cold.


 We found the town cemetery and walked through it. 


 I have never seen a more beautifully tended cemetery.


 Almost ever grave had fresh flowers or it had flowers planted on it.


 It was a beautiful place…


 … so quiet and hushed. 


 And there we found evidence that spring is creeping quietly into this place… the first hyacinths and pussy willows.


 The next day I drove Lynne to the airport bright and early.

So with that I bid you Auf Wiedersehen for the day!



8 thoughts on “Lynne’s Last Day

  1. Wow!  The cemetary looks like a garden, full of life! :)RYC:  I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me.  I briefly stopped by your other site, and saw that you had G.P. surgery and now I just want to stay home from work and email you all day long!  I appreciate your prayers, and I will do the same for you.  I always say each and every one of us should write a book, simply because we are all so different, all go through so much, and yet I could listen to our stories over and over again.  There are some strong women here.. I’m blessed to be here!

  2. I think I would just adore visiting and exploring old castles from all over the world.  I love the idea of castles.  I just love the idea of fairy tales and there’s always a castle in a fairy tale so that must explain the castle idea I have.  Once again you have shared with us such amazing pictures.  Thank you again!!

  3. I have always wanted to see a castle in all its glory.  And also visit some old ruins of castles.  Maybe one day.  But Iove coming to your site and seeing all you great photos.  Take Care.

  4. I love the stained glass windows and the pictures of an overview of the town…so pretty.  The cemetery is gorgeous…I love all the flowers!  That was great that you had your friend there to explore with you!  OH, and I like the picture of the two of you together with the castle in the background.

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